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  1. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Easiest difficult is a thing?

    I mean, you sortof postulate where we are with gaming today as newer games being more casual in general, and then you follow that by asking if people are playing games more casually nowadays after giving some examples of games that break that precedent. You've addressed a reality and then asked about whether it's happening or not in the same post. Games can generally be easier now than they were in the 90's, and there's a wider variety of games nowadays. Some games don't follow that general rule of "generally easier than they used to be." Not sure what the conclusion is meant to be from all this. And, if the question is "Are people playing skill-oriented games for their plot?" then the answer is obviously yes, but also no at the same time. It happens and it doesn't happen.
  2. SiMpLeToNiUm

    how gamer are you

    There is 0 need to self-identify as a gamer.
  3. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Monsters that you feel are undervalued

    The Zombieman, in my opinion, really is an under-utilized enemy in the Doom roster. This might be due to my inexperience in playing a large amount of WADs, but out of the ones I have played, I would agree that they probably don't "get enough love", so to speak. There's obvious reasons for this, mainly being his tiny health pool and ineffectiveness in large numbers or within other enemy types due to infighting, but I've always had an odd fascination for taking the crappiest enemies/characters/underdogs and working with them on purpose. There's a few good examples of fun and effective ways to use him, of course, such as Dragonfly's Panic Button map in Team Rocket 2 where huge crowds of zombies were used and the player was equipped only with a rocket launcher. I'm sure there's many more still that I haven't seen. Pursuant to the actual question of ways to use a zombie in particular, I would say that a Zombieman is best used in close-quarters. This hinders the player's mobility, their greatest asset, and tightens the cone of fire of the zombieman, making him much deadlier despite his inherent weaknesses. He's fairly inaccurate, so pressuring the player by using him in tight spaces is perhaps the best way to go. His hitscan attack can be frustrating to deal with when used in this way, but think about how often we mow through this guy en masse as it is...surely it's high time he got a chance to beat us up a bit. To complete my full circle of misery using this enemy, I would say restricting the player's kit to the pistol and single-barrel shotty or deliberately giving them a heavy-hitting, risky weapon such as the rocket launcher with its self-damage potential in CQC scenarios is a great way of indirectly squeezing as much mileage as possible out of this enemy type, especially when used in close proximity. Also, minimizing player access to armor and health for added stress, and other ways to make sure the enemy gets as much chance as possible to dish out pain such as strategically placing them in ambush positions can maximize the usages for what is probably the natural pariah of the Doom bestiary.
  4. Yes, I would like more of them, thanks.
  5. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Would DE have been better without reactionary enemies?

    Plenty of bosses or tough enemies across genres require you to fight them in certain ways. I wouldn't say that "forcing" the player to fight an enemy as intended is necessarily a bad thing.
  6. SiMpLeToNiUm

    What's your "mapping style"?

    I'm much less concerned with finding out "my style", since I imagine such a thing is a bit artificially limiting when I think about what it means to apply such a term to myself and more so with determining what "brain stew" I must have to concoct within my own mind in order to focus my mapping juices; what my "process" is, so to speak. I echo a lot of the sentiment in here with really not knowing what my style is, and I think that's okay. I don't know that searching for one's style is really something to be encouraged so much as the means and devices used in the creative process as a whole. If you find yourself gravitating towards one type of gameplay or aesthetic focus, perhaps it's a function of whim and not necessarily that this is some rigid design philosophy you're now supposed to limit yourself to. Experiment and always be refining and defining what your own creativity means to you rather than what it looks like from the outside.
  7. Sick, thanks for the the runthrough, guys!
  8. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    Oh, is it done already? I was just about to drop my 2 cents in.
  9. Is it even possible for such an inconsequential, subjective and petty thing to be given such a dramatic label as "elitist?" If you like Doom to look like bacon grease on a plastic sheet, that's your prerogative. Play the game how you want to play it, but don't bemoan people who don't play it the same as you.
  10. SiMpLeToNiUm

