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  1. Does anyone know how i can stop all the pop up ads i get? I think i may have something installed on my computer thats doing this but im not sure. When im playing doom pop up ads come up and minimize the game. It gets very annoying, i delete my cookies every time i get off the internet but i still get more pop ups. If i have something installed where should i look? what folders? im using windows Xp. So if anyone could help that would be nice.

    I was going to post this in the pop-up ad thread but by the time i clicked submit post it was already post-helled :(

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    2. SmellyOgre


      I get download windows, browser windows, and message box pop ups.

    3. IMJack


      SmellyOgre said:

      What is that soposed to do? it's a bunch of symbols.


      It wasn't that way a few weeks ago...

    4. SmellyOgre


      Heh, i put all my maps on floppies and reformatted my drive. This time i installed a firewall so no more pop-ups.... so far.