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    Star Nebula Skybox High Resolution Texture (1024x1024)

    Protip: You can do a reverse lookup via Google Images. It's actually from DeviantArt, file name fractal_space_5_by_fi3ur-db9yqiy so the author is fi3ur. Credit me however you want if at all, it doesn't matter. Also, on some recent maps I played it looks stretched vertically, so some maps must use a skybox with taller heights than usual.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/QNSRUHy This took so long to make...and it still has creases. It looks great and plays great on all maps, so I doubt I'm going to spend 3 more hours just to make it perfect. I was shocked that I couldn't find a starry skyfield that was reasonably high-resolution, so I resorted to GIMP and spent most of the day blending images. If anyone knows how to deselect in GIMP, that would be so extremely great to know. I think the resolution could be twice as big but I couldn't find any space pictures with such high resolution and quality! The files are named like so: W = West N = North E = East T = Top B = Bottom