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  1. ok.

    so i came across this job ad titled 'game designer'. and so i checks it out. surprisingly, they're not asking for much. it says this at one point:

    "MUST show that you have experience in PC Game Design and development such as modifications,custom levels, replacement models, improved sound, etc"

    ok this is going to sound lame but.... do you think Doom mods would count?? :( i've done a few of em in my time.

    they have all different types of positions available. one is being the dude who makes sounds. now, i wouldnt think making sounds for doom would be that different to making sounds for any other game mod. or am i wrong?

    anyway do you think i'd have a chance in shit in getting into it? :( i'm thinking 'no', but i spose theres a possibility. maybe?

    ehh :(

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    2. Use


      It's their loss if they don't give you a chance imo.

    3. Foofoo


      well the dudey guy probly couldnt get through cause im on the damn net all the time but ehhh whatevfdfaweawfaddssfff im tiresd

    4. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Linguica said:

      I was thinking of applying for this job as a scripter at this game company and using http://www.doomworld.com/linguica/gravgun.avi as an example of my experience. Maybe I should...

      Also did you mention that you were Doomworld's 2004 mapmaker of the year????

      Holy shit Ling!

      /me droolz