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  1. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack Beta version 0.5

    Thank you so much to all of you!. I'm gonna add more details soon and fix other stuff for the next version.
  2. Hello everyone! This is SergeantAnger, and I joined today. I was aware of this site but never gave it a chance until now. Because I have a release from a WAD I started in 2010, "remastered" in 2016 with more knowledge aquired and almost finished as a Beta version of it in 2019. It's called Doom Blackjack. SCREENSHOTS: What does this WAD content: -New enemies. -New weapons. -New textures. -New tracks. -Intro Cutscene. -Some scripted cutscenes. -10 maps + 1 secret map (Literally a map you know) -Jumping is encouraged but I'm planning to remove it so the player will not have to jump in a future. -Classic enemies but with new death animations for them. -Multiplayer not available yet. Maps list: MAP01: A Bad Morning MAP02: Station MAP03: Train MAP04: Tunnels MAP05: Warehouse Terror MAP06: Ice Lab MAP07: Blackjack Checkpoint MAP08: Blackjack HQ MAP09: Meet the Cardinal MAP10: Endgame MAP30 (Secret): Nuclear Plant 2019 To play this WAD it is required to use Doom 2 & GZDoom. Credits: (It's a huge list if I forget somebody notice me so I update this list!) -Realm667.com -Impie -Cotecio -Remaker -Minigunner -ItsNatureToDie -DoomKid -David G. -Nash Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ccfln3zc79hvtpc/Doom_Blackjack_2019_Quinta_BETA.wad/file (If I made a mistake in this post let me know)