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  1. noisebloom

    Any new mappers you guys found interest in?

    @Finnthemapmaker has some good stuff!
  2. noisebloom

    How do you feel about Doom's Randomness?

    I honestly usually hate randomness in ganes, but Doom does it very well. It's never too swingy to feel random (I think we all notice it more because we're aware there is RNG). Great job again, Doom, for being a forever awesome game.
  3. noisebloom

    Doom: Annihilation update

  4. noisebloom

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    Oh - I never knew that, and that's interesting to know.
  5. noisebloom

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    The contribution of his that came to mind when I read this was E4M5, which was probably my least favorite map of the WAD, and one of my least favorite UD maps overall. The flow of it was... awkward, to say the least, and I really did not enjoy it. I don't judge anyone who likes it, though - just my preference.
  6. noisebloom

    Revenant Punch-Out

    Now I'm thinking someone needs to make a Punch-Out!! WAD with a Revenant instead of Mike Tyson.
  7. noisebloom

    Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC (COMPLETE)

    I just redownloaded and the new WAD is called "JJDoom - v1.7.wad". Is this correct?
  8. noisebloom

    10 Levels : 10 Monsters Each (Doom 2 wad)

    I played the first five, and they were a blast for the most part. I really loved the first two maps, which honestly felt like maps from a high quality/really good megawad (like an even smaller version of Scythe). During the second map, I was pretty convinced that this was one of the best episodes I've played in months. The vibe changed to a Doom II "what can I get away with" sort of thing afterward, which allows for more interesting scenarios, but I was more in love with the "no strings attached", pure gameplay of the first two maps. Really like this concept and interested to see what you do with it further.
  9. noisebloom


    @Immorpher - which mod? Just curious...
  10. noisebloom

    10 Levels : 10 Monsters Each (Doom 2 wad)

    Sounds like an awesome idea - will check this out soon.
  11. noisebloom

    Bloody Knuckles - My first map

    I ended up going ahead and swapping out the plasma gun for a chaingun (the other secret is now essentially just the ammo backpack in the window, though you will technically pick up the chaingunner's weapon as well), as well as chopping the intermission text to accommodate lower resolutions. You can download the new v1.3 in the original post. The weapon swap makes ammo a bit tighter; you may have to use your knuckles a bit more if you aren't careful. ;)
  12. noisebloom

    Doom's charm...

    Yup. (waits for it)
  13. noisebloom

    Doom's charm...

    it's a good game
  14. noisebloom

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I gotta admit, the exploding barrel in the trailer is a nice touch...
  15. noisebloom


    Damn - I humped the other openings, but not the first...