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  1. Just when you thought the young kids were taking over... Tolwyn, Klem, and Jeremy Doyle are just a few weeks away from releasing... Requiem Re-imagined (The Soundtrack). The soundtrack to 1997's Doom2 Megawad Requiem has been re-written, professionally recorded, and re-imagined. Just over twenty years later (think about that just for a few moments), the original musicians have reunited to re-record each song in a new album due out Spring 2018... As a teaser, here is Map 1. Rhythm of Carnage written by Tolwyn. Jeremy Doyle is featured on guitars. If you are interested in reviewing the album once it is released, please don't hesitate to contact me (tolwyn at tolwyn dot com). Mirrors:
  2. Avalanche by Mark Klem. One of my favorite songs by him. No idea on Sector 666.
  3. Oh wow. The Helix... Hahaha. Well... it's the last track we're working on at the moment (and I mean that LITERALLY at this very moment). And it is the most changed (this is a "re-imagined" version ). So... I do hope you like it. There's probably an interview in here somewhere (hello, Doomradio...) but Helix was (is) the hardest song I had to do in this project. Oh, and there's a section that you will either smile and nod or you will hate. I wonder which you will do.
  4. You know, I gave this a lot of thought even when we FIRST started this project. From FLAC to OGG to MP3 (never AAC, sorry) and we decided to release it first in the MP3 format (no one is stopping you from trans-coding it). And I do appreciate the fact that OGG is a format that is supported very well in the Port community and I personally know that FLAC is a great, well-respected lossless format (I have many albums remastered and encoded as FLAC for space purposes). We wanted a format that had a high-level of support for listening to outside of the game as a priority. In car stereos that support MP3, Personal players, Portable devices, home stereo systems, et al. MP3 comes out ahead for portability and accessibility. We're not against other formats, but 320kbps, 44.1Khz 16bit (dithered from 24bit) MP3 is the release format we're going with for distribution. We of course have the master files at 48Khz or 99Khz, 24 bit, etc. For other possible purposes. Trans-coding to OGG is very easy and we're comfortable with the bit rate and fidelity that we're releasing it in. We're not at all against any format, but we did, in the end, have to come to a consensus.
  5. If anyone knows how to bump this to the news queue, I'd appreciate it.
  6. @JDoyle has uploaded some stuff running the midis through a Roland SC. And I have ALL of Mark's original MIDIs (at least as far as I know). Maybe we should go that route.
  7. Ok. Mark doesn't. I dunno on this one. The CD was burned by transcoding whatever he uploaded to; if that was 128kbps stereo mp3, then that's about as good as it gets. So, if I farted in a can and recorded it at 8bit, 64kbps mono, the would have transcoded that into 44.1Hz, 16bit, stereo, but it will still sound like shit... (er... fart). If it were me, I'd just do what you've done. Rip to FLAC or back to MP3 as you've done with tracks 1-16. FLAC is your better bet as re-encoding them in a lossy format... you're going to lose some detail. I understand track 16 might be a loss and you have to just have it mp3...
  8. I have the download. What am I looking for? The ISO image is damaged, that's all I can tell you. I have the CD Audio rip and cd Data; be great if you could rip the CD into PCM Audio (16bit, 44.1Khz). Have you tried poweriso to image the CD? But here's the rub. If Mark uploaded these to in 128kbps; that's the best you're going to get even from the CD; as it would have been transcoded from MP3 into PCM and then to CD (orangebook). @markklem do you have the original PCM wav files from this?
  9. Oh yeah, we embarassingly did that in like 1999 or something. Mp3 would "burn" a CD for you if anyone bought it. I have it around somewhere, but I wouldn't pollute your ears listening to it! Use Audiograbber or CDEX to rip the CD into WAV. Then use WinLame or zip it up and send to me through Google Drive and I can encode into FLAC. Orange Book format is simply re-encoded PCM wavforms. CDEX or Audiograbber will rip it into WAV. Oh. I'm getting the torrent, now.
  10. Just a little teaser for those that actually look at my feed (I didn't know until 30 seconds ago that I *had* a feed?)


    ETA... before the end of 2017.


    1. Memfis


      Yes, yes, yes!

    2. Tolwyn


      Check the forums. New, final version (full song) released. Pass it on!


