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  1. It's at #vg-trivia on irc.gamesnet.com . I need about 10,000 questions. Hope you guys can help out. Email them in a text file to dzcarroll@hotmail.com . Gotta be in this format.

    The best FPS ever is*DOOM

    You gotta put a star(SHIFT+8) between the question and the answer.You don't have to use punctialization, it's automatic. Well hope you guys can help, IRC needs a good video game trivia channel.

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    2. Job


      Just search through the forum archives. You should easily find at least 60,000 different references to obscure games and it's ilk.

    3. AndrewB


      I'd be interested in knowing how the questions are verified, or if.

      <triviabot> How many secret areas are in Doom 2 MAP02?
      <ralphis> *3
      <StRiKeR> *2
      <triviabot> Sorry, the correct answer is HAHAHALOL!~!@@!!22
      <ralphis> wtf
      <ralphis> this sucks
      <StRiKeR> come on its not that bad

    4. Sharessa


      AndrewB said: