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  1. it was 3am and i wasnt tired so i started making my own wargame.

    i got paper, drew up a grid (much easier than hexagons) and made little cut out soldiers that stand up. it looks so awesome :( its beautiful. i then drew up the rules and made a table showing what happens on certain dice rolls, as two dice are used.

    its not finished though. i just made infantry, archer and calvalry units for the Roundheads (the side with the stickfigure soldiers that have round heads) i still have to make the units for the Triheads (the side with triangle headed stick figure soldiers) and then maybe make elite infantry or elite calvary units.

    but i tell you the whole thing is awesome. i'll probably take pictures of the whole set up when im done.

    then i can start work on getting a job and possibly a life! :o

    1. Bucket


      Heh, I used to make Zelda-type games on graph paper.

    2. Fredrik


      Numbermind said:

      Heh, I used to make Zelda-type games on graph paper.

      Me too.

    3. Bucket


      Awesome. Who else is in the Dorks Making Homemade Board Games Club?

      Another thing I used to do was make a sort of pinball-like thing out of a shoebox. I can't remember how the hell I came up with the idea; it just popped in my head one day.

      1) Take a shoebox with a lid. Take the lid off, and stand the box on the small end. Now it's standing like this: [

      2) Take the lid and cut the top into long strips about 3cm wide. Bend them in half lengthwise, so they look like L-beams. Bend them in half AGAIN widthwise, away from the groove, so you have a V shape with the groove outside.

      3) Tape or glue these V shapes into the shoebox standing on their long sides. It'll look like a mouth with sharp teeth.

      | <|
      |> |
      | <| etc.

      4) With the shoebox stood up, cut a hole so a ball can fall through the top and fall onto the top ramp.

      5) Get a small marble-- or if you don't have any round objects, roll up a ball of glue in your hands till you get this gummy wad.

      6) Spend hours upon hours watching a ball clunk back and forth down your shoebox. Ignore any sinking feeling that you've wasted a whole afternoon.

      Yeah, that's what I thought up when I was a kid.

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