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  1. Anyones knows the order Klie intended his 12 levels for the master levels to be ?


    I've tried to look into the readme(s) for each WAD, the master levels have no release date and the outtakes have all the same (08/27/95) .


    What would be the best order or if there is any "logical" order ? Or what would you think ?

  2. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/doom-tv-show-is-being-made-by-dave-and-james-franc/1100-6468131/


    Would be great if it'll be something plot related. Some plot linking the games together, or even DoomGuy's backstory from 2016 adapted. I'd even take how UAC first came with teleportation experiments (if all games are canon and linking them together).


    But no, it seems they're basing it of Masters of DOOM, so it'll be some sort of documentary on how DOOM came to be. Good with that too.


    Seems one of the directors is the brother of Harry Osborn from Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy .

  3. I think when people say they "hate" "MONSTER" they don't really hate them (except maybe Chaingunners in Plutonia). They do not turn off the player's wish to continue playing, but just annoy the player. So it's more of annoyance than hate. 


    Contrary to what I said I do not hate the Chaingunners, even in Plutonia. They make their part of the WAD. Gives you a more tactical feel than of the previous games.  Same with the Revenants there IIRC.

  4. UV always with 100% on everything. Classic / Smooth / Beautiful DOOM only . The latter have in my opinion faster weapon changing sprites, so I change weapons on the fly for everything for example Cacodemon is one Rocket Shot with two/three shotguns. Chaingun for zombies shotgun for imps. Berserk pretty much everything that's possible to get upclose when have the pack.

  5. From what I understand the real reason is not the name nor the mod, is it because it's a stand-alone game using "another engine" which is illegal to use with Doom IP.


    Maybe ZeniMax does not know what GZDoom is. After all, they're just publishers.


    Is id Software tied undefinetly to this publisher?


    I tought it's a good idea to have a good publisher like Bethesda. Getting them to develop games more often than one-game once 10 years. But with the C&D notice and even the new Commander Keen, they'll just end up milking everything from id franchises for a quick buck.

  6. He can add monsters into original maps using the editor.


    What he means is how to make them spawn (through console at least). 




    You should add the monster script into doom_main.script which is found in the scripts folder "DUH!"

  7. If they merge the monsters from 2016 with Eternal and actually add lore, I think they should re-name the 2016 monsters and keep those with the original names (Cyberdemon , not tyrant). 



  8. To be honest this mod never sparked my interest. You guys have teh same opinion as mine. But what got me "spooked" is Max starting to shut down community-made stuff. 


    Spooked because from time to time I still work on this




    Which is still a "remake" of sorts. 



    But I guess it's because the mod was becoming too popular. I mean just googling "DOOM" and you will get on the News tab info about the mod. So either they thought the mod is crap and shut it down, or either because it was quite popular and shut it down.

  9. https://www.moddb.com/news/doom-remake-4-shutting-down-due-to-legal-reasons


    I have not played not known that much about this mod, but the fact that ZeniMax really started shutdown mods is crazy. The franchise is older than them, even actual modders have started modding even when they didn't even had the idea of forming a company.


    What's going to happen next. Shutdown DoomWorld because it uses Doom logos?


    I am also curious, what could have happened if they did not knew the real name of the Doom Remake 4 mod. What would they have done ? Besides asking the websites to delete its content.

  10. On 6/1/2019 at 4:09 PM, hardcore_gamer said:

    Does anybody else feel like a minority for liking this game?


    93% Google users liked this game. I don't understand you people here or on various facebook groups being actually ashamed for liking this game. It's a great game. I think it's a pretty good Doom game. 


    It tried something new. It did not worked out as expected but they fixed it with the newer games. 


    Also, are you not the author of the Hell over Here levels? If yes then your post seems kinda pointless. You don't map for a game you consider bad. 


    The graphics still hold up quite nicely (except for the models tho but there are mods that fix that.

  11. Ok. Rocket launcher looks very similar between the two Dooms (acceptable) and then it looks pretty similar in Rage 2 aswell.


    Gauss Canon and Baliista same story. Rage 2 has Charged Plasma Cannon which is pretty similar. Super-Gun in Wolf2 bears some ressemblance too but I think that's just the positioning of the model


  12. Maybe no reboot at all. Just stick with a universe updating it with lore with each entry. Which I suppose will have a a new Doom game at a few years with id being owned by Bethesda.


    Although from what they've done with the id games, and the rumours about MachineGames having a Quake reboot in mind, it's likely they'll also lend this ip to someone else. Although I don't like the idea.

  13. Has anyone noticed / wondered why the weapons from the new id software games (Rage until now) have a similar design? Take the Super Shotgun for example. Similar designs in Wolf TNO / TOB, Doom16 and Eternal . Same goes with Rocker Launcher or Gauss Cannon (Rage 2 has a similar weapon in design).


    I would think they try to make a expanded universe, but besides a few references there are no facts yet, except for the Doom universe.


  14. On 5/7/2019 at 11:54 PM, DoomedSpartan said:

    Then again thx man Means a lot i will see If I can talk with revility and Simo K


    Papamonos for Hell in Time . 


    You get black texture because you are missing either the textures or they have no mtr file. In Ruiner I think it's in ruinermonsters.mtr 

    I think VGames did not use the bigger baron model because the small height of the levels in Doom 3. So just changing it up now could bug it. Monster clipping through the ceiling.


    As I said before. If you look closely at the .def file you will understand almost everything you need to know.