  11. Not midi, and already sent the news release. Doomworld has changed a bit, so I never know where to send what.
  12. As FATE would have it... I just sent in a news article for Doomworld and did a search only to figure out what forum to post it in. Guys... There's a big music project in the works from: Tolwyn, Klem, Doyle (with help of some friends, JD Herrera, and some help in a fun way from Jimmy and his brother)... Here's the press release I just sent to Doomworld: The Souls of the Dead Sing again... Requiem, a Doom II "Megawad" was released on Independence day (July 4th) of 1997. It was a huge success in the Doom community that featured many of the same designers that worked on Memento Mori and Memento Mori II. The soundtrack that was composed for the project was also unique; it brought together three great Doom Community composers: Mark Klem, Jeremy Doyle, and David "Tolwyn" Shaw. Now, twenty years later, the same three composers have come together to re-record, re-release, and re-imagine the soundtrack song by song to give you the Requiem soundtrack like you've never heard it before. Klem, Doyle, and Tolwyn have re-entered their studios to develop a fresh take on the soundtrack that accompanied Requiem. With a few surprises and a few special guests, a November or December release is scheduled. You've heard the re-mixes, you've listened to the many soundtracks on Youtube. Now it's time to bring the original composers together to do it THEIR way. Stay tuned as they bring you the (no) reward winning soundtrack... Requiem... Reimagined. All songs re-imagined. New bonus material to be released.
  13. I created the page on my site. The Doomworld one got wiped out.
  14. Thumbs way up.
  15. Sigh. DB is down again: is the direct link. A song I originally started to write in 2013 after going to a Five Finger Death Punch concert. I found their songs good, but they were pretentiously overly-angry for no reason and exhibited an attitude that just didn't resonate with me. So, I just made... this. 3 years later, I listened to it again, shared a "quick mix" with Klem and Jimmy, and decided it was worth it to master it and release it. Let me know what you think. (This is not available as a MIDI file).
  16. Memento Mori 1, Map 15. "Karmacoma" Especially in COOP mode. I don't know why, it's just my favorite. Also, favorite way to a secret level. ;)
  17. Easy. Short, with no more than 2 secrets, one OBVIOUS. Introduction to 1 or 2 enemy types. Access to one or two "updated" weapons. Introduce a switch mecahnism so you know how they "work" moving forward. Expel about 40% of the avialable ammo in the level (or conversely, be left with 60% of the available ammo) Access to only ONE of powerup (armor) And that's it.
  18. Ok. I've looked around and maybe I'm stuck, or missing a syntax. I'm creating one large PWAD made from many other PWADs. Changing the Map markers so they all play sequentially. Some of the PWADS have custom skies. And I've allowed for that in the P_START/P_END lumps, the Texture1 Lump, etc. But when they are skies... Is there a way for PRBOOM-PLUS, to specify a custom sky name (not sky1, sky2, sky3) for the particular map? e.g. Map01 = default sky Map02 = star field sky etc? If not, that's fine, I just figured there must be a way. I've tried WADINFO lump, GLDEFS, etc. And I probably am missing something.
  19. PRBOOM, folks... PRBOOM.
  20. So, I have the compatibility set to "current" (17?) and enabled vertical aiming, etc. Without recording a demo, I can shoot where I aim via mouselook. The moment I start recording a demo, I'm shooting straight ahead, regardless of where I aim. Am I missing a setting somewhere? default_compatibility_level 17 demo_insurance 2 demo_smoothturns 1 demo_smoothturnsfactor 6 demo_extendedformat 1 comperr_freeaim 1 Thanks for the help. ;)
  21. Got it. No worries. Totally cool with the command line. doom2.exe -file d2pwads\awesome\mywad.wad -playdemo mydemo Works just fine. ;)
  22. Ah. That might be the issue. My PWADS are in different folders. But I looked at the CFG file. There is no such $doomwaddir variable. Where is this, where is it documented? how is it set? glboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -skill 3 -warp 01 -file d2pwads\master\attack.wad -record t_attack So, when I do: glboom-plus.exe -playdemo t_attack Obviously, that won't work, I take it.
  23. Can someone help me out with this a little bit more? I use extended format, but when I play back a demo, say, with a PWAD, it doesn't automatically load the pwad, etc. ?
  24. Went out to the garage and confirmed I still had my copy. Time to have some fun...