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  1. Waru

    Waru's Tiny Maps VOL.1

    Thank you! <3
  2. Waru

    Waru's Tiny Maps VOL.1

    Welcome everyone! I made a wad,all the maps were make between 40 minutes and 2 hours. If you have an extra 20 minutes of your life, give it a try! This map pack conatins 4 very short/tiny map: Level.1: Generator Room (I made it in 49 minutes) Level.2:Basement (I made it in 45 minutes) Level.3: Ruby Fortress (I made it in 62 minutes) Level.4: Gorge Of The Behemoth (I made it in 122 (!!!) minutes) DOWNLOAD: ~~~~~~ http://www.mediafire.com/file/70l79n836hfv86c/WaruTinyMaps1.wad/file ~~~~~~ I hope you enjoy this little wad. :)
  3. Waru

    My first "30 Minute Map"

    Im not counted the testing/bug fixing (i forgot place the red skull key ect.)time. The whole map finished at least 30 minute. (33) I planned it out in thought. so I could work quickly.
  4. Waru

    My first "30 Minute Map"

    Thank you (Y). Im planning to make a "30minute map" pack.
  5. Waru

    My first "30 Minute Map"

    Hello everybody This is my first "30 minute map" the "Vaolt of Waru". doom2 vanilla compatible. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/beppbj77npdc6nn/WARU30min.wad/file The music from: "Mighty Knight" mod I hope you enjoy this short map. :)
  6. i made a new hud. wich one do you prefer?
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttYPNKxBq6M early alpha verison from 2014
  8. Thanks for the feedbacks! The collision problem fixed and the player speed incerased. :) Thanks! But all music is complete
  9. I solvedthe problem. Im just add "map00" before map01 with cluster "exittext". Also here some pictures of the upcoming levels: (to keep the community interest up)
  10. thanks for feedback! i think the cartoon graphic mixed whit brutal gore is a good idea.some people don't like it. I accept this. I didnt know how to put a story before starting the first map (i'm just begginner) sorry. In the future the mod release 2 version (normal and low blood "performance friendly")
  11. I make map markers (Player start, locked doors). What do you think guys? Is this a useful thing or not?
  12. Check the gameplay videos on youtube. "Commander Matias" playing the mod: MAP01 "Mine" I'm excited to release the full version. I think you will like it.
  13. Thanks for the review (y). Sadly its a bug.
  14. Thanks the feedback :). The monsters doesnt have a hitscan attack.. It's just really fast projelctile attack.