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  1. noisebloom

    Jazz Jackrabbit Doom: Holiday Hell Hare (WIP)

    Awesome - the holiday JJ game was my favorite!
  2. noisebloom

    What instruments do you play?

    Music is kind of my main thing, so I play the cello, guitar, do vocals, play synths, and make experimental electronic music. I'm currently in an audiovisual shoegaze band in my town - producing a single for that right now and going to get an LP out next year. Also have a comp album and LP planned for my solo electronic stuff.
  3. noisebloom

    What is a Good name for a Doom Wad?

    Yes, thank you, PERFECT
  4. noisebloom

    E1M1 Multiverse INITIAL RELEASE - 2.3rc1

    Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! We'll definitely keep in mind for the next rev, as we have some bugs to fix.
  5. noisebloom

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Same... How dare we have our own opinions?!
  6. noisebloom

    Random thoughts about our most beloved...

    I agree with a lot that has been said. Doom has a theme I love (demons in space), it provides this instant, rewarding combat feedback (no tedious pacing), and there is NO cognitive load when you play it. You really don't have to think about a lot or be very methodical, which makes the game extremely immersive and makes it even faster and rewarding. The enemy balance in Doom 2 is perfect. Every enemy adds a unique wrinkle to the gameplay, and none are redundant. This isn't exactly common with FPS's. Also, the sound design is unparalleled. I've never heard a more beautiful sound than what emerges from my speakers when I fire the super shotgun.
  7. noisebloom

    Do You Back Up Your Work?!!

    In and of itself, it isn't, but any Git cloud service like Azure, Bitbucket, Gitlab, etc. functionally serves as a backup, no? You essentially now have two mirrored repos instead of one.
  8. noisebloom

    Do You Back Up Your Work?!!

    This is true. When I started using version control, the "fear" of ruining something I was working on went away. I could experiment as necessary, creating branches and committing. I never had to worry about losing the little tangents my brain went on or getting back to my "known good" copy. Version control is almost mandatory in the software industry, but its philosophies can be applied to any sort of digital record that one needs to change.
  9. noisebloom

    Do You Back Up Your Work?!!

    I also use Git for all Doom mapping-related stuff. Always get that sense of relief when I push up to the server. If you are paranoid about losing stuff accidentally, this is the way to go.
  10. noisebloom

    What is a Good name for a Doom Wad?

    Surely there's something that all your maps have in common that you can use to come up with a name for the WAD? Oh wait... DOOM.WAD. It's perfect.
  11. noisebloom

    E1M1 Multiverse INITIAL RELEASE - 2.3rc1

    Yeah - it was a fun time. Thanks for the sick MC map!
  12. noisebloom

    E1M1 Multiverse

    With the exception of fixing bugs through the release phase, this project is complete: Thanks to everyone who submitted a map, helped with the planning/implementation, playtested, and gave feedback!
  13. noisebloom

    Have you ever regretted helping?

    A relevant anecdote about helping others from my personal life: I used to work a job in which I helped some hardware engineers when they had questions about software I had written for them. This was all good and fine, but several of them struggled to even get their own software to work (due to a lack of comp sci fundamentals), so they asked me a ton of questions. Sometimes it would get to the point in which I was writing their code for them, so I would tell my boss "I really can't be writing their code for them." A project eventually came along for one of the weakest engineers and he was in over his head. When it was clear he wanted me to write all of his code, I told my boss of the situation, and his response was "this is a huge project for the business; do what you have to do to get it done." I essentially ended up taking over his job, which not only meant writing all his code, but collaborating with his end-users, troubleshooting all his issues, and releasing his code. Pretty much everyone involved knew I was doing all the work. After the project was over, the guy got a huge promotion and I got a pat on the back. I quit that job and am grateful every day for having moved on. Shortly afterward, the guy who got promoted quit... Perhaps he realized that he couldn't struggle through it much longer. The lesson I learned is that helping others is great if they're willing to learn and improve themselves. Even if they are, you may not get a "thank you", but what matters is that you had a positive impact and they are going to benefit from their newfound understanding. If they don't learn, however, the process of helping will become a burden on you and them. People are ultimately responsible for making progress themselves. P.S. My current job entails a lot of mentoring/helping others, but not only do I have the autonomy to decide when I cut them off (for better or for worse), I'm actively encouraged to make sure others are independently learning and I'm not being used as a crutch.
  14. noisebloom

    E1M1 Multiverse INITIAL RELEASE - 2.3rc1

    Yup, only did it because of copyright concerns. Glad you like it man, thanks for leading the way!
  15. Background: E1M1 is perhaps the most memorable and iconic level of Doom of all time. This community project pays tribute to the map with a collection of GZDoom-compatible maps that spin off the original concept in fun, creative ways like a Minecraft-themed rendition, a miniature version of the map, and Hangar reimagined as a Doom 2 or Plutonia map. Credit goes to @Theshyguy489 for the excellent idea and initially leading the project. Let us know what you think! This single-player 12-map WAD has been tested in GZDoom and enforces pistol-start. IWAD: DOOM2.WAD Map list: MAP01: "Hangar Alpha" @ShadesMaster MAP02: "Hangarway" @sanicstudios MAP03: "Hangar JR." @noisebloom MAP04: "Docking Hangar" @ShadesMaster MAP05: "Hell's Hangar" @Theshyguy489 MAP06: "Hangarstein 3D" @Sir Hattington MAP07: "Resident Evil" @Solmyr MAP08: "Minecraft" @Bushpig2dope MAP09: "Dark Sigil" @ShadesMaster MAP10: "Plutonia" @DJVCardMaster MAP11: "HangarCity" @Crunchynut44 MAP12: "Thy Noob's Wrath" @YeOldeFellerNoob Credits: This is an initial release which certainly has bugs. Please let us know what issues you find, and we'll attempt to address them and release a revision with a fix. Once all major issues are ironed out, this WAD will be submitted to the idgames archive. Disclaimer: Plagiarism is a very unfortunate and awful occurrence that occasionally occurs in the Doom community. We have reviewed our maps for copied sectors and have not found any, but please call to attention any plagiarism that may exist. This is especially important as this WAD is an homage of an existing released Doom map. Additionally, please let us know if we have missing credits to add to the README file. I've done my best to include credit accordingly. v2.3rc1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YdxiBJPIFPdHBX1NdZ07uqKfUh4_2Szd/view?usp=sharing