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  1. *carves in yet another notch*

    *murders penguins to cheer myself up a little*

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Grazza said:

      It's cleared now, thankfully. We don't get that sort of thing too often round here (at least not for prolonged periods). I remember it being quite common around this time of year in the part of Denmark I lived in some years back.

      Ah cool. :D It makes everything look like a game with bad graphics and all. :D The fog like devours everything after a few metres ahead. It's pretty cool to see something disappear or appear out of nowhere. :D

    3. Foofoo


      *caps off my weekend happiness by downloading the newest version of doom builder*
      *installs it*
      *trys it*
      *fucker doesnt work :(*

      shit. back to square one with the emotions then. o<#:-(

    4. Grazza


      Bah, you guys even get the weekend before the rest of us, and you still complain. :P