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  1. whilst waiting for my computer to defragment my C drive i played trivial pursuit by myself :(

    blue pie won! :D

    for some weird reason i got sport and leisure questions the most correct :S

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Ralphis said:

      I often play with myself.

    3. Piezo


      I liked the Windows 98 defrag screen better since it was more informative, and watching the pieces move around for a long time sure did help me doze off. I don't like the Windows XP disk defragmenter because if you analyze the hard drive to see if it needs to be defragged it'll analyze it again if you decide to defragment it.

    4. Foofoo


      Janderson said:

      Also, I have no friends in my area.

      make friends with trivial pursuit! :D :(