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  1. davidBraintree

    Best WADs for VR?

    I guess I should have been more specific, apologies, basically I'm looking for older high-rated maps (no troll maps please) that focus more on aesthetic and architecture but staying vanilla. I'm just running vanilla right now but might use the neural network upscaled textures. I'm running a mod that allows for motion control and room-scale movement. It has 3d models for weapons and allows you to shoot around corners, creep up on monsters and other things that can still be within the confines of the original game. It's an interesting combination because the original doom was one of the first to really implement 3d movement and VR is the next step in that direction.
  2. davidBraintree

    Best WADs for VR?

  3. davidBraintree

    Best WADs for VR?

    Anyone have any WADs that would be best suited for VR? (Slower paced, minimal platforming/jumps)