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  1. Taurus Daggerknight

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Hm... bit of a list... - I can't play Doom without mods or at least mouse-look (up and down included), and other modern conveniences anymore. I'm spoiled by late-90's controls.... - Try as I might, I just can't play Doom 3 to completion. I love the atmosphere, it inspired me a great deal, but actually playing it always bored me eventually... - Did not play past the first couple of levels of Plutonia. The levels just kind of annoyed me. And now, the biggest sin/ regret: - Despite the fact that Doom, in a lot of ways, inspired me to start making games, I have never made a custom wad of any kind. I still occasionally think about trying my hand, but thus far it simply hasn't happened...
  2. Taurus Daggerknight

    Is Doom Marine, Doom Slayer?

    Mostly agree, though about his "having a son"... I keep seeing some people equate him with the betrayer, who made a deal with hell to save his son. Wasn't that someone else though?
  3. Taurus Daggerknight

    Is Doom Marine, Doom Slayer?

    It's -implied- in Doom 2016, mostly by suggesting that he's been fighting hell for a crap ton of time, and by invoking the Icon of Sin in the histories. On it's own, it doesn't mean too much, because no record specifies any particular thing from the original Doom's (dying on Phobos, the old UAC, teleportation experiments, etc). The biggest, most direct link however, comes from Doom 64, which ends with the marine deciding to stay in Hell and keep killing any demons that try to rise up again. All in all, it -can- work as a real sequel, but it can just as well work as it's own thing. Quake Champions does make some direct claims, but how canonical it is to Nu-Doom (or even Wolfenstien for that matter) is uncertain. Quake 3 was made by iD itself, and it's characters had all mostly done the things they were doing, so they could have been plucked up into the Arena Eternal at some distant future. Doom Slayer, however, is very much in his original Praetor suit, without the Doom Blade or Crucible sword, which sort of places his involvement in Champions either prior to or immediately after Doom '16. Likewise, B. J is also still in his original body, not the super soldier one (AFAIK), so again, if we say "Quake Champions is canon", the question is "how and when". Which is to say; it seems a little harder to put the Wolf, Doom and Quake universes together since their respective re-imaginings than it was prior to the 2000's. Personal head-cannon: Yes, Doom Slayer is OG Doom Guy. Head-cannon further has it that Wolf and Doom are still in the same universe, and that Quake Champions is Bethesda's Heroes of the Storm; based on lore, but not really in charge of it.
  4. Taurus Daggerknight

    The reason there probably won't be any modding tools :(

    Yeah, pretty sure they said that they might try to steer the project in that direction eventually, but that right now their core focus is just on releasing a good game. Which ...sounds fair to me honestly. I would rather they release something super polished and fun over a buggy mess whose focus was on being a toolbox instead of a solid shooter. I can't think of many games post-2000 that really straddled the line between "open toolkit" and "bug free solid base game" that so well, so... yeah, I'd say just be patient and see what happens. Take heart on one point; the parent company (Bethesda/ Zenimax) have historically favored modding in the past with the Elder Scrolls and most of their Fallout titles. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Fallout 76 the first one to explicitly not feature mod kits (due to it being an online only game)? Might not be a guarantee that they'll push iD back towards being mod friendly, but it does spell some hope.
  5. But are the demons even a life form? They're of the spirit world, and very much the incarnation of all that is cruel, hateful and destructive. They're not really the same thing as E.T by definition. Part of the charm of the Doom universe (for me at least) has always been the UAC's uphill battle to try and "science/ reason" the demons, while struggling to accept the fact that Hell and its denizens supersede all their logic. ... well, until they invent the BFG. Then Hell's arguments are all invalid. SCIENCE B****s!!!! Ekhm...anyhow... demons in general don't really neccessarily have the same 'needs' as people. They don't need to sleep, it's questionable if they need to eat to survive, or if they simply do it as a matter of enjoyment/ malice, they don't need comfy chairs, and up until Doom 2016, almost never directly talked to anyone. They are unknowable in that sense, which makes them a wonderful foe.
  6. Kind of with @DooM_RO here. To quote Doom 2016: "They are rage, brutal, without mercy..." Which is to say; they are malice incarnate. They are not "conquering for territory" in the sense that people take territory. Hell doesn't "need" the mortal realm. It wants it for no other reason than to despoil it. Also; Hell didn't -need- strategy, or defense. Doomguy was a bit of a wild card in that he somehow managed to just BARGE INTO HELL. This is -not- something that normally happens. It is, in fact, unprecedented in the Doom universe. Heck, this is the guy who Hell actually spat back out in the first game because he was too tough to contain. And then who promptly decided to keep sitting in hell after the Mother Demon fiasco... In other words; Hell didn't have more defenses than it had because until Doomguy, they simply did not need it. With all that said... I don't know, Hell seemed pretty well defended in Doom 2 and Doom 64, with it's labrynthian passages, shitton of forces (augmented by hell forged cybernetics!), traps, and just terrible hazards in general (acidic mud, acid rivers, lava rivers, tiny walkways, etc). There is an element of truth to the whole tribal thing though. I mean, they do in-fight if they see one of their buddies being shot up by a rival fiend...
  7. Monster aesthetics was what I was primarily referring to. BUt even with environments; Hell in Doom 3, to me, appeared more akin to the dark castles of Quake than anything we faced in Doom (apart from House of Pain maybe). Doom 3 also had a bigger emphasis on darkness as a visual element that classic Doom didn't (Classic Doom had a lot of dark elements, but it was still a largely colorful world at the end of the day). Quake's chapters all still start off in the tech base scenes, and it's expansions bring us back some cyborg beasties IIRC. In any case, I'm not saying you can confuse Doom 3 for Quake, just that it's closer to Quake than classic Doom visually speaking.
  8. A Doom game instead of Quake 1 in 97 would basically... have been Quake 1. Heck, aesthetically Doom 3 itself draws way more from Quake 1 than the original Doom's. For that matter, so does Doom 64 in some ways. Whatever was going to happen, it was going to -look- like Quake at the very least. And yeah... iD, ESPECIALLY under Carmack, would -never- have used the Build Engine. A) They were already rendering it obsolete with their own tech at the time, and B) iD, to my knowledge, has never used an engine they did not develop themselves. It's about as preposterous an idea as Epic suddenly deciding to use Source to build games instead of their own Unreal Engines.
  9. Taurus Daggerknight

