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  1. A year from now -
    One can only hope
    Our people will be happy
    and somehow learn to cope.

    A year from now -
    Bush will still be the man
    Rich lawyers will prosper
    All over our fair land.

    A year from now -
    The UN will still be replete
    with funny looking beggars
    who lie, steal and cheat.

    A year from now -
    They still will have no voice
    Unborn babies are nothing
    Compared to a womans choice.

    A year from now -
    The air will burn your nose
    Fast cars and barbecues
    Oh we must have those.

    A year from now -
    It's still OK to hunt
    Animals are tasty
    PETA is full of cunts

    A year from now -
    Gays are allowed to marry
    And there's now a cure for AIDS
    Aint it cool to be a fairy?

    A year from now -
    Doomworld becomes the webs biggest hit
    Doom3 has taken over the world
    and converted DOOMboy still eats shit.

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    2. Bucket


      A year from now-
      Goatse.cx will be back online
      So I can tell noobs to goatse.cx]READ THE FAQ
      And we'll all have a grand old time.

    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      you have one year to remove that or you will be banned. :P

    4. Danarchy


      A year from now -
      My penis will be in a vagina
      A blunt will be in my hand
      A fat paycheck will be on my desk


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