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  1. LordBehemoth

    What Is The Best Unreal Tournament?

    Just cannot get into 2004 despite 99 being my favourite game. The graphic style in 04 I just find unappealing like everything is made out of plastic and the weapons don't have the same punch as their 99 counterparts.
  2. LordBehemoth

    Christmas wish list

    rtx 6800 ti
  3. LordBehemoth

    Your choice for GOTY

    Dusk 2
  4. LordBehemoth

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    constipation face
  5. Reduce ammo reserves (especially rockets) make the chaingun 2x faster but with a 20 gametic refire delay nerf the BFG or replace it entirely (maybe a mancubus cannon instead) give all weapons cool secondary fires
  6. When I first played quake I thought the shotgun model was a dog.
  7. LordBehemoth

    Hell revealed 3???

    Pell Appealed
  8. LordBehemoth

    Do you ever play Doom on I'm too young to die?

    I play on UV. If a map is too hard, then I will attempt it endlessly until I beat it, even if lower difficulties would have been more enjoyable.
  9. LordBehemoth

    brutal doom?

    Brutal doom is a very enjoyable mod, but after a while the over the top blood and effects become stale. Enjoyable for small blasts, but not one I can play for any significant amount of time.
  10. LordBehemoth

    Jazz Jackrabbit Doom (Updating)

    Never played Jazz Jackrabbit but this looks amazingly well made, will definitely give it a play.
  11. LordBehemoth

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    The super shotgun is stupidly boring. Terribly inefficient against low tier enemies, and a brain dead grind against every other enemy.
  12. LordBehemoth

    How do DOOM 2 deaths work?

    I thought imps were female as well?
  13. LordBehemoth

    small nitpicks?

    My one minor gripe is how the eyes of the gladiator don't always flash when he goes to attack. It just feels a bit cheap. This happened when playing on both xbox one and my shitty work pc.
  14. LordBehemoth

    John Romero and John Carmack return to Doom ?

    What even happened to that game blackroom John was supposedly making?
  15. LordBehemoth

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020