    Female Doomslayer

    ...Now I want a co-op campaign featuring Crash and Phobos leading the remnants of a team out of mars just as Doom 2 begins... Episode 1: Squad and civies evac to the portal, it's the only way off this rock! Episode 2: Join the fight as Armageddon begins. Secure the star ships that the last of humanity are fleeing to. Hold position while Doomguy (Crash's old recruit) disables the fire shield.
  10. Taurus Daggerknight

    Female Doomslayer

    I've already gone through a short list of female "Doom marines" in the Annihilation thread, and others have mentioned them here as well, but to recap: Female "Doom marines": Kira Morgan (Doom 2 RPG) Crash (Quake 3, and to @printz question about why she's mentioned; no, she is not "just a warm up character". She is named as being Doomguy's training instructor, and by old iD chronology, all their stuff was more or less canon, so no reason to discount that tidbit really...) Arlene Sanders (classic Doom books) Maria Moraetes (Doom 3 novels) Lead character in the upcoming Doom: Annihilation (name?) Other known female characters in the Doom universe(s): Dr. Elizabeth McNeil (Scientist/ whistle blower, Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil) Olivia Pierce (Doom 2016, antagonist) Spider Mastermind (classic Doom antagonist, suggested in the manuals to be female) Mother Demon (Doom64) As to the question of why there has never been a "Female Doom slayer", simple; Doom Slayer was first introduced in Doom 2016. It's literally the first time we ever heard that name. There's no "other" Doom slayers, let alone "a female Doom slayer" that we've even had time to think about. Presumably, there were some female Night Sentinels, but good luck telling whose a man or woman underneath all that armor. Speaking of which, that's another thing... even if Doom 2016 had explicitly "female" models, I'd be pretty annoyed if they were inexplicably "feminine" compared to the otherwise functional power armor that would obscure gender one way or another. The lack of voices in Doom 2016 kind of works in that regard; gender really does not matter or come across unless you're just flat out assuming what it is. MAYBE you can make an argument for animation styles communicating the gender point, but again, given the armor bulk and how everyone is moving in the first place, is there really going to be that much of a discernible difference either way? End of the day... it's marines in super power armor. If you want to say it's a man, woman, robot, demon, or whatever have you, it honestly does not matter. And as others have pointed out, "why is the main character X gender" is a rabbit hole that can swing either which way. For every "why is Doomguy/ Duke Nukem/ Master Chief male?", you could ask "Why is Lara Croft/ Samus/ Shelly Harrison female"? Simple answer; it's just the story they came up with....
  11. Considering that Epic has historically been both a game product and technology rival of the things iD provides, it's somehow not surprising. I know iD isn't exactly in the engine business anymore (insofar as handing out the engine to non-Bethesda owned or supported companies), but all the same. Epic's mainline products (past and present) are still in a lot of ways direct competitors to their offerings. Handing Epic the keys to Doom's kingdom then would be....curious. On a more vital note, there's nothing Epic can actually offer iD/ Bethesda to make an exclusive switch worth their while. They do not need the money Epic is so keen on dolling out (most of the other big name games that made the switch were still being made by comparatively (Read; COMPARATIVELY) smaller companies who actually did need the extra funding.
  12. Taurus Daggerknight

    How did you play Doom in the old days?

