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  1. nWADDEN

    THE MEAN GREEN - 3 levels for Doom II / Boom

    Great map pack, the only problem is the absurd amount of enemies, usually in a sector that would be fine with much less of them
  2. nWADDEN

    Editing Drops from Enemis

    How do I make it that an already existing Doom-monster drops something different? ex. Sergeant drops shells instead of Shotgun Using SLADE 3 by the way
  3. Just wondering if anyone out there is playing on "I'm Too Young To Die" or "Hey, Not Too Rough"
  4. nWADDEN

    Editing Drops from Enemis

  5. I always thought it would transform into some kind of goo that would enter your bloodstream and make your veins glow for a few seconds and eventually fade out
  6. Whenever you equip the chainsaw in vanilla Doom whenever you move the weapon bob animation lags. Why?
  7. nWADDEN

    throwable shotgun (DEHACKED)

    well i meant the shotgun version since you gotta cock it before it fires a rocket
  8. nWADDEN

    throwable shotgun (DEHACKED)

    not very useful when enemies can dodge it lol
  9. You can use internet-multiplayer based source ports that have compatibility with LAN (ZDaemon, Doomseeker) For the maps, you can look in the /levels/doom2/deathmatch section in /idgames.
  10. nWADDEN

    Games using DOOM mods

    You probably heard of this but Grezzo 2 has it's own EXE.
  11. Nice map! Also there are too many screenshots, it takes an eternity for me to scroll up! (and down)
  12. nWADDEN

    Quake 1.5

    Looks good. I'd play it if I had Quake.
  13. nWADDEN

    Random facts thread

    you can turn brown eyes into blue using surgery cause brown eyes are blue underneath
  14. nWADDEN

    When I am recalling my childhood ;)

    Don't know why, but I only played Mario games and Donkey Kong Country. Mario 3 is the one I remember the most. Beaten it with my mom. Fun times
  15. nWADDEN

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack Beta version 0.5

    This shit is THE shit.
  16. nWADDEN

    Super Doom Brothers 1.4

    It's not good. The Heretic crossbow's (slot 2) sound doesn't seem to be heard when it's fired, the axes (slot 8) seem to have the same issue (if there was even any sound intended there to begin with). Most of the time it just doesn't feel like you're playing a Mario game/mod, just some random add-on with added projectiles/sprites to weapons. When I'm playing as red Toad it seems that the monsters' actors have added health or the Doom 64 shotgun sucks in terms of damage. And as stated before, you jump wayy too high. Dead Simple only took like 6 seconds to complete because of this, even on the hardest difficulty setting.
  17. nWADDEN

    "Lake of Fireblu" | my first release

    There's like 9000 Cacodemons in this level
  18. nWADDEN

    Mixed Reality Doom with Wadloader

    Seems pretty cool!
  19. I'd say megawad first if you're really feeling like it.
  20. nWADDEN

    Simple Face Change

    I believe you can do this by creating new player classes.
  21. nWADDEN

    Doom editors...

    Well, there's nothing exactly replicating the style of Hammer but most map creators are also grid-based and do have a visual mode however you can only view the 2D view from top down.
  22. nWADDEN

    Emojis in skill names

    Well, you can edit the graphic for that difficulty setting to include the emoji since I'm pretty sure you can't include emojis any other way than that. For editing I recommend GIMP or paint.net.
  23. nWADDEN

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    It's pretty cool. I played a few maps of it and it was fun.
  24. nWADDEN

    Been away from mapping for 14 years; finally made something

    It's pretty good! It's a lot better than something that I can make (and let me tell you, I suck at mapping!). Some doors' DOORTRAK textures aren't lower unpegged which kind of mildly infuriating (i might have OCD, I don't know). I only found one secret though. And by the time I got to the exit, there were still like 20 monsters to kill. It can also be extremely dark at times which can be kind of frustrating. The music is actually pretty nice to listen to and is well composed. Overall, it's a really good map and I enjoyed it very much.