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  1. I've said this before, but Michael Shannon actually is Doomguy:
  2. Just wanna mention that this was a great map, and I think this would be a great one for the usual suspects (@Magicana @Suitepee, etc) and others to check out!
  3. noisebloom

    Exploits You Love/Hate?

  4. One of my friends loves retro games and is a collector like me, but he doesn't seem super interested in Doom. He always brings up MIDI Maze as the more revolutionary title. Another friend plays with me occasionally, but he tends to be navigationally deficient when it comes to Doom maps. The good news is that I finally convinced my girlfriend to play Doom. We started E1 of UD... and she liked it. Now we're playing Scythe, and she still enjoys it! Keeper.
  5. noisebloom

    Your Favourite Doom title ?

    zomg :O
  6. noisebloom


    I very much agree that the caco/baron room was a fun encounter, and I enjoyed this encounter much more than most of the others. Much of the rest of the map was made up of ambushes that could be easily escaped (as SMG stated), and I didn't really prefer it, as it played out like a trope that I didn't feel like revisiting again and again. I also didn't enjoy the corridor fights with the roaming monsters, as they didn't provide much of a threat. I also did not have issue with the progression; it was pretty straightforward. I really like the exit-room tease; in general, I like that "there it is!" feeling which is inevitably followed up by a "noooo, i'm not going to make it" feeling at some point. Admittedly, this is not my favorite map of yours, but this may say more about my gameplay preferences than the actual quality of the map. I think the overall concept has a lot of potential.
  7. noisebloom

    Bloody Knuckles - My first map

    Yup - thank you and I very much appreciate you taking the time!
  8. noisebloom

    Bloody Knuckles - My first map

    Hey guys - looking for feedback on the initial rev of my first map. I'm planning on potentially doing a 5 or 6 map episode (tentatively titled QwikDoom), with each map having a unique mechanic/twist to spice things up a bit. Most of these maps will be on the short side (i.e. "Qwik"). Imprisoned in hell for an eternity, doubting it could get any worse. Unfortunately, a demon prankster named Qwik takes it upon himself to make things much more complicated. Tested in GZDoom Freelook, jumping, crouching allowed/optional Doom II IWAD MAP01 only All difficulties implemented Revision History: v1.3 - 7/16/19 - Shortened intermission lines, replaced plasma gun with chaingun v1.2 - 7/15/19 - Fixed HOM bug with basement lift, removed Secret sector for plasma gun v1.1 - 7/14/19 - Moved teleporter in final room into separate sector v1.0 - 7/14/19 - Initial post Bloody Knuckles v1.3: BDNUCKS.zip I would appreciate any feedback on gameplay, texturing, layout, etc. Thanks!
  9. noisebloom

    Bloody Knuckles - My first map

    Thank you for the playthrough! Questions: 1. To everyone: I'm getting what I think is mixed feedback on the chaingun behind the red key in the caco room. Originally, this was marked a secret - kind of a gimme secret (like Scythe kinda does), but I got feedback that it really shouldn't be a secret. Multiple people, @Suitepee included, missed it altogether. Do you guys think I should put it in the center of the room, mark it back as a secret, or keep it as is? 2. @Suitepee - you mentioned that the looping layout was unrefined. What about it did you feel like was unrefined, and what could I do to improve that? Thanks again for everyone's feedback. I've been working on a second map, as I think a breadth of maps may give me more newbie experience than focusing on a map that I may one day decide is a lost cause, but assuming I still enjoy this one, I'll be revisiting and improving it.
  10. noisebloom

    I have a weird thing for newbie mods

    For some reason, the worst Doom maps I've played on this forum don't really represent the bottom of the barrel like I've seen in other artistic/creative mediums. I've listened to music, watched movies, and looked at code that I thought was laughably bad (falling out of my chair funny), but even that Labyrinth level here made by that 11 year-old was playable. The engine and map-building tools out there are conducive to creating something that usually has some base level of playability. On my "to-do" list for maps is a level that is horribly broken, and hopefully in several creative ways. I want it to be beatable and enjoyable, but just fubar. I'm sure maps like these exist, but I'd like to try my hand at it. In the meantime, if anyone finds the Nic Cage of Doom map creation, let me know.
  11. noisebloom


