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  1. JavaGuy4230

    The best musicians.

    Don't get me wrong, there's a shit load of really awesome musicians out there, but these guys just come to mind Guitar: Steve Morse, Hendrix Bass: Dave LaRue, Flea, Victor Wooten Drums: Carter Beauford keyboard: Dunno... Tim Reynolds is cool, but I'm not too familiar with keyboard players, even if I like the sounds.
  2. JavaGuy4230

    game developers

    I tried several times to start some game developement with my friends, though I'm the only programmer. I had a decent little engine going with 360 degree turning included in the controls, collision testing, other simple stuff like shooting, and lots of unfinished level loading code, since I had finally devised a good way to do it. However, bass playing took my life away, and I'm in a state of confusion right now as to what I'm going to do with my time.
  3. JavaGuy4230

    Science Fiction Day

    Does anyone know a site where I can read a few of his short stories? I have a project to do on him, and while I don't have time to read his novels, it'd be nice to read a few of his works, other than the one I've read (titled 'Potential').
  4. JavaGuy4230


    Gah. I don't know why Pickle saved his name to my computer. Above post is mine.
  5. JavaGuy4230

    Psych Me Up

    Maybe you could show up, and let everyone know that you're not there for fight, just to, you know, help pick up the guys who get hurt when all is said and done. Then again, and I don't really know anything about the animosites between the two gangs, because I don't deal with that sorta thing.
  6. JavaGuy4230

    Basic physics

    Alright. In my eternally procrastinated quest to build a physics engine for my game, I'm have to relearn some simple physics. I managed to get an A in physics class, and not learn a damn thing at the same time. So anyways, here it is: A given object, say object A, has a given vector named va1 . Va1's magnitude is A's speed x mass. So for example, object A has a mass of 5 and a speed of 2 for a magnitude of 10 (in some standard units). Object B is standing still, and depending on the situation, has various masses. So its vector, vb1, is 0. When object A collides with object B, there's energy transfer, and I need to know exactly how it works Now, forget for a moment that there's energy 'lost' in the transfer (i.e. turning into heat, sound, whatever). And for sake of argument, this is a frictionless environment. Finally, don't worry about direction I know that if both objects are a mass of 5, then when A hits B, something like this happens: B exerts the force on A that A exerted on B. Therefore, a second vector will be added to A, and A will come to a stop. A second vector will be added to B and B will go up to a speed of 2 so that no energy is lost. If B's mass were 2, then it's speed would go up to 5. However, B may not be able to exert that much force in A to stop it, and so both objects would keep on moving in the direction A was moving in. Or A might just bounce off B. This should give you a good idea of what I know. Here's what I want: Can someone give me a few instances of collision events and explain the machanics to me so I have a good idea of how to make this. I'd greatly appreciate it, and kudos to anyone who read this far.
  7. JavaGuy4230

    Teh Poetry Corner

    Kinda retarded, but hey, I had it lying around. The only poem I ever wrote on my own free will: Infinite shards of marble abstract thought Blown and scattered through my head Hoping to recreate a detailed bust of reasonable solution Knowing there was never once a time When all these pieces fit together to create the visage of something sane And yet some of them may, by miraculous chance lock together Their grooves and points of logic would hinder eachother not And an entire statue of new idea would come to light in the world
  8. I believe that Tron 2.0 and Metroid Prime are the two most original FPS of late. I have to say Metroid because though it's a first person perspective, it doesn't play so much like any other FPS. Like the earlier games, it focuses a lot on exploring and areas, which is what makes the series one of my favorite. I have as much fun scanning as many creatures as possible and unlocking new areas with neat items as I do blasting up enemies, and the beautiful environment is truly unique. Tron 2.0 also has my vote, though I only played the one level Demo. In one way, from what I played, it seemed that the objectives were pretty much the same. You run around, kill enemies, hit some switches and exit. However, there are a few cool things about it that set it apart from the rest. The weapons aren't your standard set. It seems an odd combination that requires a lot of strategy to use (in the hardest difficulty level, anyways), and I'm guessing your simple disk (it's cool to block enemy fire with that) is a factor throughout the entire game. And the feel for the game is pretty different. You're inside this computer world, and it really is surreal. So yeah... if you haven't seen them, you should.
  9. JavaGuy4230

    What's most important!

    I think for me the question is impossible to answer. It's so in depth it's hard to understand the concept of 'importance' when you get to asking so many questions. I guess the closest to truth for me would be 'happiness' because it encompasses all the other answers, or ties into them. Without happiness, we are nothing. It helps us as a race exist in our way that we do, but then that brings up the question of the importance of existence itself, or at the least the style of life we decide to exist in. Anyways, I'm ranting, and probably not making sense to anyone but myself. So I'ma go with happiness for now.
  10. JavaGuy4230

    Fellow Doomer has serious problem....

    I looked up keagel on Google. First thing I got was a post in which some body stated he was trying to maneuver his penis without shitting himself. So, I'm still confused.
  11. JavaGuy4230

    My personal site, yay

    Hey, most dogs don't even use computers :p Anyways, the site isn't bad for being in progress, and I like the background for the side and header bars. Just keep working on it and I'm sure it will be worthy of the internet.
  12. JavaGuy4230

    Puppet show!

    Yeah. I've spent a lot of my time reading online comics (Christ, I have no life) and Ozy and Millie has my highest respect of all of them by far. It's so Calvin and Hobbes. Only even stranger, if that's at all possible.
  13. JavaGuy4230

    PC Halo port

    Wait. Are you saying they've actually released HALO for the PC, or is this just some hacked up version we're talking here? It's hard to believe Microsoft would release something with so many glitches. Oh, wait... no it isn't.
  14. JavaGuy4230

    Master Of Plagiarism [music remix thread]

    Man, these are pretty damn cool. I usually don't listen to any old MP3 off the 'net, or Doom music for that matter, but these really caught my attention. I guess the only word to desrcibe the coolness of these cool songs would be... uh... 'scragadelic'.
  15. JavaGuy4230

    Shakespeare once said Bravery is next to Genius...

    Ah. Well, congratulations for having the guts to do that I suppose. So, how'd you go about telling the whole town? One by one, PA announcement :p? But seriously, what's your town like? The area I go to school (sorta like town for me) is pretty diverse every which way, so it probably wouldn't faze anyone. But I'm sure in some places people would get really angry over things like that.