    Man, it's hard to imagine that I ever played FPS games without WASD. I first played Doom (2) in...what was it, 96 or 97. It was after WASD had just started to take root, but at that perfect moment before mouse-look became the standard for all FPS games. At least, back in India... Good grief, I remember actually starting not just Doom, but even Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 with just the keyboard! (I did eventually get the hang of mouse control on that one though). Anything that required rapid turning (Descent 2) was played with a Joystick. I think the games that finally forced my brother and I to adopt the mouse were probably Rainbow Six and Delta Force.
  13. Taurus Daggerknight

    My thoughts on the new Eternal Stadia footage!

    Honestly, I'm for it. If not for a thematic reasons, it will make give the player a lot more feedback to things going on around them. On a thematic level; Doom Slayer is capable of being injured (or even having his body destroyed), so grunts aren't -too- far out, IMO. As for all the suppositions that Mars gets BFG'd; I'm still not convinced that's Mars. For one, the BFG 10K (dislike the name, as I still remember the BFG 10k as being the Quake 2 BFG) looks more like an anti-space ship gun, and not a planet wrecker. With that said; I will grant that it is possible the UAC built it there specifically to contain any possible outbreaks on Mars. Why they didn't fire it at the start of D2016 is another question though. Maybe it was Samuel going "Nooo my Argent reactors!" ? Regarding the game play fottage itself...all I can say is F*** YEAH!!!! I WANT IT NOW!
  14. Taurus Daggerknight

    Why did D'sparil build his fortresses underwater?

    Maybe he didn't memorize his "Breath Underwater" spell that day, because he figured "eh, one guy...what's the worst that could happen?" : P
  15. Taurus Daggerknight

    Why did D'sparil build his fortresses underwater?

    I haven't played through the Heretic/ Hexen series, but from what little I did experiance, I always loved the concept. Anyhow, take anything I have to say with a massive grain of salt, as it's coming from someone who mostly read -about- the story, rather than played it himself. ...not that the plot specifics have much bearing on the theory.... Ekhm..anyhow... If one were to go with in-world logic, I would imagine that it's a defense in and of itself. In a medieval era world like Heretic/ Hexen, besieging a castle is a tough enough endeavor on land. Who in the heck is going to be capable of sending a legion down to an underwater palace? Even for wizards (most of whom would be of far lesser power than D'sparil or Corvus himself), the ocean is a hostile environment that you can't simply march down into. Assuming a massive warband used the portals too, well... if things got that bad for D'sparil, he could then simply pop the dome and the entirety of the enemy force, using his power to preserve himself while laughing away.
  16. Taurus Daggerknight

    New Doom Eternal Footage on Google Stadia

    As cool as a "BFG Death Star" would be, there's just one problem with that scenario... the footage from Quakecon actually shows the BFG aiming -away- from Mars (which is visible on the horizon). My guess about the level we saw recently from GDC is that it's another segment of Hell. But..still early, so I might end up eating my words after all!
  17. Taurus Daggerknight

    Half-Life 1 or Doom 1?

