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  1. scifista42 said:

    I'm not familiar with Python syntax, so I'll just describe principles.

    While loading vertexes, remember the very lowest x coordinate there is in the whole map and story it in a variable called for example "minX", same for the very highest x coordinate (maxX), and very lowest + very highest y coordinates too (minY, maxY).

    Now, assuming you want the entire map to fit onto the canvas, define a scale factor (a floating point number) like this:

    scale = min(canvasWidth/(maxX-minX),canvasHeight/(maxY-minY));
    Where "canvasWidth" and "canvasHeight" are self-explanatory, and the function "min" kind of too (it returns the lesser one of the 2 parameters passed to it).

    Now for each vertex ("v"), assuming it already has "x" and "y" properties loaded from the map's VERTEXES, compute "canvasX" and "canvasY" coordinates like this:
    v.canvasX = (v.x-minX)*scale;
    v.canvasY = (v.y-minY)*scale;
    (EDIT: Ninjaed by Linguica.)

    With what you've explained to me, the Python code makes sense now! Thanks guys!

  2. I'm working on a wad tool written in Python.Mainly to pursue my interest in the
    architecture of the WAD format. Secondly, to increase my programming skills.

    I've parsed the infotable and I am attempting to display E1M1's VERTEXES/LINEDEFS.However, I don't know how to map a point whose X and Y coords in the level are say X:-1088 Y:3060 to a screen. Whose top-left is 0,0.

    How is this mapped? Is some geometric function needed? I think I need to find the center of the map in the level to reference against the center of my canvas to map the cords?

    Thanks in advance..

  3. In your ninja edit, try changing:

    code:While(ThingCountName("Cacodemon", 666) > 0)


    code:While(ThingCountName("Cacodemon", 999) > 0)

    You were giving spawned monsters a new TID of 999, but you were counting those with TID 666.

    Script 1 is not related to Script 2, sorry for the confusion. I am spawning two enemies when the player picks up a shotgun. One right next to the player and the other one outside the room the player entered with script one. Is there a value i can put for the TID on Script 1 that tells it not to apply a TID? I don't need to assign a TID to those two enemies because I am not doing anything else with them after they spawn that would require it.

  4. I want to lower a sector from 128 to -64 when the player kills four enemies. I don't know how to put the script together to accomplish this. I'm using DB2 btw. I am somewhat familiar with scripting. I can spawn enemies to a mapspot. Any help would be appreciated.


    script 2 OPEN
       While(ThingCountName("Cacodemon", 666) > 0)
       Floor_LowerToLowest(666, 16);

  5. My computer got hit by lighting last night, even though it was plugged into a surge protector. It was a wicked storm, that lasted 4 hours. Some of the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my entire life. Anyway, I opened up the case and my motherboard, sound card, and video card are fried. I just bought the 9800 XT last week :-( So it's gonna be awhile before I can experiance the gaming bliss that is DOOM 3... Why not go buy another one, well unfortunetly, my fridge, and washer, and dryer are fried also. So.......

    So guys, if a storm comes up, unplug all expensive equipment regardless if its plugged into a surge protector or not. Better yet, cut off the main power at the freakin breaker! :-(

  6. Tyockell said:

    I dont really give a fuck when its released because right now I'm going to tell you the series of events that will happen with me.
    I have a piece of shit computer, I will not get a new computer able to run doom 3 for another century. When I do get a system to run it the game will not be available to buy anywhere in the world and will be so old that I wouldent wanna play it anyway... my conclusion fuck it.

    For $180 bucks you can play it on the XBOX when it comes out.

  7. Anybody know where I can find these textures if they exist? In the center of my level, theres 3 sections, a blue, a yellow, and a red. I'm using "bluelite" on the floor-edge to follow down the hall and would like to do the same on the other hallways.

  8. There was a study done awhile back, and it said that the human-eye can't detect anything over 75 FPS. So whether it's 75 all the time or 1000 all the time, you wouldn't know the difference. Atleast thats what the results of the study said.

  9. As you guys probably know (or don't), I am a huge Halo fan. So when the HALO PC version came out, I bought it for the sole reason being that M$, and GBX were saying "oh yeah, a few days after the release of halo, the editing tools will be released". Well Halo came out in october 2003. Here it is March, and still no editing tools. :-(

    What's this have to do with DOOM 3? Simple, god I can't wait to make levels for DOOM3. So do you guys know if the Editing tools will be on the Doom 3 CD, or released shortly after?

  10. Little Faith said:

    Hurrah for a newbie who doesn't use Geocities for image hosting. :)

    Very solid style. Be sure to use a lot of roaming cacodemons to take advantage of the wide spaces.

    ..and do you have some kind of SPACEW4-fetish?

    Yeah, there will be plenty of cacodemons on UV. I dunno about SPACEW4, I just like how it looks.