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  1. incel

    Doom Sprite History

    I think it's quite possible that it's based upon this fasci-hanging. At least the left one. And the right one is probably has it's roots in another war-time photograph too. It looks like the corpse was originally lying on the ground.
  2. Am I right to think that the "melting" effect at the end of the stages is somehow connected to this?
  3. Whoa. TIL. It's like completely backwards than you'd think. So it is drawing this weird shape then.
  4. Can you elaborate for the former humans? As I presume, the drawable area is probably a rectangle (not very different from the reduced screens in full game, it's even proportional to the overall image dimensions), though it'd be cool if the machine could shave some of it off.
  5. It was so cool. I thought, maybe it's because of mini-map, but it works well in alpha (maybe it hindered the performance? I dunno). And even though it takes a lot of a screen space, isn't it a good thing to mask possibly smaller area to render? Colors might be a questionable part, but nothing you can't fix or even add an option to change them, like in Pip Boy. BTW, did anyone ask devs about the sandwich pickup xD? If hand and heart were ment to be keys, does it mean that sandwich is probably a key too ? xD
  6. incel

    Do you speak Spanish?

    Ay señor, evil bandidos have raided our village. Cabron, fiesta, helada. That's all I got.
  7. incel

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just read on some derelict site that Doomguy's design was probably inspired by Copperhead (?)
  8. incel

    Is Doom Marine, Doom Slayer?

    I don't think they are the same. Doom Guy had an established (though pretty short) backstory about him being an ordinary marine, who got exiled, due to his crime of not following the orders. Doom Slayer is like a god-tier-being with lengthy scrolls of mythos and legacy attached, I only dipped my toe into, in fear of drowning in this epic stuff.
  9. incel

    Let's talk about the Glory Kill mechanic

    I don't see Dooslayer as a melee guy, sure he likes to be close and personal, but, again, as I think, he should stick to his guns and let the player show his mastery by creatively using them. I haven't played Doom for a while and can't quite remember, but I'd liked to see weapons made more versatile, like in Unreal Tournament or Resistance, for example. Maybe it's redundant and stupid, but I'd loved to be able to triplejump with shotgun, like in TF2 or have rocketlauncher and grenadelauncher combined in one weapon. Melee – maybe a simple shove and that's enough.
  10. incel

    Let's talk about the Glory Kill mechanic

    I don't think that overcomplicating the system is a way to go, I'm hazy about upgrades you collect, since they change weapons so much (though I like that they give you additional stuff to do with this extra objectives). I certanly don't want more abilities, I like my killing in DOOM simple, simple like a blow with a hammer. The complexicity should come from the monsters, like them having vulnerable openings or weak points, specific behavior. Glory kill mechanic was the only thing that left from the original "Call of Doom" project. I think it says something.
  11. I remember Ghostbusters being often advised, but it's not finished, as far as I recall.
  12. incel

    Let's talk about the Glory Kill mechanic

    I think that glory kill mechanic is genius, it forces you to seek the fight. When you are low on health, you do not retreat, you advance. It creates the unique dynamic that forces you to become a real slayer. It also adds an element of tactics with stunning and getting prioritized targets first. I thought that it'd be a one trick pony and I get bored with glory kills really fast, but nope – they keep pumping me up for the entire game. I don't think berserk powerup suffers, because of it. Glory Kill is a taste sample and Berserk powerup is a full-time trip.