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  1. Great bookcase, Dork Norkem, thats one doomed author. Also love that the game isn't even out and Doomguy already has a lair with his old suit inside it. Great stuff!
  2. B-Dawg

    DOOM Eternal or Duke Nukem Forever

    I guess DNF has that one memorable song in the loading screens... Stiff competition honestly.
  3. B-Dawg

    New 20+ Minutes Of Gameplay Footage! ! !

    This game looks so much fun!
  4. B-Dawg

    PSX DOOM Megawad: Fall of Triton Remake - TRITON II

    What if there was a Triton III and the health feature is used on the monsters instead? Sounds fun with fast pinkies
  5. No way man, if anything make doomguy faster
  6. Sweet! I wonder if the hub thing will have secrets and stuff to get in it.
  7. B-Dawg

    Doom Sound Bulb - HD sounds that stay true to the original!

    I just meant like the sound pitch for the chaingun/pistol is correct to the DOS version. Sound remaster mods in the past have a soft sound to them, I can't put my finger on it.
  8. B-Dawg

    Doom Sound Bulb - HD sounds that stay true to the original!

    I tried this mod the first time last night and its just too good. The pitch is just top notch, the chaingun sounds so great now. Thanks for making it, Sean!
  9. B-Dawg

    Is final doom worth playing?

    Sure! They are both rather tougher than Doom 2 but have their own traits, good and bad. Plutonia was made for Final Doom and is most challenging. TNT is 32 maps like Plutonia but might have twice as much land in the maps. Plutonia has some large maps like TNT is known for but has polish of a official game. To make matters worse, TNT had a bugged secret map on release. But I like TNT despite its handful of maps I would call bad. Final Doom is worth it, 2 megawads is better than one.
  10. Godspeed, intacowetrust. This is the most baller shit EVER!
  11. To each their own, I suppose. But the character sarge had a very questionable death scene. The movie was doa, why not have him become a CG monster, or he mutates to become stronger and get goat horns, idk. Can't be a cyberdemon? Fine just try something. A grenade through a teleporter? Thats how he dies? Why not reaper just telefrag him, or shoot him in the face? The movie plays it too safe for me, too safe for a 2005 R rated action film. I actually love the set and prop design but its just compensating for something missing. I want to see D:A, it looks more self aware. I get alot more enjoyment seeing The Rock do interviews talking about Doom in general. Him bringing the BFG to the Daily Show interview was a better homage than the film alone. Now THAT is peak 2005 for me. Doom 2005 has an advantage over most video game movies by being watchable.
  12. B-Dawg

    Is UV-Max (on Doom 1 at least) really terrible?

    I like the video but I think he was getting at single segment map runs are no fun with rng. Practicing full UV Max runs in like episode marathons looks way more entertaining to attempt.
  13. B-Dawg

    PSX DOOM Megawad: Fall of Triton Remake - TRITON II

    I have been sleeping on Triton way too long and this is good fun so far! I get this strange bug with smooth doom that prevents weapon selecting. How can I fix this?
  14. Good call on that. DZDoom has a good ring to it. Do you mean like soon or 'someday'? I can wait a long while for V3, take your time if need be.