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  1. Arl dude tell me how you made The Behemoth demon. Im talking about that demon you found in the doom 3 files the One that texture was used for the Invuls Hunter electric shell. I am working on a new version of perfected doom 3.And i would really like to have that demon

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    2. DoomedSpartan


      its ok dude its not like I want this to be private.Its OK if it aint complete i ll figure something.If you cant find it just tell me what to do.



    3. Arl


      Are you familiar with 3D modeling programs, animation, importing/exporting md5mesh format, entity definition and material definition?

    4. DoomedSpartan


      I know a little but I have tried it before with blender

  2. really well I will try it then.But which source port would you recommend using RBDoom-3-Bfg or Classic-RBDoom-3-Bfg
  3. But will the mod be compatible since Doom 3 bfg uses idtech 5 and the mod uses id tech 4
  4. can perfected doom work with this source port?.Are any of you interested in helping me develope Perfected doom 3 Rip and tear edition.it includes new sounds,improved demons such as a bigger version of the baron of hell a different version of the Soulknight,monsters from hell in time such as the arachnotron and pink demon.Rare unused monster the behemoth/Hell brute this guy and a more dangerous version of the spider mastermind with a bfg gatling gun(if you know perfected doom the bfg has different weapon modes and one of them is a rapid fire Gatling gun) new custom maps from doom 3 alpha to explain how the marine got to hell In the In Hell campaign.Also the allied marine squadmates mod is compatible with perfected how ever the real weapons xp addon is not.Gonna make that work.And finally give the marine a helment(not Arls) and some gloves Now I finished dealing with the new sounds already made the helmet mod(but it doesnt work with cutscenes could anyone help) you can find the helment mod here https://www.moddb.com/addons/doom-3-helments Now would anyone like to help me with this improved version of perfected doom 3
  5. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected doom 3 help wanted

    thx man I will look into the def files and ok I also have a problem with my helmet mod like its not def related but the md5 file of the helmet I customized it to try and make it in the scenes but it said that the contents of that file are different.At first it was about the number of joints then it said that something was expected in line 54 i added stuff from the other working file and I mix it up together.And now it says that the content of that file is different.but the helmet works fine you can see it 3rd person and on the mirror and you can also see it when you arrive on mars.but it doesn't work with the rest of the scenesWhat do you think it may be And what do you think about the new soulknight its not tall just looks really blue and cool and finally what do you think about the HellBrute/Behemoth where do you think thoes files are inside the game
  6. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected doom 3 help wanted

    Now the problem there is that I moved all the files but the baron It has the bigger size but He looks dark with no textures.I came up with a new idea to replace the barons md5 file but the real problem is in the materials section And this is the Hell Brute or Behemoth.Now this guy is in the game the textures and the md5 but I cant find them The guy who originally found this is Arl.Now If I where to put this in doom 3 Id given a lot of health and just a melee type enemy And there is this guy to I dont know what he is called in the game tried to spawn him in but the textures look awsome. I would like to replace the SoulKights blue baron model for this And finally this arachacnotron Its from the Hell in time mod looks unique looks great but whe I moved all its files it said that it could not find the script
  7. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected doom 3 help wanted

    Ok so I what I want to do with the Baron of hell is this as you can see the baron is much larger than the hell Knight. But it is not green branded like the perfected doom version
  8. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected doom 3 help wanted

    In the def files I see rangedattack2
  9. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected doom 3 help wanted

    So I added the the script file in the where all the script files are in perfected doom.So I need to go to the doom main file and add the things there.Ok and for the proyectiles where can I find those files? If you want I can show you a pic of what the game is telling me
  10. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected doom 3 help wanted

    I did But in the materials section it could not read the baronoh and baronheadless model it said unknown material in parameter 1460 I think then again I just want the baron to be bigger and have green proyectiles.And I want the Hellknight to throw the big red proyectile.Also where can I find the proyectile files Ive been looking everywhere I also want to implement the arachnotron unto Perfected Doom.I tried moving all the files in the Perfected Doom.But no luck I also am Seeing if Perfected Doom With the Squamates mod and it is and what would you recomend for the helment It doesnt work with the scenes.I tried modefying the md5 folder But it said some Stuff about that things are expected.If you want to check that mod out for yourself Heres the link https://www.moddb.com/mods/perfected-doom-3-version-500/addons/doom-3-helments I feel like Perfected Doom 3 Needs improvements I already made sounds better like louder guns cool Chainsaw sound new menu music.I just want to like make Stuff better I also gave The baron a red Texture But I am so unhappy with its size.The Hellknight has an Imp proyectile which makes it feel weak I would like for some guns to have new skins like Cammo for the machinegun.instead of the SpiderMastermind having a chaingun how about that rapidfire mode from the bfg more menacing.Also the SoulKnight could use the same Texture as that blue Hellknight from the Ruiner.And When Is someone going to make The HellBrute a reality...this guy: a also the Doom 3 alpha maps for The In Hell campaing to explain how the marine went to Hell in that campaing. The arachnotron and pink Demon from Hell in time mod and Thats it no more than that Hey man thx for reading My topic and for offering me solutions.Means a lot.It be awsome If you spread the word I also have another side proyect regarding Brutal Doom 64 proyect nightmare like modefying some sprites(making the baron red,different colors for zombie men and unique stuff for the spider mastermind) aswell as adding 3 new monsters: gargoyel,Lord Nightmare(Cyberdemon But with a serpent body) and the arachnalHarbinger(Cyberdemon with spider lower body) add the maps from Doom 64 retribution,maybe a flamethrower and the ability to spawn allied marines Then again thx man Means a lot i will see If I can talk with revility and Simo K
  11. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected doom 3 help wanted

    Ok So Ive been working on 4 things on Perfected Doom 3 Rip n TEAR Edition and That is 1 increasing the baron of Hell size to be bigger just like in the ruiner mod 2 Trying to get My own Doom helment mid to work with the cutscenes 3 this one is a maybe Trying to get the demons from the Hell in time mod to work with Perfected Doom Demons such as; the arachnotron and pink Demon 4 Trying to give some weapons cool skins like camo for the machine gun 5 Trying to find The unused monster from the Doom 3 files I already have a names for it:The HellBrute Behemoth HellRazer(cuzz of Doom 2016) I already got all the new sounds done as Well as some new Textures such as making the baron of Hell Red with the Green markings.But I need it to give a bigger size Also a new bigger proyectile for the Hellknight because hes got the same proyectile as an Imp and that sucks it Needs to be a bigger red fireball.I already got that covered But I dont know how to make the Hellknight throw it. Would you like to help? or do you know some one WHO would like to help?
  12. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected doom 3 help wanted

    I'm almost done loading but I have a big proble with the baron of hell model can someone help
  13. DoomedSpartan

    Some E3 Alpha (2002) custom maps

    Can These maps be downloaded to regular doom 3 with mods like perfected doom? I am Working one perfected Doom Rip and Tear edition And I would love these maps
  14. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected Doom 3 RIP AND TEAR EDITION

    The.Im just starting This big proyect to make Doom 3 be Demons locked in a room with you instead of the other way a round Perfected Doom 3 deos that to a vertían extender But I del like irá still missing Stuff plus it has y been updated for a certain time if you know any modder out there then notify them of This proyect
  15. DoomedSpartan

    Perfected Doom 3 Rip and TEAR edition

    No touching The barons Green Textures just size and Add the 3 fireballs attack