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  1. Papaga

    Containment Area v1.1

    A decent tribute map with a good pace and combat constant. But it started to feel pretty samey after a while, with neverending crates and mostly flat lighting throughout. And I would appreciate bigger weapons if it's going to be Mancubus -> Mancubus -> Mancubus -> Archvile the entire time. It takes way too long to kill them with a shotgun and it isn't challenging enough to justify that. That one crusher spot was also complete bullshit; there's a small pit with corpses to warn you of it, but if you look down from the ledge above to see it, the ceiling will instantly trap you and drain all your health.
  2. Papaga

    Chosen 1.33

    As a TC, it's very impressive with its original content. However, the gameplay is mostly tedious and painful. First, most of your weapons feel incredibly weak, and the better 2 ones are extremely limited in ammo. They're very slow to fire, take ages to kill anything, and hitting an enemy often has the same response as hitting a wall - a "tink" sound with no blood or reaction from the enemy. For the enemies, you've got melee fighters who move so slowly that they're an unthreatening waste of time; arrow shooters whose projectiles are almost invisible; janky Lost Soul reskins who can hit you 10 times in one second and take massive chunks of your health; and guys with shields who become invincible for several seconds upon being hit - like the Centaurs in Hexen, except even worse because there's no weapon that can kill them remotely quick. To its credit, the level design is simple and intuitive, and doesn't go crazy with massive size, mazes, or obtuse puzzles, for the most part. One problem, like someone else said, is that there's not enough health and way too much armor. Then there's the end boss - spoilers - where you need to shoot huge pillars to break them and aren't given any hint for it. These pillars look like normal level geometry, and don't even have any cracks. After that, the boss has to be defeated by hoping he moves through a narrow area, and steps onto a certain platform which damages him, and then hoping he moves back out, making the platform reset so you can repeat the process. I get that you want to show off Zdoom's technology, but as far as final bosses go, it was tedious and anticlimactic as hell. I was facing an Egyptian god, but it felt like I was trying to teach object permanence to a baby. Overall it's another example of an ambitious mod that tries all sorts of new things, but neglects the core gameplay. Fascinating to look at, not very fun to actually play. I give it 3 stars just for its original content.
  3. Papaga

    North By Doom 2

    It's cute and nostalgic, but relies too much on directly copypasting sections from Doom II. And there's really not enough items, especially at the Icon of Sin, which doesn't even have any rockets in the arena. If you run out of rockets, you're just screwed, and have to redo the entire thing if you don't like saving mid-map.