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  1. it was 3am and i wasnt tired so i started making my own wargame.

    i got paper, drew up a grid (much easier than hexagons) and made little cut out soldiers that stand up. it looks so awesome :( its beautiful. i then drew up the rules and made a table showing what happens on certain dice rolls, as two dice are used.

    its not finished though. i just made infantry, archer and calvalry units for the Roundheads (the side with the stickfigure soldiers that have round heads) i still have to make the units for the Triheads (the side with triangle headed stick figure soldiers) and then maybe make elite infantry or elite calvary units.

    but i tell you the whole thing is awesome. i'll probably take pictures of the whole set up when im done.

    then i can start work on getting a job and possibly a life! :o

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    2. Planky


      Gokuma said:

      When you make a topic like this I tend to expect something like you went to a lesbian birthday sleepover party.

      I had the same impression when I saw the title.

      The closest I got to making board games was doing a paper version of Battleships.

    3. Sharessa


      You know, that's what the gamer world really needs: a paper-based wargame. For those of us who are poor or don't have the spending habits of a crack addict, something like this would be really fun. Fuck you, Games Workshop! Fuck you in your stupid asses!

      Sadly, the only game remotely like this is that one pirate ship game, which looks kind of fun but I've never had the chance to try it.

      Numbermind said:

      Awesome. Who else is in the Dorks Making Homemade Board Games Club?

      Well there was one time in Algebra that me and my friend Stacy drew a board game up for no reason and played it with our friend Jesse. All I can remember is that it was really simple and retarded and that it sparked this odd conversation where I jokingly called Stacy a skank and Jesse was like "what's a skank?" and me and Stacy laughed at him.

      Man, I wonder where these people are now?

    4. KwadDamyj


      I think that once I made those weird Zelda papergames too. I also once tried to make a Warhammer-esque tabletop game made out of printouts of the unit icons from the Game Boy Color game Warlocked. A former friend of mine made a wargame involving Little Green Army Men, as well as Lego Battlebots.

      Oh, and I decided after futily trying to get into Warhammer 40k that Games Workshop is an evil, price-jacking bitch. Except for the Lord of the Rings game. The miniatures for that are actually affordable.