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  1. I really dislike the introduction of what I call "a-hole" design in Doom 2. You know, taking an elevator down only to be surrounded by enemies on all sides and being unable to move or tons of hidden closets opening up with high level enemies in them. I dislike how that design went on to influence tons of wads as well. I don't mind some of it but too much of it gets tiring for me.

  2. 2 hours ago, Jello said:

    There's a fair few DOS games that are going to have issues with XP. If you're going to the trouble of building a 90's machine, I would probably suggest Windows 98SE.


    I remember switching to XP from ME (yeah, laugh it up. It's what came with the PC) in 2004 and it was irritating getting older games to run. Usually I could find patches and work-arounds, but I doubt that most of them still exist 18 years later.


    Just my two cents though, it's your project. And I guess you could always dual boot, but either way, you're probably going to want 98 on it.




    Thanks for the input. Personally I think after doom came out there was a clear separation in pc gaming from the dos era to the 3d acceleration era which is what my emachines build I alluded to would encompass.

  3. 3 minutes ago, D4NUK1 said:

    You can try to find better a PC from 1998 or 1999, and will also help you to run games from 1998 and backwards.

    I contemplated that, but funnily enough ha I plan I recreating my first gaming build which was an emachines from 2003 with an amd athlon and a radeon 9600 pro. With Windows XP that should do mid to late 90s gaming just fine.

  4. I've been contemplating trying to build a period accurate pc from the era that doom came out. I'm eyeing doing a build with an Intel DX4-100 as they came out in march of that year as well as a proper sound blaster card, but I'm still researching what all components I need. I don't think anything from that year truly ran Doom the best, but I like the idea of having the limitation. I was just hoping I could get some ideas on other components I might need since I'm not the most familiar with that era of computing. Ideally it would be cool if I could get everything as old new stock, though could be expensive, just to know it's fresh for years of use.

  5. In the level I'm making I wanted the player to go through a section, get an item, and then as they back track through the area have several monster traps activate that didn't before getting the item. What I had in mind was making a trigger for the item that when walked over enables a new trigger to be activated when backtracking, if this is possible to do. Otherwise, maybe theres a better method.


    EDIT: I'm using the Ultimate Doom Builder in zdoom udmf format.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Fiendish said:

    I think this thread would be better placed in the Doom Editing forum, no?


    It's hard to say what's causing the issue without being able to open up what you have in UDB, but did you make sure that:

    1. the door raise action is set to the linedef that you have crossing the green armor?

    2. the door's sector tag is set to 10, not the sector where the chaingunner is placed?

    3. in the trigger's linedef properties, you have 10 in the "sector tag" dropdown right below where the "action" dropdown is (not below where it says "identification")?


    One other thing of note I can see in the screenshot is that you have the linedef trigger inside the green armor. Players will only trigger a linedef action once half of their body has crossed a linedef, making it possible to grab the green armor in your setup without triggering the trap, even if you have the action working properly. You can prevent this from happening by putting the linedef trigger in front of the armor rather than through it.


    Apologies, I thought I was posting there but hadn't noticed, my mistake.


    Not having the number in the sector tag instead of Identification was my issue. Thanks so much!

  7. I'm a bit confused on how exactly to do a monster closet.  I'm working with Ultimate Doom Builder in udmf format. As you see in the screen shot, I have an armor resting on a platform where after you press the switch on it, it lowers allowing you to grab it. I want to put a linedef in front of the armor to trigger a monster closet on other side of the room. I'm just not sure how to do this though. I have the two line defs in front of the chaingunner marked as a door to open (action 12) when the player walks over. I gave it a tag and assigned the linedef the same tag but it doesn't seem to work.



  8. Hey so I've been following a tutorial for making a simple door and I noticed it was suggested that I use ZDoom (Doom in Hexen Format) for editing maps. I notice this comes with the benefit of using the triggers in the editing menu. Thing is, since crispydoom is my preferred source port, the triggers I make don't seem to work. Only when I'm playing in GZDoom am I able to open the doors. How should I remedy this?

  9. I'm using the Doom Launcher by Realm667 and I'm having troubling saving statistics for wads/maps while using the Chocolate Doom source port. It says you need to enter "-statdump" into the command line in order for it generate a statistics file that is apparently read upon exiting. I'm not sure how to do this. I tried making a shortcut to the chocolatedoom.exe with -statdump entered into the target box and then selecting the shortcut as the sourceport for the Doom Launcher configuration.  This didn't work.

  10. Its certainly not the most functional resolution to play in especially with maps that have enemies very far away but I can't help but enjoy the charm of playing with outdated graphics. Doom never "felt" right to me so scaled up and when I play it in its original form I feel like I'm taking a break the mind blowing wow factor of modern games and for a moment get to appreciate games from where they came.


      Like playing it so old school looking isn't any less of a wow factor considering what the original guys were able to pull off with what they had at the time.