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  1. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack Beta version 0.5

    (Before I start: I know this thread has been dormant for 6 months, so if an admin of the site thinks I am breaking a rule, just notify me. With that being wrote, let's begin!) Hello again ladies and gentlemen, this is Sergeant Anger with a new update for Doom Blackjack, in this case the 0.8 version! Update 0.8 changelog: -Added new map: Roof (MAP10). -Added new enemies (exclusive from the map mentioned above): Zombie Tank and Blackjack Juggernaut. (Thanks to Enjay, Dreadopp, Sandypaper and Scalliano!). -Added new item: Supply Pack. (Thanks to Dreadopp) -A bad morning (MAP01): Now the ceiling fans are shut down! xd -Sewers (MAP02): Made a ladder when going to surface instead of teleporting. -Station (MAP03): Added a Duke Burger and an extra room somewhere in the map. -Blackjack HQ (MAP09): Now got a different End Level feature to fit the next one and green keycard included! (Thanks to Disguise and Magic Wizard). -Lava Mines (Formerly MAP10) is now a Secret Level, removed Nuclear Plant 2019. -Polished a few details in the maps. -The title picture has been recolored. -Added Nash's blood effect (version taken from the Pinochestein 3D Mod). Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0kx23bsj2jn2y2z/blackjackupdate8.wad/file Some important info: I will probably not gonna release the update 0.9 but the 1.0 version instead, there are a few details that needs to change and the game is almost done. So I will appreciate the feedback once you test it!
  2. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack Beta version 0.5

    Boys and girls, here is the latest Beta version from Doom Blackjack, after this one, the wad probably will have it's final release. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y85wupqlkp0c6pg/Doom_Blackjack_2020_Ultima_BETA.wad/file Changelog Beta v. 0.7: -Changed from Hexen Format to UDMF Format. -Added new map: Lava Mines (MAP10). -Added new Intermission Screen with the "You are here" message and Blood Splat, like in Ultimate Doom. -Added new Actor: Blackjack Civilian. -Added new cutscenes and new ending. -Changed the Railgun design to the old one to match the one held by the Zombie Railgunners, and now has it's own ammo: Slugs. 20-40 capacity. -Adjusted and changed textures from most of the maps. -Elevators from MAP01 and MAP09 have a new perspective. -The Floor and Walls speed in The Train map (MAP04) have been sincronized. -The Blackjack Grunt has been nerfed to do almost the same damage as the Former Sergeant. -Added new death animations to the Blackjack enemies: Grunt, Security and Enforcer (Credits and big thanks to David G. AKA "ItsNatureToDie")
  3. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack Beta version 0.5

    So one day this Project get an update! Changelog Beta 0.6: -Added new map: Sewers (MAP02) -This design was inspired by the one found in the fantastic Hotline U.A.C. Mod for Doom by Angel-Neko_X- -Added Friendly Marines to assist the player in some levels. (Pistol, Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Chaingun, Machinegun, Plasma and Railgun). -Added 2 new enemies: Blackjack Shield & Blackjack Flamethrower. -Added new weapon: Flamethrower. -Changed the HUD Design, the original belongs to Cotecio and was just recolored by me. -Changed the Marine's HUD face. (Pending credits, wasn't made by me.) -Removed the AA-12. -Changed the Pistol design. -The vanilla Super Shotgun design is back. -Added new Chaingun design replacing the Smartgun. -The hitscanners and proyectiles enemies have been balanced. -Changed some textures. -Changed the design from Blackjack Pawn (now has the Blackjack Response design), and the Blackjack Plasmagunner. If everything's fine, this will be the last Beta version before the final release, I already filled my objectives in the making of this wad, so if you guys have some last suggestions for this Project, I will gladly attend them. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9yppgpz214ghu9k/Doom_Blackjack_2019_Sexta_BETA.wad/file
  4. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack Beta version 0.5

    Thank you so much to all of you!. I'm gonna add more details soon and fix other stuff for the next version.
  5. Hello everyone! This is SergeantAnger, and I joined today. I was aware of this site but never gave it a chance until now. Because I have a release from a WAD I started in 2010, "remastered" in 2016 with more knowledge aquired and almost finished as a Beta version of it in 2019. It's called Doom Blackjack. SCREENSHOTS: What does this WAD content: -New enemies. -New weapons. -New textures. -New tracks. -Intro Cutscene. -Some scripted cutscenes. -10 maps + 1 secret map (Literally a map you know) -Jumping is encouraged but I'm planning to remove it so the player will not have to jump in a future. -Classic enemies but with new death animations for them. -Multiplayer not available yet. Maps list: MAP01: A Bad Morning MAP02: Station MAP03: Train MAP04: Tunnels MAP05: Warehouse Terror MAP06: Ice Lab MAP07: Blackjack Checkpoint MAP08: Blackjack HQ MAP09: Meet the Cardinal MAP10: Endgame MAP30 (Secret): Nuclear Plant 2019 To play this WAD it is required to use Doom 2 & GZDoom. Credits: (It's a huge list if I forget somebody notice me so I update this list!) -Realm667.com -Impie -Cotecio -Remaker -Minigunner -ItsNatureToDie -DoomKid -David G. -Nash Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ccfln3zc79hvtpc/Doom_Blackjack_2019_Quinta_BETA.wad/file (If I made a mistake in this post let me know)