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  1. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom Eternal is the Biblical Apocalypse

    Here's a thought. What if Doom Slayer is Surtr from Norse mythology (specifically, as he appears in Ragnarok) ? He's got the flaming sword thing, he's curb-stomping god like beings left right and center, and it is seemingly the end of days...
  2. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    How is anything they are doing "ripping the Doom '16 fanbase"? Your entire argument there is predicated on the notion that multiplayer was the big show in '16. It wasn't. Most everyone universally agrees on the single player being the spotlight attraction of that episode, and it's the thing most people still talk about when bringing up Doom '16. It's single player campaign was also a pretty decently long adventure, one that was fairly replayable (not due to rewards or whatever, just for it's basic game play loop). Which is all to say... Doom '16 survived mainly due to it's single player, -not- the strange notion that it's multiplayer was just that great. (Not a dig at those of you for whom it really was great. Kudos to you for enjoying it!). So I highly doubt the success or failure of Eternal's multiplayer is going to be the deciding factor over how long it survives.
  3. Taurus Daggerknight

    The Music...

    Love what I've heard so far, and the riff in the Battle Mode trailer has me pretty hyped too!
  4. Taurus Daggerknight

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    ...exactly what about Doom 2016 makes anyone think that new iD wants anyone to forget about the original? The whole thing is so chalk full of homage's to the classics, from secret levels to the collectibles and in-game mini-games. Doom 2016 is nothing if not a big massive party in honor of Ultimate Doom. To suggest that they were actively trying to bury the original is either incredibly ignorant, or a needlessly vicious insinuation based on nothing. I generally favor the notion that it has more to do with appealing to a new generation. Not that I think the new generation is oblivious to what Doom is, which suggests this was entirely a marketing decision. In fact, if anyone can be called out on weird choices at new iD, let's look at their marketing department. The one that decided the big focus of all things for Doom 2016 should be its multiplayer and multiplayer DLC's.
  5. Taurus Daggerknight

    Making Doom realistic

    What @Chezza said. Brutal Doom's 'official' campaign is pretty much "realism in Doom as much as possible". Most of the bases are designed to be recognizable, with layouts, fixtures and other features that keep the maps grounded. The downtown areas in particular try hard to simulate an actual street war, and do a pretty good job if I may say so. One could also potentially argue that Doom 3 is also "Realism in Doom", insofar as we can use the term for "Martian outpost with space marines and demons". It's areas are trying to be visually plausible, with recognizable things all over the game. All while being a straight up remake of Ultimate Doom.
  6. Taurus Daggerknight

    Cyberdemon is back!

    I guess they wanted to retain something of the 2016's design? I don't know... I agree that the elephant leg looks weird, though it doesn't quite shatter the whole thing for me. I'm just glad that we're finally back to the iconic beastie, for the most part.
  7. Taurus Daggerknight

    Bethesda and the Classic iD titles

    Earlier I was looking over some stuff about the upcoming Commander Keen, which covered Romero's own reaction to it, as well as Wolf and Doom. During all this, it occured to me that none of the 'soft-reboots'- be it Wolfenstien: The New Order, Doom (2016) or the incoming Commander Keen- actually reboot anything at all. In fact, they all fit into the old time-lines in some way, shape or form, with the possible exception of Wolfenstien 3d itself (which, technically, was rebooting in RTCW). To wit; - Wolfenstien TNO takes place towards the latter end of the war. Some characters from WOlf 2009 show up, unless I'm mistaken, and previous operations are not said to have been retconned. - Doom (2016) and its connection to the older games has been covered over the forums here, though curiously, Hugo Martin himself has directly referenced it as a plot point in the upcoming Doom Eternal. - Quake Champions has been noted as being a prequel to Arena (no source though... ) - Commander Keen (new one) notes that the protagonists are the kids of the original Keen. Family portraits on the wall of the trailer confirm this. This is kind of interesting, as most brand update games tend to go all-in with a reboot. It's more interesting to me that Bethesda seems to be taking this "don't invalidate what was before" approach to all the iD brands, instead of just one or two. Of course, this brings me to the question; do you consider this seemingly conscious approach to continue rather than rewrite a good thing, or do you think it's a bit sacrilegious in itself? Would you have prefered they nuke the old canon once and for all instead? Personally, I feel like this is the best route they could have taken. Granted, Doom's plot is a little confusing with its seemingly alternate dimension/ different UAC, but at the same time it sort of works too.
  8. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Fair enough, though my point was still more in reference to it's condition on first release. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the XBOX version launch something like a year or so after? In any case, a lot of titles that ship without online modes or type of online modes can get them patched in, or added in for a re-release, as was the case with Doom 3.
  9. Taurus Daggerknight

