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  1. kennyc222

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Well, I don't mind about this decision but i still feel sad! Traditional multiplayer in Doom 2016 has accompanied me for the past 3 years! I am still playing when I am free. No need to think about the strategy and just pick up the weapon and kill! But I am still looking forward to the invasion mode and battleground mode. Hopefully, more new modes will be revealed in DoomCon (QuakeCon) in August! Hugo said that only traditional deathmatch would not be included in Doom eternal, maybe more new modes will be added inside the great game. let's see
  2. kennyc222

    Advice for new player

    i have no idea for PS4 as I play it on PC steam. But it should be fun!
  3. kennyc222

    How do you think the Sword would work in the game?

    Well, the sword is a powerful weapon and it will play a major role in Doom eternal. E3 this year will explain more about this great game. Hopefully the sword can be wielded at will!
  4. kennyc222

    How do you think the Sword would work in the game?

    It may work same as samurai sword in Shadow Warrior reboot and its sequel. As Doom Eternal allows you to use melee attack at will! Not just for gore kill!
  5. I feel relieved and happy, at least Doom Eternal is coming to Steam officially! I will definitely get the game for sure!
  6. I am looking forward to seeing more details for eternal...thanks for your hardwork for editing the wiki :)
  7. kennyc222

    is ultra nightmare any good?

    Well, Ultra Violence is enough for me as I am just a casual player. "I am too young to die" and "Hurt me plenty" are too easy for me. So Ultra Violence is enough for me. Nightmare is too hard and i will not waste my time for ultra-Nightmare. My heart will beat very fast if I play ultra nightmare. It is because I don't want to die in that mode or that's it!
  8. kennyc222

    Excited For Eternal?

    YES! I want to play it in the first place!
  9. Yes! Looking forward to it about more in-depth Doom eternal! :) I will be the first one to play it once it is out! :)
  10. kennyc222

    New Doom Eternal Footage on Google Stadia

    Yeah I noted that! Because the gameplay is so fast. I barely saw that creature mentioned above :) It may finally make it for eternal doom!
  11. kennyc222

    New Doom Eternal Footage on Google Stadia

    Wow! Very promising! Looking forward to this great game! :)