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  1. I usually respond with I'm doing much more serious endeavors. (heh) http://www.tolwyn.com/files/download-info/strange-brew-bob-and-doug/
  2. Tolwyn

    How'd you get into Doom, anyway?

    I don't work in general midi anymore. But I still mess around with music in my studio.
  3. Tolwyn

    How'd you get into Doom, anyway?

    Look at that. Registered June 2000. Holy shit.
  4. Tolwyn

    How'd you get into Doom, anyway?

    I had just graduated from college and was visiting my High School Band Director (still a great friend). 1993 I believe. Shareware version. I was... mezmorized. Only other game I had played was Star Wars X-Wing and a little bit of Wolfenstein. He and I played through hours and hours and hours of Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Quake, Quake2, etc. etc. Even installed a second phone line. I was a master at sersetup (if you know, you know). I'm old as fuck now. Over 50. Yikes.
  5. i wonder what happened to this guy did he just left the doom scene after 18 years?

    1. Catpho


      Tolwyn is indeed quiet these days, but did collab with a Kelm and Doyle to reimagine the Requiem soundtrack in 2018.

  6. Tolwyn

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    Doyle is planning on it.
  7. Tolwyn

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    Umm. Doom Shareware. The original.
  8. Tolwyn

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    The soundtrack is released as-is in mp3 format. We all know and understand that there are other formats (ogg, etc.) that are used by certain source-ports. This soundtrack is meant to stand "on its own." That being said, we are COMPLETELY 100% fine with the community transcoding this into whatever format that is needed and packaging it up in a Wad, Pak, or PK3 (zip) format that can be used by any number of the awesome source-ports out there. The ONLY thing we ask is that you credit us in a text file and point to the site (http://www.tolwyn.com/requiem-reimagined/) which is one of our "perma-links."
  9. Tolwyn

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    So, we accomplished just over 1/2 second per day since November of 2016. Wow. Ok.
  10. Tolwyn

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    I was looking forward to this, too! It's been a lot of work! 2 hours of music... you wouldn't think it would take.. this... long... 🙂
  11. Tolwyn

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    No worries, sir. We hope you like the updated stuff. 🙂 (GET "OFF THE STAGE!*)
  12. Tolwyn

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    You win! Good lord. I've updated the download. The best laid plans always end in me screwing up the zip file. Just delete the OLDER version. Keep the one that we just mixed down 1 hour ago. (May 10.).
  13. The Requiem Reimagined project is now complete and available for download. Direct Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18JfcPu5E3gZkPQzFXsn6jpPMT1PEWSV9/view?usp=sharing Original post is here. The custom soundtrack was composed by Mark Klem, David “Tolwyn” Shaw, and Jeremy Doyle. Now, just over 20 years later, the same musicians want to bring you a fresh take on that soundtrack and we hope you enjoy it. Requiem was an add-on (“megawad”) released in 1997 for the immensly popular first person shooter game Doom2 by id Software. It contained 32 new levels, uploaded to the idgames archive on July 4, 1997. Several of its designers previously worked on Memento Mori and Memento Mori II. It is famous for popularizing architectural tricks that are used even today, including the faked 3D bridges originally introduced by Dystopia 3. It is also one of the few PWADs that are allowed to be used in Compet-n speed-runs.
  14. Yes, but he's a wonderful person from the UK that doesn't understand that TUESDAY IS THE RELEASE DAY IN THE US!!! But seriously, we really need to sign off on the nitty-gritty (spelling errors, id3 tag errors, etc.). You are off the hook.