    Bethesda and the Classic iD titles

    As a sequel to Quake 1, 2, or a new spin?
  10. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Oh doable for sure. Half Life did it just fine, as do the Jedi Knight games. I suppose I meant more about the explicit horror and super dark tones. Again, I feel like Quake 1 is kind of a case in point. I always felt like its game play was at serious odds with the atmosphere. And yeah, Doom 2 had a serious plot and all that, but my point was more that in addition to the heavy stuff going on, there was also so much random weirdness permeating it all, including the intermissions that essentially boil down to "bad things happened, but you're so amazingly badass that you pull through anyhow". Mind that I'm not criticizing it here. Just noting that it's usually not the tone that a super serious horror plot takes. In all fairness, Doom 2 had a little more of this than Doom 1 or any later titles did (though anyone is free to correct me about Doom 1 here, of course). My perfect world? Doom 3 with elements of 2016's game play. Like I said, I love the serious tones in titles like Half Life, F.E.A.R and even Doom 3, it's just that I can't for the life of me play the last one for longer than twenty minutes. On the other hand, 2016 plays brilliantly, but lacks any real immersion for me.
  11. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Was not the first release of Doom 3.
  12. I'm increasingly convinced that the specific lines of dialogue are being drawn from completely separate conversations, much like what happened in the Doom 2016 release trailer. (Hayden's line of "Heheh, you've returned. The only creature of flesh and blood to walk between dimensions. Between our world, and theirs." is drawn from multiple dialogue lines, separated by entire chapters, resulting in just about every word being completely out of context). I honestly do wonder if the "seraphim" in the Eternal trailer (let's assume it's a Sereph and not Hayden, though it could be anything) isn't speaking to Hayden when he warns of further interference. Or for that matter if it's Hayden he's telling off at the end ("not your people to save anymore"). Another possibility: it might be The Wretch who shall not be Named. Which is to say; demon smith who made the Praetor suit, urging Doom Slayer to stop before he invites Heaven's attention to the war, being shit-scared of the heavenly host as he might be.
  13. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Certainly! :D Ekhm....WALL OF TEXT INCOMING. Oh I have a soft spot for the horror tone too. I loved the atmosphere of Doom 3 and 64 for sure. With that said; I've also found that the Doom titles that didn't invest that much in atmosphere ended up playing better/ being more fun to shoot around in. Let's be fair at say that the original Doom's atmosphere was incredibly inconsistent more than anything. It had graphic and violent scenes of torture, some areas were super grim and intense... and then in the same breath you had the intermission screens (the writing quality of which is really not -that- much better than Doom: Repercussions of Evil. Fight me on this people! ). Along with the intense horror, your motivation for Doom 2 boils down to "Oh yeah, and they murdered your bunny. Those bastards!" . Not to mention "Chainsaws on Phobos!" (Doom 3 even made fun of that...). And lest we forget, the simple premise of "You're so bad that Hell basically opened a door and begged you to please GTFO". Doom 64 and 3 decided to double down on the horror aspect, at the expense of the cheese. Personally, I enjoyed that. However, what I did not enjoy much was Doom 3's game play. Doom 2016, on the other hand, focused on the cheese in order to make the game play flow better. On the surface, one might think that it should be possible to do serious atmosphere with over-the-top blazing gun play, but then we land up with Quake 1, which was.... a really, really odd game as a whole. One in which there was a serious disconnect between the story, the visuals, the audio and game play. (okay, maybe the visuals and audio played together nicely). Again, I totally get where you're coming from with the wish for atmosphere, but I honestly feel like it would just not fit with the kind of game they seem to be building. Perhaps down the road we can see a return to horror in a new kind of Doom (which we'll surely have, because at this point, rest assured, Doom won't die), but it's not going to be the Doom Slayer saga. Mod support is another tricky thing. Others have pointed out that the reality if modding is just not what it used to be, when games as pieces of software were far simpler. Speaking as a developer myself, making even a simple subway area now requires a crap ton more to it than it may have back in the 90's and early 2000's. Tools have gotten better, but also more complex and not always as accessible as one might like. With that said; it should be noted that iD said mod support is something they are keen to look into for Eternal, just not at launch. They've stated that the game is being built to be more accessible under the hood, so it's entirely possible that we'll see things coming out incrementally. Co-op has not been a part of Doom since the originals. Sad, yes, but it is the fact. Doom 3, once again, did not