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    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    1) For the 25th anniversary of Doom. 2) Why not ?
  2. Zakhiel

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    bLOCKbOYgAMES > Civvies review has allready been posted. ... While I am here : Hello everyone, this is my first post (after 15 years of visiting the site). 'would like to add something about Sigil. Because almost everyone officialy declared that Sigil was very difficult, I prepared myself for one of the most difficult game I have ever played... Spoiler : 'twas not really difficult. For the record, I played with gzdoom, in Doom software rendered, no fancy graphical options, resolution to the lowest Gzdoom could grant me (I setted it to 320x240 but I think Gzdoom only goes down to 640x480), mouse movement but no mouselook. It was not hard, people need to chill, 'twas fine, was never in need of ammo or health... And it made me think about hype, anticipation, what people expect etc... I expected a Thy Flesh Consumed bis. I was happy to discover something that I might consider the best official Doom episode ever made. I really missed that kind of level design. I love the Doom community, I love hundreds of wads and total conversions. But I miss old Doom, sometimes. Most new levels for Doom, even the best that are out there, tend to be a mix between 90's corridor shooters and arena shooters. That doesn't mean that they are bad, that just mean that they tend to be a slaughter fest with big (sometimes beautiful) rooms, some corridors between those rooms, a lot of simmetry in the design of those rooms (oh look at my big room with 8 big colonnes all very well alligned and those 12 big windows with fancy effects etc...), everything is construct like if it was drawn on a nice squared paper... you get my point. I just LOVED Sigil levels. Encounters where like little puzzles, I played Sigil like I would play a point and click. I had to think about what was hapenning, I had to play with monster infighting, I had to pay attention to where I was going, to pixel dodge fireballs, to swim my way between Cacos so I could say hello to some pinkies... And the look of the levels was great. It was not hard, it was maybe too easy. I want more. Lot more. Also, loved the U shaped levels, how Romero cleverly played with tiny spaces, made them change. I loved the fact that in most levels, you could see the major parts of the level wherever you are, it's so great "oh look I was their 5 minutes ago, now I can see it from here" that's something that you often see in the original Doom levels. It was fun, it was clever. Last level was weird... when i founded the last zombieman, I tought "ok Romero... are you fuckin' with me ? I think you are, but I'm not sure..." Still... loved it. I don't understand why some people have a problem with Sigil. When was the last time you played Doom ? Not Brutal Doom, Not freemouselook Doom in 1080p, just Doom. I tell you, run Chocolate Doom, it is still a great game. It's not the same as what we are used to, but it's great. Sigil is an extension of the original and should be played as one. That's my thoughts. /Sorry for my bad english and cheers from France/