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  1. Erp

    Doom64 TC Crash Problem

    have you tried starting it in opengl?
  2. Erp

    R.I.P. Evel Knievel

    It wasn't even from an injury he caused. It was some kind of untreatable fibrosis in his lungs, sounds like a hard way to go. He made it to 69 years though.
  3. Erp

    Do you hunt?

    Yes, deer.
  4. Erp

    why all the kdizd hate?

    When it was first released, I was actually afraid to say how much I didn't like it, cus the zdoom zealots are always on the prowl. But at last I can say I do not like it and I really wanted to. I hate running around looking for hidden switches, the levels are either too easy on low skill levels, or too cramped on UV.
  5. Erp

    Steam DOSBox Stuff

    I think Carmack is just a cheap lazy piece of shit. He is saying fix it yourself, but we still want our money. They should either repackage it with a WORKING XP/Vista port or make it freeware.
  6. Erp

    Real age calculator (or maybe not)

    I don't think this is good, but not unexpected, men in my family usually drop dead around the age of 50. Lots of cranky old widows though. Biological age: 40 Real age: 65.4 Your life expectancy: 49.6 I need a boilermaker and some snuff.
  7. Shees, discussing politics or religion on DW is never a good idea, I should know better by now. Let it go.
  8. Pfft. Americans don't care what other countries think of our social policies, they are ours, we fought and died for our independence. Shake your head till your neck breaks for all I care. There are certainly an awful lot(and I mean that in 2 different ways) of people wanting to move here, they enjoy the milk and honey, get fat and rich.
  9. I sleep pretty good at night, with my M-16 by my side. Historically, the first thing a dictator or socialist government does is to disarm the public, so they can't fight back. <cough Canada, Mexico, Britain, Australia> When the men in black bust my door down and carry me out in a body bag, then I'll worry, oh maybe I won't. It's not gonna happen any time soon.
  10. Erp

    Question about video cards

    low end computers often have no video card slots, as they were never meant for gaming or graphics apps. A PCI card probably isn't going to play Doom3 very well, if at all. I'd upgrade the mobo/buy a new pc altogether, or give up on Doom3. Next time make sure it has a PCIE-x16 slot. Sorry, I know that doesn't help.
  11. Erp

    How many wads do you have???

    8451 pwads.
  12. Erp

    hell revealed spizeed

    try "C:\zdoom-2.1.7\zdoom.exe -file hr.wad hrmus.wad -warp 13 -skill 4 -record genius" and using a command prompt might work better as well
  13. Erp

    Question for Viewing Forums with FireFox

    Thanks, I should have figured that out a long time ago.
  14. Erp

    Question for Viewing Forums with FireFox

    I use Opera and feel the exact opposite way. When I click View New Posts and then on a thread, I don't want have to manually go to the last page and then scroll to the bottom, maybe we can trade browsers.
  15. Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back"