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  1. o<#8-(

    i dont sleep well for no reason.

    but i accuse you all anyway.

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    2. Ichor


      Man: "Hey, that little boy is playing three games at once!"
      Opponent 1: "Checkmate."
      Opponent 2: "Checkmate."
      Opponent 3: "Checkmate."
      Bart: "Dang..."

    3. Grazza


      Janderson said:

      Yea but did you win any of them? :-P

      A few. 431 wins, 25 draws, and 54 losses, against opponents with an average Elo rating (or equivalent) of about 1850.

      They were consecutive games, not simultaneous. Simuls in general aren't difficult, but one of this scale would have been logistically awkward.

      BTW, the rules allow for five minutes' break each hour, and these can be accumulated, so I could take a few very short naps during the 72 hours.

    4. spank


      My longest sleep-deprived time is 2.5 hours.