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  1. Thanks for bringing up these issues. I agree with your points... here's a rev that addresses them. DoomGPT_noisebloom_MAP11_patch1.zip
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Admittedly, this map was not my best work. Just moved across the country, got a new job, and am now closing on my first house, so my mental efforts have not been as focused on making this map as good as it can be. I mostly lament the lack of texturing in this one, but I also do think I missed the mark with the map's flow, especially towards the end. ChatGPT's prompts also kind of forced me into making an exceedingly simple hub map into something more interesting, which was a challenge. That being said, I'm willing to fix any bugs that arise, but I won't be redeveloping any major segments of the map unless its broken; I just don't have the bandwidth right now. I also think that my mapping style is an acquired taste to begin with, so there's that...
  3. Tested this out in Zandronum and GZDoom and the yellow door seems to work fine. I don't see any issues with the sector or linedefs. What port is it not working in?
  4. Here is my map... sorry for the last-minute submission. Hopefully our AI overlords will be pleased. DoomGPT_noisebloom_MAP11.zip
  5. Fell behind, but working on the finishing touches of my map with the hope of making the deadline this Sat.
  6. Sprinting to the finish with this one, but it should be done by June 1st. Since I'm running late, haven't had anyone playtest it yet... Hopefully someone can give it a quick go once I've posted it so I can make any last-minute fixes as necessary.
  7. @iddq_tea - now that all the slots are reserved, do you have a deadline for our submissions? Would like to get an idea of how long I have to get this map into shape.
  8. (makes note to train ChatGPT that the IoS is in every map)
  9. @iddq_tea - Should we keep the original name of the Doom II map that ours is based on, or are we free to change the name in the MAPINFO? EDIT: Along the same lines, can I use my own MIDI or do we want the respective Doom II track to play for our given slot?
  10. This is pretty hilarious so far:
  11. I really regret not signing up when I made it to the login screen the other day... It's been at capacity all morning. EDIT: Scratch that - finally got in!
  12. I'll give Map 11 a shot!
  13. I'll second Scythe, it's a pretty smooth progression and doesn't get too crazy until closer to the end of the WAD.