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  1. BladeWolf

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.7.2 (8/2023)

    Okay I may be dumb, but I am literally unable to see the TITLEPIC of every wad I have put in and it all just shows up with the placeholder art. Any way to fix this?
  2. BladeWolf

    Dear Cinephiles, Looking for Disturbing Asian Films

    Well, my English class just watched the movie Rashomon, it's not necessarily disturbing however, but it'd be an interesting watch!
  3. BladeWolf

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

  4. BladeWolf

    New around here? Introduce Yourself!

    As far as I know, I've never done an Introduction here, so here we go. Sup, hi, hello! Happy to be here, you can call me Wolf, or BladeWolf or whatever you like (the name's inspired by the Metal Gear character). I've been playing Doom and Quake since 2008 and joined the site around 3 years ago, and found a bunch of fun wads, and the people are nice here too :) As for my other interests, I like heavy metal music, 80s retro-synthwave aesthetics (including music), reading books and writing stuff (essays, poems, literally anything that pops in my head), and still struggling to make basic doom maps :P
  5. BladeWolf

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    I do have all the 90's Doom wads that you talked about in your videos downloaded! They're a fun pack to replay every now and then.
  6. BladeWolf

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    .... We gotta talk. I got 5.75 GB worth of wads, mods and sourceports.
  7. BladeWolf

    Cursed Doom Images

    Please be gentle crusher-san~
  8. BladeWolf

    Choosing Only 5 wads to Play Forever

    If I heard that you UV-Maxed God Machine, I'll personally arrive on a choppa to pick you up from the island.
  9. BladeWolf

    What do you miss about Doom?

    It's the nostalgia factor for me. From playing the shareware on dad's old Compaq when I was 6, then discovering the Doom Wiki, getting to play Hell Revealed, learning about Source Ports instead of doing math homework, all at the age of 9. Ten years later, I still don't regret every moment of it. I don't think I'll ever "miss" Doom in any way. I still love plowing through custom wads, playing the game vanilla, just messing with its engine in general.
  10. BladeWolf

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Nice aesthetic looking background. (P.S. That's Eddie, Iron Maiden's icon/mascot.)
  11. I recently came across Russian Doom, a Crispy fork which has a really nice video palette, however most of the megawads I have (which turned out to be boom compatible/MBF ones, except BTSX) just didn't work well. Are there any good megawads out there that could work fine on forks like these?
  12. BladeWolf

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Eidolon and Cyberdemon had a baby
  13. BladeWolf

    What's something about Doom you absolutely love?

    Now that it's proven that Human DNA can possibly store Doom's data, this is a possibility for the future when biogenetics and virtual reality evolves.
  14. BladeWolf

    Hangar or Entryway?

    Both are really good as starter maps, both E1M1 and MAP01 have some good secrets if you think hard enough. I didn't even realize there was a hidden shotgun in E1M1 throughout my 16 years of playing Doom, and the fact that there is a hidden RL in Entryway.