    From a strictly conceptual level, ignoring all mechanics and tech, the two games are still pretty different. Yes, they both deal with a "What has science done?!" premise involving portals being kicked open, but that's where it ends. In Doom, you are part of a strike team dispatched to a secret moon base to investigate a disaster you know precious little about. You enter from the Hangar, and delve deeper and deeper into the now haunted facilities until you are forcibly dragged off to Hell itself, from where you must escape, only to realize the apocalypse has began. In Half Life, you not only know what exactly is going on from the moment it all begins, you are one of the -causes- of it. Your objective, for the first part of the game, is the opposite of Doom; you don't want to go further in, you're trying to get out. It's not about saving anyone or anything besides yourself and maybe some colleagues. You are also not a soldier, which comes out in the game play by way of the HECU being fully capable of one-shot bashing you into the ground. In all the Doom games, there are very few creatures capable of so easily smashing you. Funny thing is that Half Life's expansion ,Opposing Force, is a little bit closer to Doom, insofar as you playing the role of one of the response team members. There's also a key difference in setting. Doom is far more far-future sci-fi, where as Half Life is very much "in the near future". Mechanically though.... I've been replaying Half Life 1 lately, and by extension the Black Mesa remake. So I can this with a very fresh perspective; it's combat does NOT hold up. The encounter design is pretty atrocious, with a lot of cheap sets that can result in highly unfair one hit deaths. Level design (not talking about visually) is also pretty all over the place, with hazards and pathways not really being built to be engaging combat arenas. In fact, zones like On a Rail can be especially frustrating with how movement works. Doom is simplistic in its systems, but it all is ultimately more smooth and cohesive. Encounter design is tough but fair, with very few flat out cheap setups. Environment design in Half Life is obviously leagues ahead of Doom, thanks largely to its tech. But even here, there is a pretty big problem: Fake Doors. Good grief, the environment is so hard to read in this game because of how doors you can use and doors that never do anything look -exactly the same- . Half the time they aren't even lit differently... Don't get me wrong. It's still a terrific experience to explore Black Mesa, but as far as being enjoyable levels to play in, I've since concluded that other titles have done it better. (To clarify, this is not about "Realism vs art house". I love playing tons of realistic looking games. Half Life, however, just has not aged very well).
  18. Taurus Daggerknight

    New Doom Eternal Footage on Google Stadia

    I wonder if the 'Strogg' guy at the 1:49 mark is an evolution of this (rumored) enemy that was floating around the net before Doom 2016's release/ reboot. Hard to tell since the video is so blurry. Wasn't sure if the one in the vid has more legs, but it did look similar from what I could see... Also, I'm seeing more Doom64 motif's this time, with the whole "double is better!" approach to weapon design. (TWO MICRO MISSILE DEPOTS ON THE HAR!). Hm... Doom Slayer's got his voice back. This should make feedback a lot more notable this time. I like how the whole "arena spawn in" mechanic is at least slightly better hidden than it was in 2016. I notice there is still some kind of a lock down system, but it seems like it at least tries to look like wandering enemies this time. I am all for this. All in all...I NEED THIS. (Show of hands who looked this up for DOOM ETERNAL, and completely ignored the whole Google Stavia thing?)
  19. Taurus Daggerknight

    How do you think the Sword would work in the game?

    I am all for cool laser swords. I love the Shadow Warrior reboots with their melee combat, I grew up playing the Jedi Knight games, and in general am just a fan of the whole "up close and personal" thing. ....but.... Shadow Warrior and Jedi Knight both ended up focusing on melee at the cost of gun play. Both of those games get to a point where melee weapons really are just the flat out better way to go. I have to admit, I'm at a bit of a loss thinking of how they will balance the whole "epic laser sword" thing in Eternal without either making it infinitely better than the guns, or without making it kind of worthless. I do agree with some of the above posts suggesting that it might end up being a "charged up" weapon, maybe like the Soul Cube in Doom 3. You know, after slaying X number of demons (not undead), the sword is ready to be used for a short amount of time.
  20. Taurus Daggerknight

    Doom and Quake weapons: Which are better?

    Quake's arsenal is honestly one of the reasons I have a hard time sinking into it, despite the epic atmosphere. My issues with them basically come down to: 1) Lack of any real motion/ animation when using them. VERY basic recoil movement, and that too not much. Doom has far more visually appealing reactions to the act of pressing the fire button... 2) No hands on weapons. I've never liked the whole "floating gun" thing some FPS titles go for... 3) All the guns look almost identical. The shotgun barely looks like anything discernible at all. Same with the grenade launcher and rocket launcher. This is not helped by the issue mentioned in point#1. As far as a comparison between the two arsenals insofar as their purposes and all that, honestly I feel like they're more or less on par. The Quake guns are essentially equivalents to the Doom variants, with the exception of the grenade launcher and the fact that Doom (classic) has no jumping, so no rocket jumping. Barring that though... shotguns more or less do the same things between games, nailgun/ super nailgun are both similar to the chain gun, lightning gun is more or less a plasma gun equivalent, rocket launchers both shoot the same thing... Oh, and the part about the Thunderbolt being the thing to deal with crowds? Be that as it may...Doom has the BFG :D .
  21. Taurus Daggerknight

    Oddball theory on the Marauder and Doomslayer

    Well, Doom Slayer might be incorruptable, but my point is still that no one said anything about his corpse :P .
  22. Taurus Daggerknight