ship with co-op or anything more than a rudimentary, four player Death Match (Four player in an age of 12-16 player games), and again, there have been a few Doom games by now in which online play simply wasn't a thing. It's not prefferable perhaps, but I wouldn't say multiplayer and Doom are inseparable. In short; Doom has taken on a lot of forms over the years. It's been a half-serious, half quirky action game that introduced Death Match with early survival horror aspects. It was a super campy series of sci-fi novels. It was a drug fueled, what-the-hell-did-I-just-read comic. It was a super serious horror game. It was a terrible movie about a S.W.A.T team on Mars. Now, in it's current (but unlikely final form), it's an over-the-top arcade style shooter. It is of course up to everyone to pick their poison, and for most, a good number of Doom's forms just never cut the mustard. However, there is a difference between the type of game not being your cup of tea, and the devs just being lazy/ money grabbing. The point of contention, I reckon, isn't that you're not keen on this style of Doom, so much as the notion that the devs are being greedy and half-assed when nothing shown so far suggests so (a couple of skins/ collectors ed items that are absolutely not pay-to-win modules don't exactly count).
  14. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    ...now QuakeCon is dying, because their flagship title for the year is Doom Eternal? Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't iD historically headlined with their current game, stretching all the way back to Doom 3? Besides which, I'm pretty sure they'll have Quake Champions going on as well, just not as the spotlight show. Claiming Bethesda as a whole doesn't care about multiplayer is... a strange assessment. Fallout 76 might be a failed (?) experiment, but it was an experiment entirely centered around multiplayer. Wolfenstien: Young Blood is likewise a co-op focused game. Quake Champions, silent as it has been, is multiplayer only, and the silence may very well just be the devs going into hunker-down mode. It's a bit to put such faith, sure, but a similar thing happened over at the Age of Empires forums; nobody heard news about AOE 2 DE for about two years since its announcement, but they finally paid off with the info and shots they revealed. But really... how is Doom Eternal not looking to be 'real Doom' ? Because it lacks a side mode that has never been the sole focus of the series? What do you consider "real Doom" ? (Asking in all seriousness, not trying to chide. I'm just confused by the shout that this is somehow a half-assed approach) .
  15. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    It's not really advocating Bethesda or even iD to point out that the comparison between Fallout '76 (or really, ANY Fallout game) and Doom Eternal is a massive, massive stretch. Neither shares game play systems, features or even technology. Nor are they being worked on by the same people. As has been pointed out multiple times, Bethesda Publishing is NOT THE SAME CREW THAT MAKES GAMES. Furthermore, I really feel like this is a case of misplaced angst. You may as well get really mad at the prospect of a Half Life game being released without death match (I've pointed out before; Half Life 2 did NOT release with it's own multiplayer, and you know what... it was fine). For a long, long time now, Doom has not been much about its multiplayer. Doom 64 didn't have it, Doom 3 had it but it was kind of... lukewarm on release, and certainly not as feature packed as other contemporary shooters. Doom 2016 had it, but it clearly was not the priority (despite what Bethesda marketing tried to suggest). That isn't to say that it wasn't enjoyable in its own way (or that anyone is wrong to have had a blast with it!), but the core devs working on Doom 2016 as we know it were not working on multiplayer. Now that Eternal is 100% being done in-house, it's not too surprising that they really want to just focus on the core game. Battle-Mode is trying to tie into that, and from the looks of what they've shown, it looks to be a little more detailed than just "demon runes vs one player". I am puzzled as to what you define as a AAA game. To suggest that AAA must always have multiplayer is a big of a fallacy. Just a short run down of games that stood on single player alone: - Dishonored - Fallout (every single one besides '76) - Deus Ex (again, all of them) - Elder Scrolls (All of them besides EOS) - Rage 2 - Wolfenstien TNO and TNC - Previously mentioned Half Life 2 (Deathmatch was added much later. On release, it's "multiplayer" was Counter-Strike: Source). - Prey - Shadow Warrior (2013). Shadow Warrior 2 has multiplayer, but it's only co-op to my knowledge, and I personally haven't touched it... That's not counting a lot of classic games that remain as measuring points of innovation and well made titles to this day. Personally, I'd have liked multiplayer death match too, but again, it's absence is hardly indicative of iD being cheap. Everything we've seen so far suggests the same level of polish iD has always been known for prior to Rage 1. Which is kind of the thing that's supposed to set AAA apart from the rest.... (supposed to...sad age where that's not the case anymore... )
  16. Taurus Daggerknight

