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  1. The Butcher

    Batch Palette Convert

    At the present time, it only changes whether SM applies the transparency value (hard coded 255 at the moment) to the given input file's transparency color. You set the input file's transparency with the checkbox beside that one. When it says "auto" it finds the color with the highest count and considers that to be the transparent color. To give it a value, click a pixel on the "original" image. Hope that clarifies things at least some. It's a rough tool I made while working on my Orb of Dilaaria mod to help me convert some of the great stuff in the ZDoom Monster Resource WAD into Wolf3D size and my own palette. I've already started working on an update that will hopefully make things a little easier to understand. Don't know if it'll get a help file to go with it, but maybe... sometime....
  2. The Butcher

    Batch Palette Convert

    @GzStarWars: What do you mean by "the output file was all screwy". Color-wise? Size-wise? Would you send me an example input file, your Doom.pal, and the output file just so I can see what's going on with it? Ah yes, transparency... is that causing the problem? I need to modify the program so you can change the transparency color value, since Doom uses 247 instead of 255. Should be a big deal to change. I'll see what I can do.
  3. The Butcher

    Batch Palette Convert

    No problem. If you have any troubles with it, just let me know.
  4. The Butcher

    Batch Palette Convert

    You can find a program called "SpriteMaker" at http://winwolf3d.dugtrio17.com Just navigate to the folder of your files, set "Scaling" to "No Scaling" so it doesn't resize your BMPs, then check "Convert Palette" and click the "..." button on the link underneath to select your PAL file. Right now, it only accepts the old JASC PSP 3 file format, but I can easily update it to accept other file formats and actually, that is something I will do soon. Hope that helps some.
  5. The Butcher

    Why does id use Open_GL over DirectX 9?

    It has been awhile since I've messed with DX8, but I'm pretty sure it takes roughly the same amount of code as OpenGL. I believe DX7 and earlier were not quite so friendly.
  6. The Butcher

    Best Buy

    So I rushed out to BestBuy and grabbed my presell disc for $9.99. Now I see on their website that Doom3 will cost $59.99 from them. Ship/Release dates I found: EBGames - Ships on 4/14/2004. GameStop - didn't find a date... BestBuy - Release set for 4/1/2004.
  7. The Butcher

    Malcolm Betruger and the credibility of names

    I don't see the name as funny either, as those names were, but rather following the same 'make the last name a German or German-based word that describes the person' approach. I knew a Camron Corder that went by Cam and a Mike Hunt (you might have to sound it out to get it... yeah, cheezy) and that's nothing compared to Dick Small's listing in the phone book (yes, I'm serious). Quick! Someone change your last name to Betruger so that it becomes an 'official' last name in the last name archives. All joking aside, I understand what you mean by it being distracting. However, even Shakespeare used 'created' names like this (I'd have to go find them again, though, and they were first names) and I believe even in his more serious toned plays.
  8. The Butcher

    Malcolm Betruger and the credibility of names

    I don't see a need for them to change the name. Wolfenstein 3-D had a General Fettgesicht and Otto Giftmacher. I can only assume that "Fat face" and "Poison maker" are not real last names. I see the name Betruger (if that's what it ends up being) as following this lead.