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  1. i've been feeling fine for the last couple of days, but since yesterday at work, because of work, i feel so bad that i want to die. I'm feeling really, really shit. Its painful. I wish i went to heaven :(

    What am i supposed to do?!?!?!

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      It's not meant to be interpreted.

      The kid is a selfproclaimed outcast, fighting his way through a world that he thinks is against him. Ignore the fact he has more money than everyone on this messageboard combined probably. He is a tortured soul, a vampire trapped in a world of mortals. That's why he feels like he must listen to Linkin Park.

      BTW, don't go to Washingtun Park, it's in a shit neighborhood.

    3. SYS


      That kid looks frighteningly enough like a young Jeffery Dahmer. Watched an A&E special on him yesterday. I've watched stuff on serial killers before, but this was almost traumatizing to watch. He played around with animal corpses as a child, had supressed twisted fantasies and sexual desires for men who were unconcious.

      He became an alcoholic when he started highschool, never had any friends, acted like an idiot. Then after highschool he started killing. He'd kill his victims,(all of which were men) have sex with them, and then mutilate them and eventually, he started eating them. A few of his victims he tried to turn into zombies. They'd still be alive as he'd drill a hole into their head and pour sulphuric acid into their brain. He'd preserve their skulls and genitals.

      When the police searched his apartment they found his freezer full of legs and arms, his fridge full of skulls, and this vat of acid which had torso's in it. An attempt was made on his life while he was in prison and he was stabbed numerous times, and survived. Then finally some irate dude managed to bludgeon the fucker to death.

    4. Quast


      Thank you Wisconsin.