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  1. What's up guys. DoomWorld.com is still alive and well I see. Anyway I was just curious if any of the mods remember me? Most likely not, but I ran a site years back called "Doom Bunker". I did a search and found some of my old posts and threads. It's so cool to go back and read what I wrote over 5 years ago. WOW...

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    2. Craigs


      GreyGhost said:

      I think Mr.Freeze is trying to earn a custom title

      Maybe he should switch titles with me. He's earned it.

    3. Creaphis


      On the other hand, I'm starting to like that guy.

    4. GreyGhost


      Heh - it's a bit like having a puppy loose in the forums, not afraid of anything and playfully resistant to toilet training.