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  1. SupremeGeneral

    Doom 3 demos

    How can I make an avi demo for a custom map? Does anyone know the step(s)? If not that, how can I save a .demo file into an avi or mpeg? Thanks in advance
  2. SupremeGeneral

    [Preemptive] Offical Happy New Year Thread

    I wish all a Happy New Year!
  3. SupremeGeneral

    Terrain / Cliffside tutorial question

    Does anyone know where I can find a non-movie tutorial on how to make things like terrain and cliff/cave walls (using the built-in map maker), or at least a link? Much Thanks
  4. SupremeGeneral

    My SP map (Now released)

    You seem to have the one thing DoomIII promised but lacked, open spaces and 4-way halls.
  5. SupremeGeneral

    Queries about Demons

  6. SupremeGeneral

    Question about Locked Doors...

    Hate to be a bother again, but does anyone know how to lock a door??? Thx
  7. Does anyone know how to put music into levels?? Does anyone know how to open a door by cliking on a gui? ~Much thanks~
  8. SupremeGeneral

    Stop the Rock

    I think we need to give the Rock some Picard Time, if that still is the post hell song...
  9. SupremeGeneral

    BFG Location

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road.... Really, you'll get it towards the end after hell when you see Swann's personal bodyguard wounded.
  10. SupremeGeneral

    Monsters hear through walls?

    im thinking visiportals..... anyone else agree???
  11. SupremeGeneral

    Leaked map (?)

    OMG I had the same F***ing problem close to a hundred times now. I dont really know how or what happens, but usually things are either half-stuck in the void, you have an opened wall to the void you don't notice, and even z-fighting. You can check all of the objects, and if you see them half-stuck, move em, but it probably will still say "WARNING LEAKED". The best thing to do is re-place everything. Erase the light entities, you, the shotgun, hell erase everyting. Then save (make sure to save after you run bsp), run bsp, and see what happens. If all else fails, do what I did and reinstall the whole fragging thing.
  12. SupremeGeneral

    Survey : Team-made or solo-made maps???

    Hate to author 2 threads in a row, but I was wondering... I am making my map by myself, but I have some long-term doubts about effeciency and speed of production. I have also surfed the web and seen whole communities, team of 5, group of 4, and 3 or 2 friends work on them. How many of you work on them yourselves? How many alone? What would you think is better? And this one's for Shaviro. Are you working in a group or freelance??? You have one hell of a map as far!
  13. SupremeGeneral


    I have an important question for map-makers. The plot of my map requires a monorail ride through a cave in the beginning. Has anyone ever messed with the monorail and/or got her to work???
  14. SupremeGeneral

    GTKRadiant 1.5.0 Beta has Doom 3 Support

    Well said, agreed...
  15. SupremeGeneral

    Bravo Team

    LOL, any more "sk-8-er" than that and Tony Hawks will be put to shame...