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  1. Retox

    Latest SVN Vavoom Build

    You need MinGW, MSYS, CMake and libraries that it needs.
  2. Retox

    EDGE 1.31 RC#1

    Found a bug: wall, floor and ceiling textures are not flipped in mirrors.
  3. Retox

    UDMF v1.0 RFC

    Looks good to me too.
  4. Retox

    UDMF v1.0 RFC

    The spec looks good, but it's missing one thing. It doesn't specify whether key names are case sensitive or case insensitive. I assume it's case insensitive, but you should explicitly say this to avoid confusion later.
  5. Latest version of Vavoom also supports truecolour PNG graphics.
  6. Retox

    32-Bit Map Format Proposal

    I just finished reading the thread and proposed specification and so far everything's fine with me.
  7. Retox

    Vroom Vroom Vavoom

    Source code.
  8. Retox

    Vroom Vroom Vavoom

    You didn't update it in Lunux / Unix section.
  9. Retox

    Linux WAD editor

  10. Retox

    Linux WAD editor

    I started with thing properties dialog. The only problem is that FLTK window is closed when another FLTK window is opened or you exit application. But having main form in FLTK will fix this. As of BGI/DOS stuff, it was removed completely. I also implemeted drawing with OpenGL, it works fine, only the highlighted object is not cleared as you move the mouse, so you must do something that redraws the map to get fresh view. BTW I also implemented working Hexen support.
  11. Retox

    Linux WAD editor

    BTW I was lately messing around with Yadex source code and started adding user interface with FLTK library.
  12. Retox

    What's your favorite graphics program???

    I use GIMP because I'm working on Linux.
  13. Retox

    Linux WAD editor

    The bad thing about Yadex is that user interface is not very user friendly and it totaly lacks support for Hexen format maps.
  14. Retox

    Linux WAD editor

    At least in first stage there won't be map editing. 64x65 and 64x128 size flats are used by Heretic and Hexen because of the way Raven implemented scrolling of flats (they shifted pointer to graphic so they needed extra data).
  15. Retox

    Linux WAD editor

    OK, added some more info.