    Oddball theory on the Marauder and Doomslayer

    I always assumed the Betrayer's son was ressurected as the Icon of Sin, who then got beaten into a coma more or less? Might have misread it then... Actually, it's interesting you mention Betruger himself, as I never really did factor him into stuff. Curious connection you draw there, suggesting the presence of a son that made him turn! I admit I'm sceptical, given that the Betrayer sounded like he was a Night Sentinel, but interesting possibility none the less. Far as other marines go, I was under the impression that DG was the only 'human' to have become a Night Sentinel himself. I sort of figured that the other characters who faced hell in the series were just that; other people. It is a bit of a hard one, given that Doom 3 was explicitly released as a hard-reboot. Barring that one Martian tablet that depicted a tribute to the original cover art, there isn't a whole lot in it that even tries to connect to prior entries. The only way I think it can seriously fit in with all the others is if we count it as an alternate dimension/ timeline. One possibility though (and this requires tons of retconning) is if we simply place Doom 3 on Phobos rather than Mars, and assume the Doom 3 marine is -not- Doomguy/ Doomslayer. If we figure that the Doom 3 marine is just some guy in the base as per Doom 3's campaign, then we can figure that Doomguy as we know him came in as he did in the originals; part of the response team dispatched to check on the base after it went dark. In that case, we can maybe say that the marines who 'rescue' the marine in Doom 3's end are the guys who get smashed up before Doomguy/ Slayer gets bored of waiting outside and goes on in.... Following that, it goes as per the originals I suppose; Doomguy kicks ass, gets zapped to Deimos, kicks more ass, then goes to Earth. Let's also assume that his time in Hell ends up being longer than he thinks, and that in the mean time Resurrection of Evil takes place. After all that, Doom 2 happens, then Plutonia, and finally Doom 64, which then leads to 2016. Lot of mental gymnastics to make it work, but that's my two cents on "how".
  23. Taurus Daggerknight

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    To be fair...it is, you know, THE BIG FUCKING GUN. By definition, it's really fucking big, even in the hands of DG.
  24. Taurus Daggerknight

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    DOOMAGE CONTROL You are a UAC computer technician, a man on a single, critical mission.... to get the backup data from all those computer terminals in the Phobos base. No guns for you! Savage the forward and strafe keys as you race through the entirety of Ultimate Doom: Episode 1, bashing on the keys of as many terminals as possible in your quest to recover all the data. Be warned! The base is filled with undead and demonic monstrosities that hate nerds like you, and will stop at nothing to fry, claw, bite and otherwise pummel your ass into hell! Caution! UAC has lot billions already in this catastrophe. Do not let barrels, equipment or other expensive equipment to get further damaged, or your pay/ score will be docked!
  25. Taurus Daggerknight

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    Funny thing. My friend and I were just talking about how, for all the back and forth about whether Doom is serious or not, Doomguy's motivation post ULTIMATE DOOM comes down "they killed my bunny". I guess John Whick enlisted in the marines after his whole hit man thing fell apart... With that said, I think the biggest problem facing anyone doing any kind of movie on Doom is that it really is, at this point, tonally all over the place. You've got the "serious as an 80's/ 90's action movie" Ultimate Doom to Doom 2, the "90's edginess/ grunge horror" of Doom 64, the "Let's be serious with narrative!" Doom 3, and then the "fuck it, lets just shoot stuff and have fun" of Doom 2016 (era of "FUCK CALL OF DUTY" ). It is, point in fact, entirely impossible to have a perfect Doom movie at this point without picking one specific game and saying "this movie is in that game's specific canon" (which is hard to do anyhow, given that Doom's 'canon' is super ambiguous at this point). Personally, I do want a more serious Doom. I loved the tone of Doom 64 and Doom 3 (but not the shooting in Doom 3), and despite how much fun Doom 2016 is to actually play, I am not convinced that it would be a good movie setup. I've seen some people mentioning the "Fight like Hell" trailer as an example of what a Doom movie should be, and I got to say... no. It was fun to watch, it was very Doom, and it was very, very short. There was no real dialogue, no story, no narrative, and that's why it worked as a promo for a game that had little to none of those things (hush about the codex, most of that stuff was very throw away anyhow. Hugo Martin even outright said as much in the Noclip documentary). An entire movie of "Doomslayer running around blowing stuff up" would basically be like watching a "Lets Play" of Doom instead of, oh I don't know...playing Doom. My fiance' was debating that particular note, pointing out that Fury Road and John Whick are pretty much "main characters running around in action sequences", but here's the thing... even those movies have a fairly strong narrative following a lot of characters besides "one badass". As such, I still feel like a Doom movie that gives importance only to Doomguy/ Doomslayer would be a pointless affair at best. As for the cheese.. well, again, I prefer a more serious Doom, but as noted earlier, it's not like either tone is out of left field for the franchise at this point.