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Everything posted by DRMman

  1. Like the title said i played gba doom for the first time via actual hardware and it was...strange, i felt a strange yet orgasmic feeling from playing it i know no one else will share this feeling, gba doom is considered a bastard child to doom but....it feels so good for some reason i loved playing it unironically. It made me feel as good as my first time with doom in general but why?....why did it feel so good, please help me.
  2. DRMman

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing fallout 4, it's jarring to come back to after 3&NV.
  3. DRMman

    Doom II Updated

    It is sorta fishy so i'm curious about this too.
  4. DRMman

    Terry Traps in a nutshell

    At least it's not the kind that fuck up your sourceport settings and in worse case scenarios fucking your computer.
  5. DRMman

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That the chainsaw isn't totally useless.
  6. DRMman

    Why you shouldn't buy the BFG Edition

    Actually you shouldn't buy any version of doom 3 in general, bfg edition or vanillia. Plus this is basically common knowledge at this point.
  7. DRMman

    Town of Ghosts (for Doom 2)

    Not too bad but there are still some issues, startan areas that are obviously mistakes, weird out of bounds boxes and a unmarked door. RATING: 4/10
  8. DRMman

    How do people come up with map layouts?

    Whenever i want to make a layout, i do some prototype sketches of the map before adding more on to it throughout the cycle.
  9. DRMman

    If you were to add any monster in DOOM Classic.

    A reptilian-esque demon that can slap you with it's tail from a short range and a scratch attack when you get too close and personal. Or another plasma based enemy.
  10. DRMman

    And the Dead Shall Rise

    Pretty tasty in terms of wads being food, but that's not the point, the true point is that this map is pretty good even better then hell beneath in general. Now onto some of the basics: the map design and geometry is good the pentagram was a welcome sight with the familiar eye-raping red color, it isn't too challenging on ultra violence so in general it's a good map. Rating: 10/10 Stats: 100% kills - 2/2 secrets found - 100% items
  11. DRMman

    I need some help for making a megawad

    @Thepadmaster51 That's good i just like helping folks with maps from time to time, i try to be constructive with my criticism.
  12. DRMman

    I need some help for making a megawad

    Okay it's time for a review, first off the map starts off in a really shit way 4 shotgunners gang-fuck you the minute you spawn in, the super shotgun is given WAY too early and the health vials are useless plus playing on UV is a death sentence there are several texture issues which angers me. The ceiling texture choice is vomit-inducing the geometry and design is terrible and the key cards are pitifully easy to snag, i understand that this is your first map but you really have a TON to learn about map creation. RATING:1/10
  13. DRMman

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    My worst idea ever.
  14. Okay before i get lynchmobbed i'll explain myself, i don't like it i seriously dislike the same looking areas just with some new textures. The enemy counts are horrendous, especially THAT part in metropolis then the ending part of it, oh and don't forget the marsh-hopper trap in oasis. Now i can get behind arena shooters but holy fuck some moments are painkiller shit worthy for instance, the alley of the kleers, the music also gets very annoying very fast. The laser-gun sound effect sucks. The level design gets repetitive VERY repetitive to the point where i want to vomit and don't even get me started on the totally not predictable "secrets", they are beyond easy to find. No power-ups/no actual engaging items. Shitty fetch quests/running down long ass corridors(TSE also suffers from this) In general and IN MY OPINION i detest this game i'd rather play the second encounter but even that game suffers from some of the same shit.
  15. Well if i'm gonna post to this again, i like the second encounter more then the first.
  16. DRMman

    Do you ever play Doom on I'm too young to die?

    No, i'm not a scrub, like a sane person i started on HMP.
  17. Pretty much missed the point fine sir, it's my opinion so get that psycho-analyze shit outta here you don't know me.
  18. I actually like mouselook, the one that let's me aim where ever i like. Come at me purists.
  19. DRMman

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Half life 2 was just a overglorified tech-demo.
  20. DRMman

    Do you own a firearm?

    I don't own one in particular i would like to due to the rather dangerous wildlife that live near me.
  21. DRMman

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    When the archeologist shoves the statue down his throat.
  22. DRMman

    April Fool's Wad: Ram Ranch

    I speedunned this shit and i have some words, 1. there is a lack of ammo which makes completing this impossible i know its a april 1st joke but still. 2. the lack of weapons you don't think i like the rocket launcher. Overall good joke but shit wad.
  23. Just slayer, perfection.