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  1. Excellent work! Good luck with PsyDoom by the way
  2. How you ask? Keep going and going. Took years to find a job here, even when I had all the right credentials. It's quite rough out there but stay hopeful.
  3. B-Dawg

    New 20+ Minutes Of Gameplay Footage! ! !

    Thanks for the reup!
  4. B-Dawg

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    Would be cool but this game already looks massive. I can't even imagine what they have planned for the DLC stuff
  5. B-Dawg

    Is Doom done being serious?

    Yeah and its better than ever
  6. B-Dawg

    Playstation and Switch Doom

    I have both but I prefer the Vectrex port
  7. B-Dawg

    The Cuphead journalist guy played Doom Eternal

    Nice! While I am entertained by most prerelease footage, I must say Dean's new vid is good background noise.
  8. Great bookcase, Dork Norkem, thats one doomed author. Also love that the game isn't even out and Doomguy already has a lair with his old suit inside it. Great stuff!
  9. B-Dawg

    New 20+ Minutes Of Gameplay Footage! ! !

    This game looks so much fun!
  10. What if there was a Triton III and the health feature is used on the monsters instead? Sounds fun with fast pinkies
  11. No way man, if anything make doomguy faster
  12. Sweet! I wonder if the hub thing will have secrets and stuff to get in it.
  13. B-Dawg

    Doom Sound Bulb - HD sounds that stay true to the original!

    I just meant like the sound pitch for the chaingun/pistol is correct to the DOS version. Sound remaster mods in the past have a soft sound to them, I can't put my finger on it.