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  1. I only went there to make my hippie friends back home happy. But man, what a place!
    It smells like cheap perfume and pot.
    Once you get off autobahn you start seeing windmills, you are not in Kansas anymore Toto.
    If you are ever there go to "the bulldog"
    they have a cigarette machine with rubbers and joints in it.
    I had to be straight then, but damn.

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    2. Disorder


      The red light district smells like urine, sex and pot.

    3. myk


      That reminds me; I went out tonight from my job to have my lunch break and a block away I pass by a guy taking a piss against a building's column...

    4. Erp


      apologies to all, I smoked a joint after having quit about ten years ago. I'm still seeing little lights and streamers.

      I remember something about cat's from last night. I think one shit in my mouth while I was sleeping.