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Everything posted by incel

  1. incel

    Does no one get excited for movies anymore?

    I'm excited for the upcoming MK.
  2. incel

    Thoughts of Energy Drinks?

    Some ppl can't live without them. To be honest, I don't feel noticeable energy surge, nothing I can't chant myself into, plus I'm kinda scared for my brittle body (not as unstoppable as I used to be). I'd rather drink extra strong green tea (sugar-free, of course). Yes, this stuff I drink endlessly. --- After reading the thread. Wowzers. When I typed "some ppl can't live without them" I meant people, who work really long hours, they start their day with it ('cause they had little to no sleep) and then keep themselves sane with cigarettes. Can't imagine someone drinking it leisurely :-/. I consider it an emergency drug, not a food category.
  3. incel

    Sony CEO makes awesome take on old video games.

    If I'm not mistaken, he said it, like, 4 years ago.
  4. incel

    Your opinion on Serious Sam franchise.

    They actually did pretty well by giving basic grunts slow projectile attack. Frogs I hate dearly (like a q1-blob, but there's always millions of them). And scorpions are total BS, they are like giant chaingunners, always blocking you from moving, when stopping is a sure death, since you barely manage to outran anything.
  5. incel

    Your opinion on Serious Sam franchise.

    Yeah, the game has an enormous amount of F U moments.
  6. I think three games impressed me the most: Max Payne blew me away with it's realism (hi-res photo textures). Serious Sam offered some eye candy (fog, mirrors, flares). Arkham Asylum - first game to look like a cg cut scene.
  7. incel

    Your opinion on Serious Sam franchise.

    I think I should up this topic, since Sam's birthday is within a shotgun blast. Very nice of them was to pack it with level editor. Overall a tragic tale of the series in which nothing can capture the magic of the 1st one. Is it necessary to be an indie garage dev to make great games?
  8. incel

    What does Doomguy have in his pockets?

    Half eaten sandwich.
  9. incel

    What is the worst map you can create?

    The one you can't finish.
  10. Subj. What about "quality of life" (and death) ones ? Does it have an edge over the original in any aspects ?
  11. Well, duh. I'm interested in the technical element. Or other subtle stuff. Taking into consideration that it's Carmack's child, there must be some changes...
  12. incel

    Are Secrets Really Necessary

    They are integral part of the experience.
  13. incel

    WTF Is This Half Life Texture

    It screams "photo" to me. Just look at the hair and color. Might be photoshopped.
  14. Oh, c'mon, you can always rely on the Buccaneers' Cove.
  15. I'm such a nutcase, I have most of the paperbacks in the original, plus translated editions I read to laugh at the mistakes. For marathons I'm using an old e-book. That's like the only books I read twice or thrice, I usually skip 'em. Top notch stuff. That's the one of the few fantasy I can stomach, probably, because it's written by the guy, who hated fantasy ))). Died too soon. Watching his style deteriorate, was a real pain and really a cruel joke of the universe. One thing I'm sore about is that I skipped the authograph session he had, because the line was too long (I thought there'd be another chance). Like, wtf, old me? -[UPD]- If anybody wants to try his Discworld books, but don't want to start from the time he was finding his footing, his 25th through 35th is a pinacle of his work, IMHO.
  16. I'm re-reading Pratchett mostly. Like in circles (can't say for sure how many times I read each book, it's in tens, at least). Sprinkle with some old detectives sometimes.
  17. I'll start to thank Christ in some of my works too.
  18. incel

    What did you guys get for christmas?

    Well, I bought myself some skaven, some cool t-shirts, some imported green tea with hieroglyphs and stuff.
  19. incel

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Well, a year or two ago I played a lot of Quake too. Kinda burned out now. Dusk is good. Half-Life has an array of cool mods. To be honest, I'm not that hard into the shooters. Except for the few that built the genre.
  20. incel

    What happened to Scotland?

    Ah, Caledonia... I learned this word a week ago and really want to brag about it.
  21. incel

    Unexplored Themes?

    Kremlin. You've cleansed Red Planet. Now it's time to cleanse Red Square. Make it redder.
  22. The truth is the game was rigged from the start.
  23. incel

    Photos of Doom Clay Models

    Didn't find a thread dedicated to this subject. Gregor Punchatz posted never previously uploaded shot of archvile. I think, it's pretty cool.
  24. incel

    Photos of Doom Clay Models

    Gregor posted some cool new photos lately. Part man, part machine, all mastermind.