    How To Give Tester Feedback

    Not sure if what I'm about to say is still on-topic, and feel free to correct me if it's not: I think unfiltered, raw feedback is the most important as it gives the mapper the most realistic, "in the field" view for how someone can experience their map without any ground-rules and allows the player to play how they want to play. There's nothing wrong and everything to gain from seeing your map played from as many angles as possible (within the purview of the map's scope and as-is presentation; looking at you, gameplay mods) since the goal isn't necessarily perfection of a single map, but the gaining of broad knowledge, whether that be from one person using savescum tactics or another person doing an FDA; one person playing ITYTD or another on UV. If there are special parameters for how to play and enjoy the map, or things the mappers thinks players ought to keep in mind, that's fine but I think they ought to be outlined and communicated in the OP of the map's thread. I think it then becomes the further work of the mapper to either reject or accept the feedback posed, assess the value of it given their own personal criteria, and then take that information onboard for the next project or to improve the original if they so wish. This idea about (and to paraphrase as I understood it, and perhaps I misunderstood it so feel free to point out if I overstepped), "the mapper's idea of how the map ought to work" is not always the best metric for serving the best end-product. Sometimes you need to compromise slightly on your creative vision or your desire to have the map run a certain way because sometimes it just doesn't work out effectively to engage the player. At the end of the day, yeah, it's the mapper's baby, but if you decide to release to the public with the desire for feedback, be willing to accept said feedback and make changes. Player experience is still very important. The relationship between player/mapper is symbiotic and the feedback shared among them makes them both better at what they do.
  11. It's interesting you say this, and perhaps interesting that I have the opinion that I do because I was around during the Skulltag era of Doom, which likely colors my opinions.
  12. The IWADs are most people's introduction to Doom. As with most things that develop communities and a hobbyist following, one inevitably moves past the source material and into new and exciting territory. I see no "need" to start with D1/D2, but if you get some inspiration from them, why not? Sure, play the IWADs to get the sense of what was achievable by the OGs with the limits of the time and marvel at the trails being blazed, but don't limit yourself because what's being made nowadays is, in my opinion, very exciting and much more inspiring. Appreciate Doom for what it is and how it started, but don't neglect what people are doing nowadays in pursuit of some artificial adherence to the austerities of yore. Go where your creativity takes you.
  13. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Can we please talk about the Chasm

    I think so, anyway. Never really felt like hell as much as it did Limbo.
  14. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Can we please talk about the Chasm

    Very interesting...yeah, not sure about the Lovecraft stuff... as for Monster Condo...idk. It's an interesting map because it's almost like this limbo-esque map. It's a weird wooden structure with a vague "comfort" to it, mixed with this sense of unease and tension due to the darkness and whatnot. It's much more like a dream space than The Chasm imo. Very abstract and surreal. More of a Limbo than it is Hell, per-se.
  15. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Can we please talk about the Chasm

    F. Also, never knew this bit of trivia! Was never a fan of the Chasm, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise. Monster Condo is a far stronger Sandy Map from that "episode."
  16. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Okay, I have a really soft spot for minimalism. Props to you! I like it
  17. SiMpLeToNiUm

    You guys like philosophy?

    Is this bait to pull me back in again lol?? Holy fuck, I love philosophy, especially the existentialists. I got a lot out of it from a university course and it's helped focus lots of my thoughts over the past few years since. Sisyphus, Dostoyevsky, Camus, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir...you guys are tickling my philosophy spot, hahaha. Someone mentioned "God is dead and we killed him." That's Nietzsche, I believe. I also loved his thoughts on "Master vs. Slave" morality. Unfortunate usage of terms, but it had a lot to say about how people's jealousy can get in the way of happiness and how the cycle has been perpetuated since the early days of humanity.
  18. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Begun working on this again on the side; an unfinished map from the previous NanoWadMo: Rusted Iron, Putrid Timber
  19. SiMpLeToNiUm

    I need ideas for level starts

    I've always run into trouble myself with level starts. Getting that perfect opening shot can and has been a stumbling block for me many times. It helped to think of the start less as a thing that needed to necessarily be built first when this happened. Sometimes you can decide that the start should happen somewhere that wasn't the first place you built, and that's okay! As a matter of fact, it's fun to challenge what you think can and should be done in mapping as much as possible.
  20. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Modest Mapping 2: Wretched Coven - RC1 out now!

    Thanks for the playthrough @Horus! Enjoyed watching it
  21. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    In the spirit of The Modest Mapping Challenge 2 now going into RC1, here's my work for Map 27: Halls of Perdition
  22. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Modest Mapping 2: Wretched Coven - RC1 out now!

    YEEEES!!! A fantastic set and monumental fun to work on!
  23. SiMpLeToNiUm

    first 2 times posting on doomer baords and i get this

    I think they're asking for other people to give feedback on the thread since only one person has done so thusfar and the quality of said feedback is...in poor taste. The "flat" and "no lighting" comments I would say are valid feedback, but what followed was mean-spirited and unnecessary. I don't, however, agree with bringing the issue here.
  24. SiMpLeToNiUm

    Cacophony - A MIDI Album

    Must listen now