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  1. BobbyZoolhead

    Tiny Tiny Temple (a 640x640 wad)

    @Gothic Thanks - not sure how it worked the first time then, coz it wasn't there before either! Fixed now :)
  2. BobbyZoolhead

    Tiny Tiny Temple (a 640x640 wad)

    I've always had a soft spot for those confinement wads that make the best of a restricted play space, so inspired by that and also by having played one of the new Tomb Raider games recently, I humbly present Tiny Tiny Temple, a 640x640 confinement map. I tried to put in some of those things you find in ancient temples: traps, lava pits, spikes and the like. Hopefully they're annoying but not too annoying (spikeroom especially). It's reasonably tricky, so you might die a few times. I have. Good luck! Plot: You, Lara Doomguy, or Doom Laraguy, are trapped in a tiny temple and should probably escape before things get weird. DOWNLOAD: Tiny Tiny Temple Info: Doom 2, in the vanilla style Just the one level, MAP01 Music is the very appropriate Aztec Gods by Jimmy, from Reverie. Thanks! Tested in GzDoom 4.2.1 because I'm lazy. (What's best to test vanilla-y stuff in? ChocolateDoom? Crispy?) No jumping, crouching, freelook etc. You can if you want, but it probably won't get you anywhere. No difficulties implemented. Any feedback / comments etc very much appreciated! Screenshot
  3. BobbyZoolhead

    Corner Compound (single level, short and sweet)

    Thanks y'all. @Denim Destroyer I'll take a look at that door etc when I get sec. Yeah the secret is obvious but I figured people will need the plasma as ammo is a little tight. Got some ideas about improving the final fight, but TBH I'll probably just make something new instead. @Rex705 great vid :)
  4. BobbyZoolhead

    Corner Compound (single level, short and sweet)

    Great vid @Matias, really appreciate you playing through it! Yeah, ammo and health both pretty tight but it's only a short level so I didn't want to make it super easy to just blast through! Cheers
  5. BobbyZoolhead

    The Ultimate Doom II : Doom II levels remade

    Very much enjoying these. An epic undertaking!
  6. This is my second ever map. I've been working on something else a bit bigger to follow up on my first map (which looked nice but played a bit meh), but it's taking ages and I wanted to get something up here. This map took around 2 evenings to pull togther, give or take the odd bit of tinkering. It's fairly tough - tight and compact, not slaughtery, but should keep you on your toes (in an "ooh look a rocket launcher oh shit I've killed myself" kind of way). 3 minutes par, maybe? Good luck! DOWNLOAD: CornerCompound.wad Info: Doom 2, vanilla compatible (hopefully) Just the one level, MAP01 Tested on GzDoom 3.6.0 because I haven't updated yet No jumping, crouching or looking up. It won't help. No difficulties implemented. Maybe if people want it. Any and all feedback gratefully received! Screenshots:
  7. BobbyZoolhead

    Management Appraisal (my first level)

    Hey dudes! Glad you like the level - was a bit of a learning exercise as I went, so definitely got some major improvements for map 2 (which is about 75% done now)
  8. BobbyZoolhead

    Management Appraisal (my first level)

    @Aquila Chrysaetos @HAK3180 Now updated with your suggestions. Plays a bit better now, so thanks for all the good advice. Now on to Map 2....
  9. BobbyZoolhead

    Management Appraisal (my first level)

    @Aquila Chrysaetos @HAK3180 This is all super helpful, much appreciated. Have dealt with the bugs / doors closing / misaligned textures etc but can't work out why the monsters on the pillars at the end won't alert unless you shoot them? I've tried replacing them and making the pillars wider, but that didn't work - any ideas? Will post up the revised version when I've solved that. Probably won't do any major restructuring though, will just take your pointers on flow and layout for my next map.
  10. BobbyZoolhead

    Management Appraisal (my first level)

    @HAK3180 Thanks for the comprehensive feedback - some good advice there! Glad you (mostly) enjoyed it. Didn't know about the square things icons, so will do that. The (left) lift worked in GzDoom and cnDoom, so not sure why it doesn't in Crispy? Will try and do some bug fixes. I'm keeping the hell knights + pain elemental though. Lure them out, run round behind and let the knights do the hard work :)
  11. BobbyZoolhead

    Management Appraisal (my first level)

    Hello Doom kids Long-time Doom fan (like 25 years) and lurker of this board, joining now to share my first ever Doom level, Management Appraisal "You, DoomGuy, management consultant, is sent to investigate an underperforming local business. Better conduct your appraisal of the situation..." Download here. <<updated to v1.1 Mostly tight and cramped. Should be fairly tough in places, but very do-able. Not slaughtery. 6 minutes par? Looking forward to hearing any feedback! Info: Doom 2, vanilla compatible (hopefully) Just the one level, MAP01 Tested on GzDoom 3.6.0 + cnDoom No jumping, crouching or looking up. This is a slice of pure fried doom. Version 1.1 updates: Enjoy! :) ps. if anyone's on twitter, I can be found @ukieluke doing UK games industry stuff and finding ways to using Doom memes wherever possible. Screenshots: