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Everything posted by SmellyOgre

  1. SmellyOgre

    E2M2 Song Remix

    Title says it all. First time using Reason and I decided to remix an old favorite of mine. Tell me what you think. Link
  2. SmellyOgre

    Other Doomer's who went AWAL

    I'm still here. Not that any of you would remember me.
  3. SmellyOgre


    I get a lot of post-apocalyptic dreams in which I among a few others survive. A lot of them random people I have known throughout my life. Usually it's caused by nuclear bombs, sudden disappearances of a massive amounts of people, or Dawn of the Dead zombie like dreams. Strange stuff. And always so vivid.
  4. SmellyOgre

    Best and Worst CD 2005

    Best album is either Nile's Annihilation of the Wicked or Cryptopsy's Once Was Not.
  5. SmellyOgre

    Metallica Recording

    I was hoping for some more thrash metal. But isn't likely going to happen.
  6. SmellyOgre

    Doom 3 on my FX5200

    Heh, I got fx5200 128mb, with 256 Rambus, and 2.4 Intel, I can run the game in high quality at 800x600, at roughly 25fps in fights. Try disabling the nvidia program that runs in the taskbar. It takes up ALOT of memory only to do a AA and other effects. It usually made my games lose 10-20fps.
  7. SmellyOgre

    Map help

    Was working on a map, I saved it, did the bsp, and started it up in the console. But I get an error: --------- Map Initialization --------- Map: cb idRenderWorldLocal::InitFromMap: timestamp has changed, reloading. --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- -------------------------------------- ******************** ERROR: idRenderWorldLocal::InitFromMap: bad area model lookup ******************** WARNING: idSession: triggering mainmenu watchdog Any idea whats wrong?
  8. SmellyOgre

    Doom 3 Comci Strips

    Heh, why call it a COMIC strip then?
  9. SmellyOgre

    Whats the greatest 'epic' wad???

    I disagree, RTC-3057 has to be one of the best wads i've ever played, the scripting was great, along with the maps and everything else, I thought they did an awesome job on it...
  10. SmellyOgre

    Making WWII Mod, Need People to Help

    This actually does sound pretty nice, something like rtcw multiplayer would be awesome. I always wondered what the beach map would look like in doom3.
  11. SmellyOgre

    How much TV do you watch each week?

    I usually watch tv about 10 hours a week, sometimes less. It depends on what movies are on and such.
  12. SmellyOgre


    A Metroid mod would be awesome. A fight with the Mother Brain in 3d sounds fun indeed, but since we cant do water, it will limit us for creating places, such as Maridia.
  13. SmellyOgre

    How the flash light and the gun work???

    The muzzle flash is the flash that comes out your gun when you fire it. It can light the room.
  14. SmellyOgre

    "become one with the sofa"

    Just imagine being her husband..."Honey, you better come quick! I gotta take a shit!" /grabs shovel How could he put up with that for 5 years??
  15. SmellyOgre

    What the heck is an armor shard?

    What if a marine wants to take a rest and sits on a chair that the velcro sticks too?
  16. SmellyOgre

    "become one with the sofa"

    Maybe she was some kind of super hero. Chairwoman?
  17. SmellyOgre

    News of the Weird

    Heh, it's going to take alot more effort to get that money. Reminds me of a video i saw once, when some guy tried to rob a 7-11 and left his gun on the counter when he went to get something.
  18. SmellyOgre

    Companies poisoning us with Mercury

    Nothing seems to be what it used to be, even bagels are soposed to cause cancer. Now Dove soap has mercury in it, great....
  19. SmellyOgre

    Bush is dum, lolz

    What an interesting last sentence.....
  20. SmellyOgre

    How to make a cd cover?

    Maybe this will help, it gives this diameter in mm though, but converting it to pixels should be easy: Google Magic
  21. SmellyOgre

    need advice on new video card

    Heres are a couple of cards you might consider: GeForce FX 5900Xt(only 128mb but still a great card.) GeForce FX 5600 256mb ATI Radeon 9800 ProAgain 128mb but still a great card And this is what I highly reccomend if you want a mid level 256 card: GeForce FX 5700
  22. SmellyOgre

    On Board video memory

    Adjusting the AGP shared memory amount s kinda like virtual ram. Real ram is to virtual disk ram as what video ram is to shared motherboard ram. So good sizes for AGP are usually half of what your cards actual memory is. I have a 128mb card and run my AGP aperature at 64, and it runs fine.
  23. SmellyOgre

    Anyone get a Pewter Mancubus with Doom 3?

    Yup, and I got a little Mexican flag from a restuarant and put it in his hand, I call him Mexubus.
  24. SmellyOgre


    It's Superman!
  25. SmellyOgre

    New Mega Man Figures (Not Doom Art)

    Good job, looks very accurate. Makes me want to go play some mega man now.