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  1. i want to make an animated movie thingy. I've done some animation tests and i say i can do this. it'll just take a long damn time.

    i have no idea what its going to be about, or what i want to express, if anything.

    its just that sometimes i say im going to do these things then punk out either just before i commence doing it or have just started. But not this time! noooo way! not this time nooo nono noo way noooo nooononoooooo no nooo way.


    1. DooMBoy


      Go ahead and do it, I dare you. Or are you gonna go back on your word and wuss out...like all those other times?

    2. Foofoo


      yeah probably. shitshitshitshitshit.
      ahh well. there'll be other lifetimes!