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  1. BladeWolf

    About Doom 2016's replay value?

    So I have just got Doom via the Xbox Game Pass and now I'm planning to buy it out when it is on sale. So now that I have got the game, is there any added replay value to it? I can't play the multiplayer at times as my Gold would be running out, but either way, does the Singleplayer campaign and Snapmaps have a fair amount of replay value in them, as I'll only be keeping a few couple games with me as I enter college next year and I'm taking Doom as well. Guys, Please help me out on this.
  2. Apparently, a BFG to the brain should instantly kill the Romero head, right, or any other weapon with decent splash damage?? Why use rockets only?
  3. BladeWolf

    New to Doomworld!

    Thanks, man. Even though I'd prefer playing more maps from others for a while just to try and get the concept of map making into my head, thank you for the advice. It really helps a lot!
  4. BladeWolf

    Is Doom Marine, Doom Slayer?

    As far as I know, the Doomslayer could have been the marine from Doom 64, as he did stay in hell to fend off the demon hordes at the end. And eons later, the demons could have captured him and put him to rest in the sarcophagus.
  5. BladeWolf

    New to Doomworld!

    Thank you so much man! It really helps!
  6. BladeWolf

    New to Doomworld!

    Hey everyone! Hello! Hi! Nice to meet you all! So, yeah, I have been playing Doom since my childhood and absolutely loved it! I have played all the games and is now desperately waiting for Doom Eternal to come out! Well, I'm pretty new around here in the whole Doom Community stuff, so would you guys mind showing me around, so I could familiarise with the site, make custom levels and interact with you all? :)