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Status Updates posted by StRiKeR

  1. What's up guys. DoomWorld.com is still alive and well I see. Anyway I was just curious if any of the mods remember me? Most likely not, but I ran a site years back called "Doom Bunker". I did a search and found some of my old posts and threads. It's so cool to go back and read what I wrote over 5 years ago. WOW...

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    2. Craigs


      GreyGhost said:

      I think Mr.Freeze is trying to earn a custom title

      Maybe he should switch titles with me. He's earned it.

    3. Creaphis


      On the other hand, I'm starting to like that guy.

    4. GreyGhost


      Heh - it's a bit like having a puppy loose in the forums, not afraid of anything and playfully resistant to toilet training.



    1. Danarchy
    2. Ralphis


      I wish I could say this didn't suck. It would be funnier if this band had any musical talent

  3. It's at #vg-trivia on irc.gamesnet.com . I need about 10,000 questions. Hope you guys can help out. Email them in a text file to dzcarroll@hotmail.com . Gotta be in this format.

    The best FPS ever is*DOOM

    You gotta put a star(SHIFT+8) between the question and the answer.You don't have to use punctialization, it's automatic. Well hope you guys can help, IRC needs a good video game trivia channel.

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    2. Job


      Just search through the forum archives. You should easily find at least 60,000 different references to obscure games and it's ilk.

    3. AndrewB


      I'd be interested in knowing how the questions are verified, or if.

      <triviabot> How many secret areas are in Doom 2 MAP02?
      <ralphis> *3
      <StRiKeR> *2
      <triviabot> Sorry, the correct answer is HAHAHALOL!~!@@!!22
      <ralphis> wtf
      <ralphis> this sucks
      <StRiKeR> come on its not that bad

    4. Danarchy


      AndrewB said:



  4. AHOY MATEYS! I been on vacation in Ethiopia, visiting a friend for the past few months. Have there been any good DOOM wads lately?

    1. Grazza


      You might want to check out Rebirth (rebirth.wad) and Real World (rw.wad). There are others, of course, such as a bunch of pretty good maps by Simo Malinen.

      idgames stuff in chronological order (most recent first)

  5. Oh yeah, I think Cacky is so dam sexy. Very huggable indeed, and my my that big mouth. I am sure you can imagine what that could be for. Hope Cacky doesn't bite. Anybody else feel this way about the big ole sac of love,Cacky???

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    2. Grazza


      No, the words "no now go away" are in fact the wittiest put-down in the known universe. pwnage is zarcyb's.

      The idea of cacose is nothing new. There have been plenty of indecent comments about Hissy.

    3. StRiKeR
    4. Grazza
  6. There are 3 kinds of pop-ups. I can stand the normal kind that opens in a new window, but the following two make me wanna go on a killing spree.

    1)This one has to be the absolute fucking worst. You will be playing a game, and your game will minimize to show you a "messenger pop-up". You have no idea how mad this makes me, when I am playing ut2003 online. ARGH, even worse, IE won't even be open and your getting these dam things. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Windows 2000 and XP have this. Here is how to disable these fucking things, if you didn't already know:

    -Go into CONTROL PANEL
    -Go into SERVICES, not component services
    -Scroll down and open MESSENGER, the pop-up serving bastard
    -Click STOP, and then select DISABLED near STARTUP TYPE

    That's it, no more of those god dam fucken things

    2)These can induce a postal killing spree! lol. You will go to a web-page, and they come up blocking you from clicking on a link or looking at something untill they are finished. They are flash pop ups, and here is how to turn these fucking things off

    -Uninstall flash, or don't install it period, but I would rather not.
    -Use netscape, it blocks ALL pop-ups as far as I know
    -Just go into preferances>privacy>pop-ups>supress popups

    That's it,you can be free of pop-ups, untill they find another goddam way to get you with them!

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    2. SmellyOgre


      Ummm, NM this isn't working, i was playing a game and it minimizes and the pop up sais knock out pop up adds! I was about to kill someone! Will somebody please help, in fact i just got back on my comp and there were at least 15 pop up adds on my screen!!!!

    3. StRiKeR


      thats weird,did you make the startup type disabled for messenger?

    4. SmellyOgre
  7. Sorry for spamming and being a asshole. doombunker.net is back up and novashock is on hold.

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    2. AndrewB


      In my opinion, Striker reacted to the nastiness that most of us are desensitized to, and is not just another spammer or flamer. If all practicality were considered, it probably wouldn't do harm to let him back, as I doubt he'd do it again.

      The way I see it, he didn't expect the rough "texture" of the DW Forums (namely AA____TY), and is probably used to more even-handed forums and their feel, such as SHAWN2 or FLOOR4_8. There's nothing wrong with those kinds of forums, but as history shows, a certain level of roughness and crudeness has been kept in these forums, to maintain a college-party atmosphere.

      (I noticed IMJack's comment, but I also noticed that this thread wasn't closed, so I posted. Maybe threads can't be closed on this forum or something. If that's the case, oops.)

    3. Julian


      AndrewB said:
      (I noticed IMJack's comment, but I also noticed that this thread wasn't closed, so I posted. Maybe threads can't be closed on this forum or something. If that's the case, oops.)

      nm, Andy. It's the blog forum after all heh :P

    4. NiGHTMARE


      Just a word of advice. Don't make your projects for other people, make them for yourself.