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    MOst likely some kind of Archangel or demi-god. A Kind of Metatron equivalent, I reckon. Or perhaps one of the old gods of Argent D'Nur that survived and joined with the Heavenly host? Or perhaps....
  17. Taurus Daggerknight

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Oh fair enough! I think we can all agree that the cosmic/ interdenominational horror is where the party's at! Personally, I have a soft spot for Quake 2, more so than Quake 1 (which I found boring to play), but Doom wins out against both any day for sure.
  18. Taurus Daggerknight

    Eternal takes place in id multiverse?

    Probably just a coincidence. But a fun one! :D
  19. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Not as difficult maybe, but the game play is ultimately similar enough that it would be in competition. Quake is also plenty arcade like, particularly when compared to titles like CS, COD or Rainbow Six. (NOTE TO ANYONE ABOUT TO JUMP ON ME: NO, I am not saying any of those are better or "realistic", I am noting "in comparison to Quake" ). It can actually be argued that Doom wasn't a 'cybersport game' because: A) At the time, the game itself wasn't nearly as complex as we expect e-sports titles to be today (talking about the original here) B) E-sports was barely even a whisper in the wind at the time. C) Doom 2016's multiplayer was... well, it wasn't much more than a bare bones "it exists" thing, compared to other titles. Personally, I Had fun, but it's not the kind of thing I return to much. I'd argue that the original Quake up to Quake 3 was 'difficult' next to Doom simply because of the wider movement/ look ranges. You had more to juggle, simple as that. Modern Doom and Quake are, mechanically, not that far removed from each other.
  20. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    I wouldn't compare it to what happened at Blizzcon. Battle Mode is a multiplayer mode involving the Slayer and demons, both of which are from the single player game, and have a precedent in the previous title (demons were playable). Gimmicky, maybe, but not out of left field. Diablo Immortal was the wrong platform, addressed the wrong issues, targeted the wrong crowd, and was the climax of what was advertised to be a big huge deal for people that were clearly looking for something completely different. I do agree about the general worry about the mode though. Like I've said before, FEAR 3 had a similar problem, with it's fun and unique multiplayer modes that were simply not good replacements for the staples. Again, Quake Champions is more than likely the biggest culprit, and I figure it's yours and your friends best chance at the next best DM scene in the absence of it in Eternal.
  21. Well, portals were also opened up along the Martian zone. So the extra gates are probably not helping Humanity much....
  22. Possible! My personal theory is that Doom Slayer himself ripped off parts of the suit, in order to get rid of Samuel's Dimentional Tether systems. It's also possible that he gets the Doomblade, and maybe even his Crucible Sword (Crucsabre?) from The Wretch who shall not be Named. Well, Hell doesn't really need to invade with an armada. They can just warp in all over the place, especially since the seeds of that ability were planted in just about every corner of the Earth by now. Remember that part of the problem for humanity is that there is no real 'front', besides portals opening up in the middle of peoples back yards. My guess with the BFG is that it was either trying to nuke the Mars base after things kept spiraling out of hand, or the Demons took control of it and tried to nuke Samuel. Or... maybe they thought Doom Slayer was still on Mars and figured "Biggest gun ever...maybe this will work!". Interestingly, Hugo Martin directly brought up the question of whether this is the same Doom Guy from the originals, and claimed that we'd get an answer to this mystery. Pretty curious to see where they go with that.
  23. Taurus Daggerknight

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    I wish I could say how it is now, but sadly, it seems any servers that would allow me to access from where I am these days are out. I too wasn't particularly drawn in by what I did play earlier in the year. Sadly though, as I said; the way things are, QC is the CS: Source to Doom 2016. Until and unless Bethesda Publishing cancels it (which would be sad, and I most certainly do not wish for that), I have a hard time seeing them allowing Doom to emulate and surpass it. End of the day; this is very unlikely to be the iD devs being 'mean, lazy or not listening'. This is almost certainly a business decision from on high, and again, one that isn't unreasonable when put in perspective. Even if it is sad that we won't get some good 'ol Deathmatch in Hell.
  24. Taurus Daggerknight

    Take a look at the Steam discussions for Eternal

    Given that the Steam boards are the same community that resorts to review bombing over the smallest, most insignificant and irrelevant of perceived slights, yeah, not surprised. Remember that this is the same group of people who, upon hearing that Metro Exodus would be exclusive to the Epic Store, decided that discouraging people from buying previous Metro games on Steam would be a great way to change policy. Love Steam as a platform, and like most PC gamers, it's my go-to point, but yeah... never found anything of value on its boards myself...
  25. Taurus Daggerknight

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Even in that regard, Quake 3 and Doom 3 both have their fair share. Doom 3 has pentagrams galore, more than a few torture scenes and crucified bodies, and dark ritual setups. For that matter, Doom 2016 has that desecrated and re-purposed chapel. I just feel like calling out Quake 2 for being "sanitized for not having edge-lord 'offensive' content" is as unfair as slamming Wolfenstien 3d or latter- day Rage for the same. Their concepts simply don't call for it, and they hardly make up even close to a majority of the back catalog to seen as the studio trying to be clean.