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  1. The ones at the start had blue plasma spears. The others had.....red? My guess; the Marauder corrupts a cadre of Sentinels!
  2. ..... ...... ..... *wheeze* .... ...w....want.....need......now.....! Seriously, every trailer makes this game look more and more epic. This is gonna be friggin' awesome. EDIT: does anyone else notice that the music drone when the narrator goes "against blah blah blah"...is suspiciously alike to the drone in Doom 3 while Darkstar One is on approach?
  3. Taurus Daggerknight

    What is your favorite demon (and version of it) ?

    Cyberdemon. Classic version! The Cyberdemon sort of embodies the iD aesthetic; monster cyborg nightmare that's intent on nothing more than your death. It's a simple design, yet so iconic. It's also the kind of foe that, not matter how many times you best him, still commands respect and demands your full attention, or you WILL be paste. Doom 64's cyberdemon always seemed...strange and off somehow, compared to the original. Doom 3's was the worst IMO. Never liked that one. Doom 2016's was a chubby Moose. Better than 3, but no classic. Doom Eternal's is close, but elephant feet are a bit strange. Still a good version from what we've seen though, thanks to the classic motif's.
  4. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom as a scary game

    Doom has always had a creepy side to it. To an extent, the original was very much trying to be a horror experiance, as much as it focused on fast paced action. There are explicit scenes of torture (House of Pain I think, is the one with that whole chamber in it), and much of it is not comedic. That's not even counting PSX Doom, Doom 64 or heck, Doom 3. At the end of the day, the most maddening thing about the franchise is that it can be either stark, serious horror, or tongue-in-cheek, Hellsing levels of nonsense. Both work, but it's basically impossible to find any one angle and say "yeah, this is the Doom that EVERYONE knows and loves". ...well, okay, the qualities that I guess everyone can agree on are demons and portals. Personally, I'd go further and say cyborg demons, but I suppose there have been enough forays into the Doom-verse without those.
  5. Taurus Daggerknight

    Do you prefer Doom 3 or Quake 4?

    Hard call. Quake 4 obviously had better gun play, but felt....cheaper? Like a direct-to-dvd sequel, where as Doom 3 came out with a bang. I don't know, there were things that always looked like they were put together in a more refined way in Doom 3. All the environments looked stunning (still do), with very little looking like it was low quality for the time. Quake 4, on the other hand, had backdrops that looked insanely low res, some open environments that looked far too barren, and things that looked more like they were made by a (very good) modding team. A big case in point is when the marine carrier is landing on Stroggos; that whole scene didn't feel nearly as well executed as it could have. In short; Doom 3 looked just as I figured the devs meant for it to. Quake 4 had a lot of "this was the closest we could get" going on. Past the visual execution, I also felt like the plot was somehow worse and far more B-grade next to Doom 3. Yes, I know, Doom 3's plot is hardly AAA material, but its delivery, again, felt more on point. Quake 4, on the other hand, was as I said; very direct-to-dvd in its writing and acting. The result was a plot that exactly one intense moment in the entire game (you all know which one), where as Doom 3 carried its tension all the way through. Quake 4's action, while an improvement, was also not -that- much better, and the fact that they went with an overly cinematic hollywood-esque soundtrack instead of the rocking Sonic Mayhem stuff really hurt it. Even Doom 3's theme song was far more aggressive and adrenaline inducing, and that was a slower paced game in general.... If this all sounds like I hated Quake 4, I didn't. It was enjoyable... for what it was. Doom 3, however, left a better impression over all.
  6. Taurus Daggerknight

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Doom and Quake are both iD games, yeah, but Hexen and Strife were not, so I'm guessing it's an issue of licensing. Technically Doom 64 was also not iD, but it's still under the Doom brand, so I guess that works out regardless.
  7. Taurus Daggerknight

