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  1. Figured now that I'm finally getting back to doing more and more music, I thought I'd share a picture I just took of the man lair.

    This is where the magic happens, folks.

    The Man Lair

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Well hey i was considerate and gave your kid a gender neutral pronoun.

      Cause you know, girls just happen sometimes.

    3. Xeros612


      Technician said:

      Yeah, let him play CoD and hide him from the human body.

      Because the very mild level of violence in CoD is more bad for a child to see than playboy-style pictures. Good lord.

      On topic:
      Not bad, some pretty good stuff you've got there. Some obviously outdated tech, but if it ain't broken don't fix it. Really liking the lego collection there, and I guess before too long that "Old Man" comic will be appropriately titled for the user of the room. :)

    4. Ed


      Nice rig man.

      Sure do love that Alesis gear, eh? I used to have that same exact board. I'd input my synth rack into my Firestudio project and send the outputs through the inserts on the Mackie and back to the interface just so I could do my actual mixes on a real Mackie board.. too bad they went to China, haven't been the same since :(