    For clarification: you will probably want to refer to your WAD as merely a WAD or episode. Megawads typically contain 15 to 32 maps.
  12. noisebloom

    Underground.wad (One of My First Levels)

    This looks great from the screens. Will give it a shot soon, hopefully...
  13. noisebloom

    Fourteenth Quadrant Spectacular

    I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. People here do have high expectations (there's a LOT of competition when it comes to other WADs they could be playing), but I noticed that there were people that enjoyed playing the last map you posted on here, and that's not a trivial thing to pull off. I'll plan on giving this a shot today and letting you know what I think.
  14. noisebloom

    Using secrets effectively

    I thought the following might be a good topic for discussion: As a very new mapper, I find myself often analyzing the potential use of secrets in maps and what is effective vs ineffective. For starters, my intuition seems to have a good sense of how many secrets to include, I think. It seems like more is better up to a certain point... 2 secrets is better than 1, 4 secrets is much preferred to 2. Double digits for smallish maps could start treading into "joke-ish" territory, so going overboard is possible. Generally, though, secrets are an easy way of inciting a quick dopamine release in a player's mind and motivating them to keep going. However, what a secret should contain is a much more interesting conversation. It seems unwise, for example, to have a secret contain the only SSG on a map, because you rob anyone who misses it of the enjoyment of one of Doom II's most adored weapons. On the other hand, a secret containing a stimpak is boring. I think armor is a great "obvious" secret, as it's useful but not a big deal if you miss it, but it is only effectively used once per map. Soulspheres and megaspheres often seem OP, but if the secret is difficult enough to find, they may be appropriate. This raises another question: if a player finds all the secrets in your map, how much easier does your map become? What's an acceptable difficulty swing based on secrets obtained? Secret areas are fun as well, and of course, secret exits. What are your thoughts on using secrets effectively? What guidelines do you follow as far as what and what not to do?
  15. noisebloom

    Using secrets effectively

    @rdwpa - That's good food for thought and a helpful way of thinking things, i.e. in a context-dependent manner. That being said, I'm guessing people/mappers still have preferences, so I'm interested to hear some of those!
  16. noisebloom

    Any new mappers you guys found interest in?

    Using this as a metric for mapper development is probably generally true, but shouldn't always be true. As an artist, there's this very significant component of others' perceptions, i.e., you may have executed to your own vision 100%, but if people don't enjoy the map, you have failed at conveying that vision. This is why feedback is valuable. This is very much the philosophy of my current music project: push the envelope, but then use feedback and the notions of what others enjoy to maximize conveyance. However, once in a blue moon, you'll have an artist that completely alienates his audience, does not compromise, and manages to be that 0.01% that truly revolutionizes his medium and ultimately changes perceptions of what is good. I haven't seen this with Doom mapping yet (though I haven't played as many Doom WADs as others), but I can't discount the possibility. However, I'd imagine people who have created new genres may have been met with the same scrutiny; I kind of gather, for example, that some people at first just didn't "get" FPS's when Id was working their magic. I really hope to see some new, different ideas in the Doom mapping community, and if someone out there is really trying to shake up the status quo, I will hopefully not judge them for not conforming, but progression would be hard to grok, I think...
  17. noisebloom

    *UPDATE * Jazz Jackrabbit Doom v2.1

    Looking forward to it!
  18. noisebloom

    Any new mappers you guys found interest in?

    I second this. Especially like the progress, dude!
  19. noisebloom

    Any new mappers you guys found interest in?

    @Finnthemapmaker has some good stuff!
  20. noisebloom

    How do you feel about Doom's Randomness?

    I honestly usually hate randomness in ganes, but Doom does it very well. It's never too swingy to feel random (I think we all notice it more because we're aware there is RNG). Great job again, Doom, for being a forever awesome game.
  21. noisebloom

    Doom: Annihilation update

  22. noisebloom

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    Oh - I never knew that, and that's interesting to know.
  23. noisebloom

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    The contribution of his that came to mind when I read this was E4M5, which was probably my least favorite map of the WAD, and one of my least favorite UD maps overall. The flow of it was... awkward, to say the least, and I really did not enjoy it. I don't judge anyone who likes it, though - just my preference.