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  1. StRiKeR

    Doom Connector still around?

    Sad, I am really itching for some DOOM co-op. Anyone up for a game of co-op, zdoom?
  2. StRiKeR

    Doom Connector still around?

    ? sarcasm?
  3. StRiKeR

    Pics of a level I am making

    Yeah, there will be plenty of cacodemons on UV. I dunno about SPACEW4, I just like how it looks.
  4. StRiKeR

    Pics of a level I am making

    That's what I am doing right now is textures, and adding more detail.
  5. StRiKeR

    BloodRust Release

    Good stuff, best PWAD I have played in awhile. :-)
  6. StRiKeR

    Top 10 WADS Ever????

    What do you guys think the TOP 10 WADS ever are? Or even just one wad that holds a special place in your heart. Or a kick ass E1 style wad? They can be DOOM or DOOM2, but you can't say "doom.wad,doom2.wad,tnt.wad,or plutonia.wad" we all know these are great. So let me know! ROCK THE THREAD WITH YOUR OPINION!!!
  7. StRiKeR


    I finally figured out why in Legacy, their were textures on SideDefs, that shouldn't of been there. This problem didn't show up in ZDOOM,and when I error-checked my map in WinDEU, i got a error about a invalid texture, when there was no texture even there! Here is why: Tolwyn on another DOOM FORUM said: ==================================================================== "Using Doombuilder's search feature, look for a sidedef that has "" as a texture (null or "nothing"). Change that to "-" (dash). I've been talking to CodeImp about this behavior. This can happen if you've been (trying to) copy and paste sidedefs and/or sectors." ===================================================================== Hope this will help anyone, if you have encountered this weird nuisance as I have.
  8. StRiKeR


    I don't when it happened. It might of been when I was drawing lines, or inserting sectors? Wish I could help more.
  9. StRiKeR

    Doom Builder Bugfixing

    Don't know if this has been mentioned in this thread, but you might wanna turn this "feature" off. Caused me many headaches... http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21294
  10. StRiKeR

    Good WADS as of late?

    Haven't really been browsing the DOOMWORLD forums much. Been working on a level for DOOM 2, which is almost done. I was wondering, in your guys opinion, have there been any good WADS this year? I have played all the classics... NOTE: Would anybody be interested in composing a MIDI song for my DOOM level?
  11. StRiKeR

    Good WADS as of late?

    whats the filename of the ZDOOM DOOM2 level "Space Station Omega"? My college blocks the dam site. There's a link to it on the "10 years of DOOM" feature and I can't find it in the FTP server.
  12. StRiKeR

    Good WADS as of late?

    Funny you would mention FL. I just spent like 60 hours working on a MP3 song in Fruity Loops. It's not really DOOMISH,plus it's 4.5 MB. Can ZDOOM play MP3's? I think I am gonna concentrate more on constructing the level, rather than doing a song.
  13. StRiKeR

    Good WADS as of late?

    Wow, off-topic guys. I been to /idgames. Nothing stands out. Oh well, guess I'll go back to playing HR.
  14. StRiKeR

    A lil help needed...

    I've been working on a map called "Chaotica" in DOOM BUILDER. It's going to be a DOOM 2 map. It's about 50% done, but here is the weird thing. The only source port it plays correctly in, is ZDOOM. In Legacy, there's texture's on SideDefs' that shouldn't be. I did a texture name check in WinDeu, and just about every line had a error. It said " ||||| is not a texture". I don't what it is, it even still says this when there are NO textures on the lines, and the textures still show up in Legacy. Could it be the node builder? I'm using BSP-W32. I want my level to be compatible with alot of ports, as I'm taking advantage of any ZDOOM specific line types/sector types. NOTE:OMFG, please excuse my noobism, and move to EDITING!
  15. StRiKeR

    A lil help needed...

    yeah i think its the nodes, theres no missing textures, or wrong flags. i run legacy in software mode.
  16. It's at #vg-trivia on irc.gamesnet.com . I need about 10,000 questions. Hope you guys can help out. Email them in a text file to dzcarroll@hotmail.com . Gotta be in this format.

    The best FPS ever is*DOOM

    You gotta put a star(SHIFT+8) between the question and the answer.You don't have to use punctialization, it's automatic. Well hope you guys can help, IRC needs a good video game trivia channel.

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    2. Job


      Just search through the forum archives. You should easily find at least 60,000 different references to obscure games and it's ilk.

    3. AndrewB


      I'd be interested in knowing how the questions are verified, or if.

      <triviabot> How many secret areas are in Doom 2 MAP02?
      <ralphis> *3
      <StRiKeR> *2
      <triviabot> Sorry, the correct answer is HAHAHALOL!~!@@!!22
      <ralphis> wtf
      <ralphis> this sucks
      <StRiKeR> come on its not that bad

    4. Danarchy


      AndrewB said:



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  17. AHOY MATEYS! I been on vacation in Ethiopia, visiting a friend for the past few months. Have there been any good DOOM wads lately?

    1. Grazza


      You might want to check out Rebirth (rebirth.wad) and Real World (rw.wad). There are others, of course, such as a bunch of pretty good maps by Simo Malinen.

      idgames stuff in chronological order (most recent first)

  18. StRiKeR

    For All the HALO fans!

    With the PC version coming out soon,and HALO 2 in 2004, HALO is on a ball. I made a HALO PC website for modding. Check out the forums that has a shitload of categories, i just launched it 4 hours ago! main site halobunker.net forums gamebunker.net/halobunker/forums
  19. StRiKeR

    D64 TC, Love it or hate it?

    Well I love the TC, a faithfull conversion. So what about you guys, do you love it or hate it? Anybody gonna be making maps for this? I know I am gonna try... Can't wait for DarkNexus!
  20. StRiKeR

    DOOMWORLD Forum DB Size?

    How big is the DoomWorld forum database?
  21. StRiKeR

    DOOMWORLD Forum DB Size?

  22. StRiKeR

    No Doom 3 this year?

    Your right, Duke 4ever will kick all kinds of ass, just it will be kicking our great grand childrens ass :-P
  23. StRiKeR

    DOOMWORLD Forum DB Size?

    Compare my forum to DW's LOL puhleez. BOTH of my forums DB size is about 500kb, that is nothing. No I don't plan on doing something, I ws just curious, thats all.
  24. StRiKeR

    Looking for a Sprite Artist

    I need someone to do the enemy who you will fight on level 10. I know how I want him to look, so i'm not completely lost. If you would like to help out let me know.
  25. StRiKeR

    DOOMWORLD Forum DB Size?

    ??? I am just curious, it has to be quite large with all the post's and members.