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Loved 2016. Love everything I've seen of Doom Eternal. It is also not being made by anyone at Bethesda, ergo, no, the failure of Fallout 76 has no bearing on anything. The weirdness with Wolfenstien also has no bearing on anything, as once more, that is another studio. Likewise, my issues with Wolf TNO (didn't play TNC) have to do with the game design itself, not the quality. I also do not care if Eternal has cosmetic microtransactions or mission packs. From the looks of it, the base game will be rich with content, and nothing we've seen so far suggests there will be any pay to win bullshit stuff in online play. In any case, I'm more keen on the single player, which, again, looks good. In short; I am super excited. Not worried at all. I'm confident that the delay is simply quality control and nothing nefarious.
  8. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom In Build Engine

    Brutal Doom and BD 64, Total Chaos, and the Dark Star wad, to name a few.
  9. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom 3 didn't need a USE key

    Doom 3's screen UI thing was good for Doom 3. It....felt clunky in Quake 4 though, so I'm guessing it would be just as weird in Doom 2016.
  10. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom In Build Engine

    After having played Ion Maiden Fury, and a bit of Duke Nukem 3d: World Tour, I can't see what advantage the Build Engine would bring that Zdoom and other major mods have not done better. Graphically, I've seen far more impressive Doom mods in recent years than anything the Build Engine has going. At most, it would be a small novelty IMO, but really... the Doom community has gone far past Build at this point.
  11. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom: Annihilation update

    More like it's a beefed up plasma rifle whose projectiles LOOK like the BFG. It is not an area of effect weapon, it hits single targets (unless the projectile was occasionally burning through a target railgun style, which I do not recall). side notes ,but a couple of fun easter eggs that were a little more subtle IMO: - The dead marine Blazkowitz is decapitated. New Colossus reference? - The guy that everyone thought was supposed to be Doomguy gets killed by Former Humans. People cited this as a reason for why he is not Doomguy, but.... E1 ends wit OG Doomguy getting ripped apart by former humans primarily. It may be a stretch, but I wonder if this wasn't a callback of its own.
  12. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Just watched it. I don't understand how anyone can say it was worse than the original Doom movie. It was WAY better, and actually had something to fucking do with DOOM. I wouldn't rank it as an amazing movie by any means, but it also was nowhere near as terrible as it could have been. And there was obvious , sincere effort despite the budget. - Lots of callbacks to pretty much every entry in the Doom series except Doom 2016. I noticed even a visual callback to the Doom PSX cover at one point. - Most of the actors did decent job. No one was cringe worthy except for this one scientist extra. - Most of the issues with the movie had to do with the low budget, but I've seen worse. - Much more action than the 2005 movie. - GOod job conveying the superior strength and speed of the monsters compared to humans. Lots of movies like this do a bad job at that. - Female actress was not a huge deal. No woke- issues with the way the movie plays out, she's just incidentally a she. - First person perspective shots felt much less forced than the 2005 movie. Things I did dislike: - That one scientist lady was really, really annoying. - BFG was more like a plasma rifle in function. It's form looked plastic like. The projectile was more like the classic BFG though. - SSG and BFG are the only iconic weapons. The rest are generic, passable sci fi military stuff. - Again, obvious issues from being low budget, but some attempt to work with it was obvious. - Final "boss" was....odd. Not sure what it was supposed to be. - The movie didn't have a solid tone. It was neither horror, nor pure action, nor super B grade. But again... this is because of the budget. If they focused on either tone, I can't help but think it would have required even more of a budget. Overall: good effort. Not a great movie, but absolutely not wretchidly terrible either. It's worth a watch if you're a Doom fan, or just looking for a chill evening. I kind of wish/ hope that the guy helming this project might get another stab with a higher budget, because I honestly think he'd do a good job with more to work with.
  13. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Curious read: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexkane/2019/10/01/writer-director-tony-giglio-on-making-doom-annihilation/#41b9f43b522e
  14. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom: Annihilation update

    In all fairness, the UAC has always been a bit naive on this front. They almost always keep trying to tell themselves that the demons are some aliens they can just science their way around, up until Doom 2016...at which point someone just went " I see no heaven, clearly this means we've been praying to the wrong god!".
  15. Taurus Daggerknight

    Quake single player lives on in DOOM (An observation)

    Another link; Doom 2016's early mission to align the satellite array. Lines up almost perfectly with the first objective in Quake 2's single player.