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  1. There are 3 kinds of pop-ups. I can stand the normal kind that opens in a new window, but the following two make me wanna go on a killing spree.

    1)This one has to be the absolute fucking worst. You will be playing a game, and your game will minimize to show you a "messenger pop-up". You have no idea how mad this makes me, when I am playing ut2003 online. ARGH, even worse, IE won't even be open and your getting these dam things. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Windows 2000 and XP have this. Here is how to disable these fucking things, if you didn't already know:

    -Go into CONTROL PANEL
    -Go into SERVICES, not component services
    -Scroll down and open MESSENGER, the pop-up serving bastard
    -Click STOP, and then select DISABLED near STARTUP TYPE

    That's it, no more of those god dam fucken things

    2)These can induce a postal killing spree! lol. You will go to a web-page, and they come up blocking you from clicking on a link or looking at something untill they are finished. They are flash pop ups, and here is how to turn these fucking things off

    -Uninstall flash, or don't install it period, but I would rather not.
    -Use netscape, it blocks ALL pop-ups as far as I know
    -Just go into preferances>privacy>pop-ups>supress popups

    That's it,you can be free of pop-ups, untill they find another goddam way to get you with them!

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    2. SmellyOgre


      Ummm, NM this isn't working, i was playing a game and it minimizes and the pop up sais knock out pop up adds! I was about to kill someone! Will somebody please help, in fact i just got back on my comp and there were at least 15 pop up adds on my screen!!!!

    3. StRiKeR


      thats weird,did you make the startup type disabled for messenger?

    4. SmellyOgre