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  1. Map Name: Ramses' Last Cookies Author: Sergeant Anger Music: "Last Resort" by James "Jimmy" Paddock Format: Boom Build Time: 1 Hour Co-op Starts: Yes Difficulty Settings: No Gimmicks: Like Grandma Used to Make Them!, I Love You SO MUCH! & XXX. Comments: Always wanted to do a Egyptian-themed level for Doom. So here is the result! Screenshots: Ramses_Last_Cookies_v1.rar
  2. SergeantAnger

    LUNACY (on idgames!) (cl-9, UMAPINFO)

    I am glad of being part of this project! I was a little out from Doom in the past months but I always return. Maybe in the next months I will be part of the mapping team of PUSS again! So many amazing maps made by all the team, congratulations to everyone. Stay cheesy!
  3. SergeantAnger

    Ultimate Jazz Jackrabbit Doom - Episode 4 (Out Now)

    Ohhh it makes sense now! 😅
  4. SergeantAnger

    Ultimate Jazz Jackrabbit Doom - Episode 4 (Out Now)

    Hey man! I'm glad you released this new episode from your amazing project, I am having one question nevertheless: Is the map Die Hared missing? I've looking for it in the maps list but I couldn't find it.
  5. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack V0.9

    Greetings again everyone! I've been doing some modifications to the project recently instead of been mapping E2M4 (and in the middle I've been mapping for the two PUSS projects of this year), but here is a quick status report: -The name of the map won't be Mainframe as it was confirmed in one of my past posts. -E2M4 will be a Boss Battle. -New enemies have been included in the Blackjack Co. roster. Here are some screenshots! That's all for now people, knowing that I shouldn't wait more than 3 months to revive this thread, I decided to do it now.
  6. SergeantAnger

    PUSS XXV: Lunacy (Dev Thread)

    Map Name: [ Cheese Vault 0-17 ] Author: [ Sergeant Anger ] Music: [ Stairway Fairway by James "Jimmy" Paddock] Format: [ Boom ] Build Time: [ 3 hours + around 10 minutes of testing ] Co-op Starts: [Yes] Difficulty Settings: [Yes] Comments: The first attempt the past weekend broke a few of the cheesy rules of the project. So I started again. A simple cheese vault in a lunar base, and of course you want the bigger prize. Screenshots: EDIT - ADDED V2: Fixed some incompatibilities in source ports like prboom+ and Woof in some switches actions. Cheese Vault 0-17 v2.zip
  7. Deep from the bottom of my heart in this Valentine's Day it was a pleasure to be part of the project! So many beatiful maps made here in this project. Hope I can have time and inspiration in speedmapping to work with PUSS again soon!
  8. SergeantAnger

    PUSS XXIV: Lover’s Quarrel

    Map Name: You May Kiss The Demon Author: Sergeant Anger Music: Sailor Moon Opening Song Sky preference: Blue Format: Limit Removing Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: Around 5 hours 30 minutes Valentine: Nobody. Comments: Wanted to do some kind of wedding-themed map with a garden entrance and a dock on the other side. My intention was to do a manor map (resembling Playboy's mansion), but the idea was scrapped almost instantly knowing it would took me more time. I do really enjoyed doing this map nevertheless. Screenshots: EDIT: 01/15/2023 -Fixed some impassable textures that weren't impassable in the front garden of the DM Map. You May Kiss the Demon.zip
  9. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack V0.9

    Greetings again everyone! 2022 is near the end and to be honest, it was a great year in terms of Doom mapping, this idea... this project of mine really got the overhaul it deserved and thinking about everything I made this year really blow my mind! So right now I will show to all of you the yearbook of Doom Blackjack and what to expect in 2023! Last but not least... A huge THANKS to all of you in the Doom community for the support, the good vibes and the feedback. Hoping that this project could progress until the definitive release with the proper love for the year 2023! PS: I would loved to release as a Christmas gift the first three maps of Episode 2 for playtesting, but unfortunately in terms of time I wouldn't be able to do so. Don't worry, I promise when the episode is done with all it's maps I am going to release it!
  10. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack V0.9

    Greetings again everyone, I am glad to announce that map E2M3 - VR Facility is done! Already added the enemies, goodies, lightning adjustments and of course the scripting (only the important stuff for the level, the cutscenes will come later ;) ) Have some screenshots here: In the following days the developement of E2M4 - Mainframe will start! For now, hope you people like how this cooked map looks :D We'll see in the next post, take care people.
  11. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack V0.9

    Hello once again people, here I am reporting with news in the project: I took a few days out of mapping but I just came back to slowly continue the progress of E2M3. This is the progress for now people, as always, we'll see in the next post!
  12. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack V0.9

    Greetings everyone, once again I'm reporting to all of you to show the progress of Doom Blackjack v0.9.5 In the last week I started with map E2M3 - VR Facility: A place where the infamous Blackjack Company train their soldiers, in a Virtual Reality environment... I hope you like how the progress is going, there is too much work to do though, but it will make it worth. That's all for now boys and girls, we'll see in the next post!
  13. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack V0.9

    Hello again people, I can proudly say that E2M2 is already complete for the next release! Have some screenshots here! So now, and after a week of mapping E2M2, the next map will be starting up these days... E2M3 - VR Facility. That's all for now, take care people.
  14. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack V0.9

    Thank you so much! Means a lot! Thank you mate, the train level is one of my favourites from the first Episode! And of course, here is the status of E2M2 - Offices: The map is done, at least the composition with all the doors, elevators, secrets, etc. However, there are still stuff to add in the next (and hopefully last) progress of the map: The enemies, goodies and lightning. Along with the skybox. That's all for now people, until the next post...
  15. SergeantAnger

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack V0.9

    Thanks to you as well for the compliment! And of course here is the almost daily update in the status of the WAD, we continue navigating the construction of E2M2 - Offices: I could say the progress is now... 80%. And in the proper time I will update the credits' list of the new textures that have been added of course. That's all for now people, we'll be in touch soon with more progress...